KG has a problem, where 21 would’ve looked very nice in the purple and yellow, they have retired that number in Boston. His second and third choices, #1 & #2, also retired. What will the new era of KG represent? Stein speculates on his future number:

ESPN: If there’s a more superstitious player in the NBA than Garnett, I’m struggling to picture him. But Garnett, remember, is about to join the franchise that has retired 21 numbers, including KG’s trademark No. 21. He’s going to have to change numbers whether he wants to or not.

Word is Garnett’s first three choices with his new team were Nos. 21, 1 and 2. But all three have been retired by the Celts: No. 21 for Bill Sharman, No. 1 for franchise founder Walter Brown and No. 2 for Red Auerbach.