What would you be willing to give up from our current roster for Artest or Bibby? Sound-off in the comments.

HOOPSWORLD.COM: The summer began with all the trade hype surrounding both Mike Bibby and Ron Artest, lots of hype but no actual results. While Geoff Petrie is willing to listen to offers he has been reluctant to act on anything. Since both Bibby and Artest currently suffer from an economic devaluation of their worth, for differing reasons, Petrie may be willing or forced to wait until there is a bump in their trade value.

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  • 949Mike

    Luke,Farmar and Future 1st round pick for Artest.
    07-08 Starting Line Up


    Since we’re not doing anything to try and get JO I think we should at least do this 1st and then JO but with this line up we’re better than the one we got right now we need DEFENSE so bring Artest.

  • lakerfan81

    that will not happen. You have o look at a trade from the other side too. Would you trade Artest for Luke Walton and Famer?

  • MambaKB24

    trade kwame and farmar for artest

    trade bynum, vlad-rad, sasha, and cook for JO

    and our lineup






  • lakersfan17

    I’ll trade for Artest if we lose both Odom and Bynum for JO.I’ll never trade Odom for Artest.

  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    Here is the problem with having both Odom and Artest on the same team:

    1. If you have both of them on the same team than one of them needs to play the PF position and neither is good at that position.

    2. If you have both of them in the starting line up than that forces JO to play the Center position and he’s not good at that position.

    Basically, there is no way that the starting line can make sense if you have JO, Odom, and Artest on the same team. Someone needs to go and since we don’t have Artest, than the choice is easy. If you think about it, the best possible line-up that we can have is Mihm, Jo, Odom, Kobe, Fish. That line-up is a contender and it makes a lot of sense. I think that we should forget about Artest, because if we have Odom and Artest on the same team that does NOT make our team better.

  • Faith

    With their trade values really being down right now…you don’t want to overpay with LO or Bynum for that matter.

    You have to wait until either they’re desperate (which would be the case when their values don’t go up) or when it does go up and really they’re open to what we’ll give.

    Additionally, no matter how much I would love Artest in this team, I doubt very much they’ll trade with division rival, much less the Lakers.

    But we can always hope lol.

  • kisofdeath

    bibby? wtf why would we want bibby? we just got dfish…dfish>>>bibby

  • http://myspace.com/crunklilgangsta LiL_K

    Trade Kwame, Farmar, Brian cook and picks For Artest

    Derek Fisher/Javaris Crittenton
    Kobe Bryant/Mo evans
    Ron Artest/Luke Walton
    Lamar Odom/Ronny Turiaf
    Andrew Bynum/Mihm

  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    Lamar can NOT play the 4 position and neither can Artest, that trade does not make sense, especially if we get JO, which is our number one goal.

  • BEC

    The Maloofs hate us for knocking them out of the playoffs year after year and to top it all if we are in the same conference and division. No way will they deal with us.
    Bibby would be a good addition but not someone we could really use, we need more of a true point guard and Bibby is more of a scoring pg. Artest would help a lot but honestly I doubt his commitment and desire to win. Also theres his baggage and attitude. I think hes more interested in promoting and making rap albums than playing ball.

  • jason kidd is the answere

    The Lakers Dont Need Anybody But Jason Kidd Period!!!!
    future linup with kidd

    1 kidd/ fisher
    2 kobe/ evans
    3 odom/ luke
    4 turiaf/ cook
    5 mihm/ turiaf
    lakers trade Farmar
    Brown, or cook

    future linup with onea’l

    1 fisher/ Crittenton
    2 kobe/ evans
    3 odom/ luke
    4 onea’l/ turiaf
    5 mihm/ onea’l
    lakers trade Farmar
    cook, or evans

    Bring Us Laker Fans Just One Of Tose All Stars!!!!!

  • G-Funk

    Yeah I Know Bynum/Farmar would be good in the near future but this 2 guyz wont be able to do what Artest can provide for us now….I remember once Ervin Johnson say we are 2 playerz away from competing, he said “we need a good player(D-Fish) and we need a great Player (Artest)”. Hey and for all those who say that Bynum is our Future, get over that! Kobe was supposed to be our future and the future is now. Why do you guyz want Bynum to be our future for? so the Lakerz can get 2 do the same to Bynum as they are doing to Kobe?

    So I would Ship out Bynum,Sasha,Cook,Farmar for Artest

    our line up would look like this…


    we keep the core , some good backups!
    check it!

    Opponents PPG
    Before Artest: 102.1
    After Artest: 93.9

    Kings PPG
    Before Artest: 99.2
    After Artest: 98.8

    Yeah it went down a little, but not significantly.
    Kings opponents scored over 100 points 24 times before Artest. After Artest, they did it 7 times.You didn’t get his best defense last year because a disc in his back got messed up like 8 games into the season. And the year before that, when he came here he breathed life back into the team. Kings sucked…badly. Then he showed up and improved everyone’s defense. He made the team hungry again and pretty much carried us into the playoffs. Everyone’s defense. You heard me. Ron Artest got Mike Bibby to play some D.