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ESPN: The Lakers must be falling over with laughter by now.

In the wake of their acquisition of Pau Gasol — a trade that cost them nothing of value — two of their biggest rivals for Western Conference supremacy responded by dealing key pieces of their core for Eastern Conference legends in their mid-30s. First, of course, came Phoenix’s deal for Shaquille O’Neal last week, and now the Mavericks have jumped in with today’s close-to-completion deal for Jason Kidd.

This isn’t nearly as bad as the Shaq trade — let me get that out of the way up front. But it has the same whiff of panic to it, coming as it did after the Mavs suffered consecutive whippings at the hands of second-tier Eastern teams, and following Mark Cuban’s insistence that Dallas wouldn’t unload half its team for Kidd.

But that’s exactly what they’re about to do. Dallas is about to send Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, DeSagana Diop, Devean George, Maurice Ager, cash and two first-round picks to New Jersey for Kidd, Antoine Wright, Malik Allen and a second-rounder. (Technically it would be two trades, with Wright for a No. 2 as a side deal in order to meet league roster requirements).

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  • Luke4Mvp

    who cares??!! this is a lakers site!

  • Phant0M


  • JoJo

    Why did the Lakers want him anyways?

  • willow

    The west is shaking on their knees coz the Lake Show is in effect. Just like it was mentioned in the article, we didn’t give up key core players for Gasol…absolutely nothing! Phoenix gave up Marion which is a key player in their offense and now Dallas is giving up Devin Harris which I think has tremendous upside to his game for Kidd. I think all of us Laker fans are LOFAO!!!!

  • Ko-Pau19

    This is definetly a HUGE gamble by the Dallas Mavs. They are trading two key players in Harris and Stackhouse and not to mention draft picks and DeSagana Diop who is like their only true big man besides Dampier. If i was the Mavs, i wouldn’t pull the trigger because they are just lowering their window by trading an aging all star even if Kidd might still have some left n him. I don’t think two key players are worth his value but i guess they are just being pressured knowing that the West has gotten a lot tougher. Let’s see how this turns out but wow, Mitch and our Lakers really shook up the West! haha Lets GO LAKERS! :D

  • The Nugget

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    We know that but the article had some mentions about the Lakers plus it made the Mavs look like fools! Can’t go wrong with that. :D

  • magicbalala245

    lol :) can this get any better that a former laker blocks a j kidd deal to dallas lol…. This day ends good we win kidd deals get’s block… AND THE SUNS LOSE :) LOL O man mitch after me and most laker fan wanted u fired u should take a good laugh that teams r trying to catch up to us and that none can’t even catch up to us lol :)

  • magicbalala245

    if anybody wants to know who the deal got block watch this

  • c

    I bet Devean George is not in Kidd’s fave five right now…

  • 187 ON BOSTON

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  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • getgasol

    Kidd = Nash

    Nash was already on the Mavs with Dirk. They didn’t win any titles. As a matter of fact, they are better post-Nash. Adding Kidd won’t make that big of an impact I think.