Thanks to Ajay for sending us this article. Again, if you guys see anything Lakers related that you think deserves to be put up, just e-mail us at Jason Kidd wants to continue playing after his current contract expires in 2009 and wants it to be with the Nets. The latter could change if the Nets continue their lackluster play, though.

The two sides are far apart on an extension. Kidd, who will be 35 in March, is making $19.7 million this season and $21.37 million next season.

According to sources, Kidd wasn’t asking for a reported $24 million, but he also turned down a Nets’ offer that was much less than that.

“I don’t talk about contracts,” team president Rod Thorn said. “Anything we talk about with players is confidential as far as I’m concerned. I have no comment.”

Some said Kidd’s outburst in Utah two weeks ago when he criticized the team for “letting go of the rope,” had something to do with the Nets not meeting his demands. Kidd, however, denied, he was seeking an extension.

“I haven’t asked for anything,” Kidd said. “I don’t know. I have no answer. I haven’t asked for an extension.”

That doesn’t mean his agent, Jeff Schwartz, hasn’t.

  • magicbalala245

    god damn Kidd come with us be a savior the city of angels will pick you up and worship you, yes you do have vince carter but let’s just say he aint no Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant

  • Michael_23

    He can play with the Nets and make a lot of money if he wants to stay with the Nets the rest of his career. Or he can go to another team and accept less money and compete for a championship.

    My opinion, the Nets are a good team but not a championship team. Much like the Lakers are now. But Kidd has to see the light and go into a team that is capable of winning a championship.