Kidd wants out – no surprise. A new report claims he’ll sabotage future dealings with the Nets if he doesn’t get traded to a title team:

ESPN: Further, Kidd’s representatives are trying to steer him to one of his three preferred destinations: Dallas, Cleveland or the Los Angeles Lakers, and that is scaring off other teams with the goods to get him.

SLAM: According to published reports, Kidd’s agent is threatening to sabotage future dealings with the team if the Nets don’t trade his client to a title contender.

  • Mr.81

    “sabotage future dealings” how?

  • Edward

    Lakers can’t give anything back. Our team is so solid right now. Let Cleavland get them, Lebron needs help, and that duo would be awesome to see, but it wouldn’t be good enough to do any damage.

  • LakersFirst

    In the end, I think NJ may have to buy out his contract, which has about $20M left for next year. Maybe NJ should just buy him out for cheap and tell Kidd, “if you want out so bad, let us buy you out for $5M, then you can go to any team you want”.

  • xxv112002

    Wow and I thought WE had a problem. Kidd will indeed sabotage the team he does not want to play for. I believe before making a trade, the team will call Kidd or his agent. It’s up to Kidd if he wants to commit to the team or not. If he doesn’t, why trade for him? Like a no trade clause in a cruel way. Haha. Sorry New Jersey. Guess your only option is either get junk in return or buy him out.

    Kidd should indeed go to Cleveland. Lebron needs help. They’re just inches away from getting to the finals again. They just need to beat Detroit cos Detroit’s the only one making noise in the east. Get Kidd and a power forward and you’re set. I feel bad for Lebron.

  • gugy

    We don’t need Kidd.
    Unless he wants to come here for a deal like Gasol. We give nothing to get Kidd.

    Give Mihn, Luke and Sasha for Kidd…. hehehhehehe

  • Michael_23

    Our trade is the best this year because we gave up nothing. If Javaris will be good as Chris Paul in 2 years, so be it.

    But Dallas (from what i heard he’s going to) is giving up half their team for this guy including Devin Harris.

  • xxv112002

    Cuban’s an id!ot. He should just wait out like the rest of the league until New Jersey folds and give Kidd away for nothing. Then again, due to the Gasol trade everyones in panic mode. Haha. Everyones scared of us.

    Lakers World Champs!

  • Rasarx

    [Comment ID #25795 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’d have a slight variation on that. Sasha is on his way up right now. I wouldn’t risk giving up both Sasha the same season we gave up Javaris. If in two years they end up kind of like Parker and Manu I think we’d be kicking ourselves. Kidd has got another 3-4 good years left. I think he’s worth giving up Luke/Rad, Mihm and Coby Karl for.

  • xxv112002

    Get rid of Mihm. I dont care if it’s for Jason Kidd or some bum who looks like Kidd. Get rid of Mihm. He’s a salary eater. We could’ve used his salary to get someone else who’s actually playing. Once we get rid of Mihm, Mitch Cupcake will indeed look like a genious.

  • MILO

    Kidd will be going to Dallas or Cleveland please leave the Lakers out of this sh!t.I think Dallas has what it takes to land Kidd but will the Nets ask for too much and is Dallas willing to give up all their talent???I would not get Kidd if i were Dallas fu-ck J-Kidd he can go suck a dick he’s the one pulling the strings in NJ and he really is not that great of a player to put the whole franchise in a bind like that.If Cuban allows his team to be gutted for Kidd he will regret it for the rest of his life and i got a strong feeling that he is…

  • xtro

    We need a defender like Ron Artest. We don’t need Jason Kidd.

  • Kobe4ever

    your all idiots. Kidd is going to Dallas for Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, Desagna Diop and some draft picks. Here check it out below its on

  • TA


    and we dont need F***ing ARTEST!!!

    you people get a grip

  • marco

    thank you xtro

  • kobeftw
  • gugy

    OH boy,

    The west will be a tough conference. Lakers, Utah, Suns, Dallas and Spurs. Man that’s hard.
    I hope the Lakers will be in top shape once the playoff starts.

  • Vs.

    So what happens to the all-star game . . . . does kidd play for the east or the west and who’s logo does he wear?


    Forget about Kidd, if they do another trade get some more youth and one more vet.I did C.Karl and C.Mihm for JJ Reddick(he would excellent for the triangle)but I don’t think Mihm is tradeable,though stranger things have happened.

  • MILO

    Cuban will regret this for the rest of his life evrything sounded good but i would have not included the 2 first round picks…

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #25836 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thats my question as well???

  • Rasarx

    I’m beginning to understand what has been motivating these teams, including Memphis, make the decisions that they have. If they want to go somewhere but their current roster hasn’t taken them there these owners will make a change for the sake of change. That’s when you hear reasoning like “they had to make a change”. Never mind it may wreck the chemistry or sell the future. Granted, Kidd has much more left in him than Shaq. He doesn’t have a weight problem and is not lazy. But giving up Devin Harris? I thought Cuban had put Nowitzki and Harris off-limits. I also heard the little bastard say last week the deal was dead because to make the numbers work it would wreck the team.

    But most of all, I’m baffled why Cuban would part with Kidd once, replaces him with someone like Nash who was the perfect wingman for Nowitzki, and then gives up on Nash again, finds someone like Harris, and gives up on Harris as well to return to someone he gave up on before…

    Sometimes these owners act like little kids.

  • Rasarx

    This just in:

    Having observed other Western conference teams make blockbuster deals as the trade deadline approaches, Los Angeles Clippers have traded away Elton Brand, Sam Cassell and Chris Kaman to Boston Celtics for Larry Bird. The move showed that the Clippers are in a win-a-championship-now mood. The owner has made it clear that money is no object in the pursuit of a championship and he is willing to spend any amount up to no more than five hundred dollars and fifty cents. The NBA championship has proven illusive to the owner of the Clippers for over 30 years, ten years less than he has owned his VW bug. The general manager Elgin Baylor explained the radical decision in a press conference: “Larry Bird is a proven competitor who has won the championship 3 times. He is a 10 time hall-of-famer who has been in the hall of fame at least twice. With a record like that there is no better person to bring home a championship now.”

    The move is sure to shake up the ballance of power in the lower tier of the Western confernce for a long time to come, as it assures a place for the Clippers at the very bottom of the standings for at least 10 years.

    To counter the Clippers move the Suns traded Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire to a semi-pro team in Madagascar for a player even older than Larry Bird, even heavier than Shaq O’Neal, but not nearly as retarded as Bill Laimbeer.