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With 9:23 left in the 4th quarter, Steve Blake drove to the basket, and was shoved to the ground by Jason Terry.

Blake, immediately bounced up and got in Terry’s face. As officials were trying to separate the two, Matt Barnes rushed in and shoved Jason Terry. Barnes, was immediately ejected, and was pushed away by officials towards the Lakers bench.

While Barnes was walking towards the Lakers bench, Mavericks assistant coach, Terry Stotts, grabbed Barnes to act as a sort of a “peace maker”. Barnes, told him to get off him, he then attempted to unwrap Stott’s hands from his waist, and then finally shoved the coach to the ground.

Steve Blake, Matt Barnes, Jason Terry, and Brendan Haywood would all be ejected.

Shortly thereafter, a fan from the stands, ran down the stairs towards the Mavericks bench, and four red coats (security) had to stop him, and immediately ejected the fan from the stadium.

Finally, with 1:52 left in the game, Brian Cardinal fouled Pau Gasol, with a noticeable swat to the head. He then got tangled up with Shannon Brown, Brown then shoved Cardinal away from him, and Shannon was then ejected.

In total, seven ejections in this game, including all 3 of the “Killer Bees”. The Lakers are now 1.5 games up on the Mavs for the number two seed. Yet, suspensions are sure to come down from the league office. (Video of the first altercation after the jump)

  • the lakers rock!!!!!!

    barnes will probably gets suspended, but u dont mind that suspenssion. We sent a message, we protect eachother, “I have your back” Notice how the mavs just stood around and did nothing. Why was Gasol in so late in the game, message, we have our feet on your neck and we won’t let go, we will destroy you, you have no bussiness in the same court with us. The Lakers not only won the game, but completely intimidated the mavs.

    • C

      Chandler would have charged Barnes for shoving his assistant coach, but Cardinal held him back so he wouldn’t get suspended. So is it a case of the Mavs “just standing around” or is it a case of you not paying attention?

      • LC09

        C IDK whos side u on…but tyson stood up for his ast coach n not his players??? LOL TC is a fu kin joke barnes wuda decked that mofo…. LOL mavs r a bunch of weak ass mofos…great game by us

        • the lakers rock!!!!!!

          @ C he would had charged, who did something from the mavs side, nowiski just stood around, chandler faked that he was charging, we completely intimidated them, what are u talking about clown?

  • Tyler

    What a contest…WOW. Blake and Brown will get fined, and most likely play, but barnes is gone for 4-6 games.

    • bees

      haha ur kidding right bynum got suspended for two games and it was much worse than barnes. 1 game suspension bruh

      • lilkobe24

        lol silly comment there tyler

        • lakerman928

          i agree 4-6 games fursuree! Bynum didnt shove an assistant coach to the ground and nooo wat Bynum did was no where close to wat Barnes did! Barnes came out of nowhere and shoved Terry which escalated the scuffle! Definetely 4-6 games!

          • Tyler

            Exactly. What matt did was pretty bad. He escalated the fight. Bynum’s was not even close to this. I Didn’t even think Bynum deserved the 2 games for that. So if Bynum’s, which really was not severe, gets 2 games, and Matt escalated the fight, he might miss some games

    • lakerman34

      He will get suspended, not for 4-6 games though. WAY off with that.

      He was leaving the arena, and the opposing team’s assistant coach had his arms wrapped around him. He was doing what he was supposed to do, head back to the locker room. After 1 “get off me,” he pushed him away.

      So what?

      Matt Barnes was defending his teammate, so I don’t condemn him for it, but the rules say he must be suspended.

      1 game suspension…..that’s all that’s warranted. John Wall tried to punch Big Z and got 1 game, so I think Matt Barnes will only get 1 game for pushing Terry.

      • Tyler

        I don’t think he deserves it. I think that the League will end up going hard on him, and Terry. But I may be wrong.

        • lakerman928

          @lakerman34 what barnes did isnt wrong i think its good that he sticks up for his teamate! But yea after hearing about the John Wall suspension it would be horrible if hes out 4-6 games so im taking that one back! Wall punched a player Barnes just shoved Terry soo 1 game is enough! Biggest downside: Walton sighting during Barnes suspension :( crap! lol

  • 123kid

    4-6 games?? thats too excessive. if bynum got only 2 games for a hard foul, i would be super surprised if barnes got 4-6 games. 2 at most i believe too. but hey im glad the guys are playing hard and having each other’s back. it sends a message to everyone in the league that we arent backing down from anyone. if they wanna take the championship from the lakers, they are gonna have to send out a nuclear war or somethin to get it from the champs.

    • Shackelford

      He’ll get 1-2 games max. It’s not like anybody threw punches or anything. He just pushed the guy, big deal. JR Smith threw a punch a few years ago and was suspended 3 games

  • zgum

    that was such an intense game… dam killer bees…

  • Karol

    B is for BEAST!

  • ilikebasketball

    where is barkley, ej and kenny?

    i haven’t seen them at all for awhile.

    whats up with that?

    • bees

      march madness

      • ilikebasketball

        ahh… i see.


  • Barracuda

    Looking at the Video You can CLEARLY see Jason (the mouth) Terry shoving Blake two different Times with both arms…(and fully extending them) … before Matt Barnes rushed in to the aid of Blake and shoved Jason (the mouth) Terry.

  • NoDefense

    Nice game,lakers played well,crowd seem to really be into it tonight,,,,,,,,,,,Terry was being a punk,good for you barnes,just hope stu jackson doesn’t make an example out of you………….

  • Tandman

    Great win for The Lake Show! I’m smelling that sweet threepeat! Oh and here’s Ronnieeeeeeee!!!! :)

  • Barracuda

    Looking at the Video You can CLEARLY see Barnes never “shoved the coach to the ground” the coach was on HIS back, Barnes, told him several times to get off him, he then attempted to unwrap Stott’s hands from his waist pushing them down and away…Stott’s lost his balance and fell.

    Barnes was heading back to his bench, coach Stott’s had no right to stay hanging on him…instead he should have put himself between Barnes and HIS players, as Barnes headed back to his own bench.

  • Celtics Suck Nuts

    People are just so egotistical and stubborn as hell. Wait no, maybe more than hell’s prince satan.
    I told you all over a couple of months ago that San Antonio was going to run out of gas and lose a string of games. Remember that?
    Now I am right and you are wrong. But what will you do as you did to me when I made my prediction? You will attack me for having an opinion. In America, people are so damn hypocritical when it comes to opinion. One day, they’ll tell you everyone has the right to their opinion. The next, they will pick a fight or argument with you for stating your opinion. Well, I gave my opinion about how the Spurs were going to lose many games at the end of this season. What did this get me, or in other terms, how did nutjobs on this site treat me? They asked if I was high on drugs.
    Who’s on drugs now? You’re wrong AND you went against and contradicted your own beliefs that people have the right to form their opinions. Screw you bums. Keep surfing the Internet, cussing on it, watching pornography, and living in poverty and blaming hard working people for your sufferings. Its your own damn fault for being lazy and dishonest. Assholes.

    • hey you


    • LC09

      this cat just went INNNNN on mofos hahahaha

    • laker101

      Oh no, Celtics Suck Nuts wont grace us with his presence anymore…what shall we do…thats it, we’re going to have to shut down the whole site, nobody else will want to read anymore and frankly its useless for us to stick around. Be sorry and scared Lakers we loose Celtics Suck Nuts…what shall we do? And if he decides to stand up and leave America!!!???? If you think things were bad in this country now…I dont know how we will survive

  • Tecun

    If he had only known…Jason Terry shouldn’t have opened his mouth a day before the game. For those who missed it: a reporter asked Terry during practice yesterday what the key was to stopping Kobe. Terry responded that Kobe didn’t nor wanted to chase him or Roddy Beaubois around the court all night. And that the Mavs had a clear advantage in their guard depth. What a difference a day makes. Not only did Terry stink up Staples with his awful shooting and lack of defense. But he single handedly created this entire melee. What? Did he actually think that he could push Steve into the ground and get away with it? Steve is no Jordan Farmar. And then, its a beautiful thing to see how Matt sticks up for every Laker out on the court. This is the reason we love Matt or Ron, they show that bond out on the court that few exemplify. Matt sent a clear message to that flunky Mavs team, the Western Conference, and the entire league when he went after Terry and kept jawing. That nonsense will no longer be tolerated in Lakerland. If I were Kendrick “I’m so Ugly my Momma Don’t Like Me” Perkins, Kevin “I’m a Dirty Player” Garnett, or LeBron “Chase A Ring” James I took notice of how intense and aggressive the Lakers are and will be. I only wish Lamar, Bynum, and Kobe protected their teammates a little more (not in the way Matt did) and showed their allegiance and cohesiveness out on the court. Some times these three guys shy away from confrontations or don’t connect as a family out there. You obviously don’t want Kobe getting ejected, but cursing and warning opposing players who try to punk the smaller Lakers would be a welcome sight. Don’t care for the Mavs, but Steve shouldn’t get ejected. Matt on the other hand is probably going to receive a one or a two game suspension. Oh well, its not like we need him against the Jazz. Either way, it was nice to see the Mavs get embarrassed and punked tonight. Let’s keep this streak going all the way to a 3peat!!

    • Eric TIone

      MARK CUBAN IS FOOLISH!! Do you really think its in the Mavs best intrest to keep disrespecting the Champs and the city of LA? Does the NBA forget how stacked this team is?? we have four bench players that can be starters and have been starters for good teams all over the league. Starting line up has the greatest player in 21st century. The spanish Geroge Mikan,The underrated NBA’s Ironman, Young center being taught how to play game by Kareem, and the you got the defense player of year on the team playing with alot of passion. WAKE THE FU*K UP!! this team has all the makings of pulling of a threepeat no sweat.

  • purple-n-gold

    i dont mind getting barnes getting suspended thats what we needed someone to say” hey your not going to punks us in our court” first bynum drops beasley now barnes trys to drop terry thats what am talking about , are we ready for the playoffs or what, i cant wait.

    why didnt cardinal get ejected he started the slaping of the hand with brown , brown wasnt going to just stand there do nothing.