Now that the season has started and Bynum has shown alot of potential, would it be a smart idea to ship him to the Nets for a old Jason Kidd? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think! Jason Kidd just opted out. He filed for free agency as clearly as Alex Rodriguez did, only there was no superagent leak to disrupt the NBA Finals, and no guarantee Kidd will crawl back into the warm embrace of his jilted team.

Out West, a day before he moved to temper his remarks, the captain and leader of the Nets said the team has no chance of winning a title.

“Right now there is no light at the end of the tunnel,” Kidd said in two published reports.

Pay no attention to the more hopeful quotes behind it. Kidd spoke from the heart before someone could remind him that captains don’t bail on sinking ships, or before someone could point out that the franchise supported him through a series of personal crises that would make Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan blush.

His team was about to extend its losing streak to six in a spectacular way, about to get blown out again in Utah. The Nets were about to lose by more than 20 points for the third time in four games, and Kidd decided it was time to send out his distress signal, a clear mayday call from a 34-year-old star who knows he’s got far less time than A-Rod to win a championship ring.

Kidd’s not going public with any trade demands, but he’ll likely push harder for a deal before the February deadline than he did last season, when Rod Thorn would’ve shipped him into Kobe Bryant’s backcourt if only the Lakers were willing to send back Andrew Bynum.

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  • magicbalala245

    i cant believe i am saying this but no we cannot give up bynum for Kidd now after his potential but i think we can give up odom and build a package around lamar for jason kidd

  • lakerfan_24

    i dont know a way of getting kidd at a cheap price because i dont want to overpay for him or do a odom package because then we will have to many guards. the only way to get him will be a three team trade.

  • smart guy

    do it…..and then trade farmar n luke for artest….kidd, kobe, artest, odom, mihm..tats championship

  • Mr.81

    No Bynum. You don’t trade big for small, especially when the big is 20 and the small is 34.

  • sK


  • Jrich

    [Comment ID #17794 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re not very smart. You wanna trade two of our best players, Farmar and Bynum, for Kidd(almost 40 years old) and Artest? Hell no!!!!!!!!!! The lineup you have is not gonna win a championship. Mihm is pure garbage in the middle.

  • lakerfan81

    Why would you trade assets for Kidd when he obviously wants to play for a contender and being 34 will be likely to sign for the MLE or maybe (he doesn’t need anymore money). The Lakers could potentially pick him as a FA after the season. Besides I’d say that the way Bynum is playing he is basically untouchable right now.

  • Hugo Boss

    I CAN’T STAND BOSTON!!!!!!! I never knew it until tonight. My blood is boiling.

    Get rid of LO & package for JKIDD.

    Colorado loves the Lakers!

  • Michael_23

    Very hard to think about this right now …

    I think Bynum is still better off the bench. LO again has shown inconsistency in his play. He’s only had 2 good games out of the 5 games he’s played. This is not gonna get it down. At least we know what to expect from Bynum. 15 and 10. LO needs to put up a string good games before.

  • 24allup inya

    Who cares it’s too late for a trade for Kid the Lakers dont let go off no one im surprized they did the Ariza trade what the fu-ck when is he gonna play???

  • magicbalala245


  • sdsuballa

    SHIP LO outta here he’s not helping us at all and that’s why we lost right now. I hate the Celtics! everyone thinks they are all good, they have one of the weakest schedules ever! They don’t play another legit team until like mid December, and that’s the Bucks! And late December they go on a little roadtrip, which we are on, but they aren’t anything yet. They are OVERRATED! And LO hasn’t done anything in the last two games, he keeps shooting and MISSING as usual, bring in KIDD, AND LET ARIZA take over LO spot because at least he could play defense. LO needs to shave off that stupid star on his head because he will never be an allstar the way he is playing

  • domidomdomz

    Oh men! We lost to Boston..Those fucking greens make me sick..I really hate..I wish KG will have a season ending injury and so is paul pierce and that shit ray allen…

    Hey Mitch..If LO still plays poorly on the next 5-10 games,.there’s gonna be something wrong with him..and you see guyz how Andrew play tonight, oh that’s disaster..but I hope the Lakers learned their lesson from the last two games…

    We should be hell of a team for the next three home games…

    Don’t lose hope LakerNation!

    have Faith and evrything will be fine!!!!

  • domidomdomz

    Oh men! We lost to Boston..Those f-u-C-K-ing greens make me sick..I really hate..I wish KG will have a season ending injury and so is paul pierce and that s-h-i-t ray allen…

    Hey Mitch..If LO still plays poorly on the next 5-10 games,.there’s gonna be something wrong with him..and you see guyz how Andrew play tonight, oh that’s disaster..but I hope the Lakers learned their lesson from the last two games…

    We should be hell of a team for the next three home games…

    Don’t lose hope LakerNation!

    have Faith and evrything will be fine!!!!

  • sdsuballa

    This trade works LO, Kwame, Sasha for Kidd and Jason Collins, we get rid of waste pick up another big body and pick up one of the best pg DO IT!

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    The Lakers do not need ANOTHER point guard, what the Lakers need in a power forward that can score (an NO Jason Collins can’t score). The Lakers have plenty of point guards, centers and small forwards, they lack another power forward!!

    No offense against Turiaf, but he hasn’t had that aggressive bounce since his ankle injury. When Turiaf goes down, who’s the back up power foward – ANSWER – Lakers don’t have one. Bynum has had good games this year but tonight, against Boston he was in foul trouble and could never get back in the game. When Bynum went down to foul trouble, there was no second option for an inside game, hence why the Lakers shot all those threes. The Lakers need a power forward. Jason Kidd is NOT a power forward.

  • dave p

    Time to get rid of Lamar. He is so overrated. Package Lamar & Kwame for one decent player. These two are rubbish.

  • domidomdomz

    We need JO…the Power Forward..Ship LO please

  • domidomdomz

    hey, this trade looks more decent…

    JO Package for LO Package


    LO and kwame for kidd. we can run a dual point guard and move kobe to the wing and play the 3.


    we scrap the triangle and play uptempo with kidd running the floor and kobe finishing with fish and vlad at the 3 pt lines. that would be fun…

  • JoeSaz

    Why would we need kid when we already have a point gaurd that can play the Tri and can score, Fisher over Kidd because we dont have 2 trade anyone, sure i would say get kidd but that was before we got fisher, i think if we can get ron artest 4 a trade of kawme brown and some other guy then we can be a contender

    Bynum = Championship

  • Nabil

    One problem I’m seeing with alot of these trades is that they leave us with like 4 point guards, or just Bynum and Mihm at center (which has not been working out so well.) I’d like to see some trade proposals that don’t leave us with glaring holes in the lineup, or with 3 or 4 solid players all at the same position.

    Here’s a humble attempt at a balanced trade.

    It a 3 way trade:
    Lakers get – Kidd (PG), Artest (SF), Sean Williams (C/PF)
    Nets get – Lamar (SF/PF) and Farmar (PG)
    Kings get – Kwame’s expiring contact (C)

    For the Nets, Lamar would move to PF. The would probably start Farmar, Jason Richardson, Vince, Lamar, and whoever the hell they have at center. Those 4 in a starting lineup sound pretty sweet, and they’d be trading their grumpy old point guard for a young solid one with a long future ahead of him. And I think it would be good for Lamar (I like Lamar, just don’t think he’s right here.)

    Lakers would look like this-
    PG- Kidd, Fish, Javaris (d-league would be great for him as it was for Farmar)
    SG- Mamba and Sasha
    SF -Artest, Luke (am I the only one waiting for Dec. 15?), Ariza
    PF -Ronny, Vlad
    C- Bynum, Sean Williams, Mihm

  • kelvz

    trade kwame, mihm and coby karl for kidd and boone….then sign chris webber….wat do u think??????



  • DeepFrost

    2 Nabil – dude… there is no Jason Richardson on the Nets :) there is Richard Jefferson

  • Nabil

    LOL, oh yeah! So what team is Rich Jasonson on then?

  • kobe24mvp

    The big trade that I would make is for Bibby,Artest, and Abdur-Rahim we could give them farmer a really good young talent at point guard which they desperately need if they move bibby, Odom above average player that some teams like,kwame 9 million expiring contract,and Turiaf another great young talent and is a big he is no Bynum which everyone wants but he could turn out to be a really good player and is only 24.
    We would be really strong with a line-up of Bibby,Kobe,Artest,Abdur-Rahim, and Bynum and with our bench and I would rather do this trade then the Kidd trade this would make us tough to beat with so many threats on the floor and we would
    have a great chance at the title.

  • YouDoNotKnowSh1tAboutBasketball

    Hmmmmm… you guys are a bunch of morons arent you? Bynum is better than Kidd? Are you fuking joking me? Do you even watch basketball? Know anything about basketball at all? of course lakers should trade bynum for a Kidd. imagine how good the lakers will be? have u seen the olympic team? do you know about Kidd’s defense? anything at all? while bynum has no defense at all? just stop watching, please. you do not deserve to be a laker fan. bandwagon