The Wolves owner speaks out in the latest from the Star Tribune:

Star Tribune: Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor made it clear that a blockbuster trade offer would be the only type he would listen to for All-Star forward Kevin Garnett. And even then, the chances are nothing would happen, Taylor said.

“I’ve talked to Kevin and he is very happy staying here with us,” Taylor said. “He was excited about the acquisition of Juwan Howard [in the Mike James trade with Houston].”

“We’re going to listen to any offer,” Taylor said. “It would just have to be an exceptional deal for us. “I mean you’re right, the odds are just extremely high [Garnett will remain with the Wolves]. I don’t know what kind of a deal it would be, but it would have to be something. … You know it isn’t likely that we’re going to get the No. 1 or No. 2 draft [pick] because of where they went. [The deal would have to be] something like that, but that’s not going to happen. I can tell you nobody’s come close.

If you listened to Taylor, you too would be convinced there is zero chance that Garnett will be traded.

  • Rpoc

    Ive talked to Kevin and he is very happy staying here with us, Taylor said. He was excited about the acquisition of Juwan Howard [in the Mike James trade with Houston].


  • lakersforlife77

    wow then kevin garnett is trully blind, how can he be content after all the stuff they have done to him, this like a girl who won’t leave her abusive boyfriend because she still loves him………it’s just pathetic.

  • NY Kobe Fan 8


  • Justin M.

    Ive talked to Kevin and he is very happy staying here with us, Taylor said. He was excited about the acquisition of Juwan Howard [in the Mike James trade with Houston].

    LOL, wow Juan Howard, There gonna be in the Finals, give me a break. LOL

  • kgmvp

    hahahahahahaha yup bet on it taylor hahahahahahahahahahahhahahah

  • punkjones

    Excited about Juwan Fucking Howard? Why, is this 1997 or something? When was the last time Juwan Howard made any kind of difference or impact anywhere? Inconsequential. Happy to lose Mike James? For Howard? How many games did this shitty franchise Minny win last year? 32? How many the year before? Oh my. These guys have been on a downward spiral for so long it’s not funny. Starbury, Gugs, Joe Smith debacle, KG giving up money for Spree and Sam I am, only to see them shipped out, missing the playoffs for three years running, canning their coach. KG built this damned franchise and now he’s watching it all slip away into oblivion thanks to the horrifying moves of McHale and Taylor. Rage Kage, do you not see the sinking ship you are in right now? Better get off soon before you drown. But no, you’ve got to be loyal. MUTINY anyone? Really, these guys make the Lakers look incredible right now. Remember we actually won three championships. These guys never came close.

  • kgmvp

    Glenn Taylor is stupid for sure the t-wolves will trade KG.
    Thats were you can bet on.

  • punkjones

    And if “no one’s come close” then why in the hell were there reports that both Boston and Minny were going to pull the trigger on that trade until KG’s agent had to step in and say that he would not play for Boston and would opt out? It’s really unbelievable how Minny’s FO is. Kobe is talking about Buss lying to him. It’s absolutely nothing compared to these lies Taylor and McHale are putting on KG. I agree wholeheartedly with the last poster, KG is like an abuse victim in total denial right now. Step up and speak out for yourself KG. Who knew you were such a fucking wuss? You complain to the media “Thank God for opt outs” and then you cower when it comes to your owner. What the hell is going on here? The guy was about to trade your ASS!!! Make him believe. Tell him you will only come to LA and make it happen. Get the hell out of dodge you knucklehead. This is absurd.

  • Justin M.

    Everyone, KG likes to loose, I hate to say it but he does. He hasnt said anything about being traded or hasnt demanded that the roster improve now like Kobe. He’s lieing, he just wants people to feel sorry for him. T-Mac left, Kobe’s puttin pressure on the FO to improve ouickly. Karl Malone eventually came to his senses but it was to late. He was 40 for god sake!! Save the tears for ur precious T-wolves fans KG. Peace

  • Justin M.

    Oh, Glen Taylor, you guys are almost out of cash and abused the hell out of ur star ever since you got him. I ask, what do u have to show for it? NOTHING absoulutly NOTHING and your telling everyone that a Juan Howard and KG duo is going to make you a playoff threat let alone a contender?Please if you traded him to the Lakers you would get Bynum, Cook, Vlade Rad, Kwame and our pick + you also would have alot more cap room to sign better players with all the extra cash you GAIN from trading KG (Unlike Kobe, ticket holders aren’t gonna cancel if KG gets traded and they don’t care if KG leads them into the playoffs or some euro guy that no one’s heard of, T wolves fans just want the Wolves back into the playoffs). Glen Taylor, you had your shot with KG and did nothing with him, not even a dam conferance trophey, now let someone else try. Oh, and KG prove that you hate loosing and complain about the T wolves just a tiny bit plz. Peace

  • Cyrus

    Justim M.

    Great Post. I agree, KG might be an exceptional player but he just lacks the “heart of a champion’ and the fire within. If he had just a fraction of Kobe’s determination to win, he would have the title by now, maybe not with wolves.

    I’ve seen his heartbreaking interview with John Thompson where he breaks down in tears several times and I truly feel sorry for him. Is that all what he want? Our sympathy, or is he just so comfortable and giving us lame excuses.(

    My only conclusion: Kevin Garnett is comfortably numb.

    Angelinos would embrace KG with love and admiration like no other place. They would adore him and they would give him the support and love he needs to get to the promised land of Golden Ball and Champagne shower.


  • darkice18

    ahahahahahahha Juan Howard!?….madness!!!

  • lakerfan81

    Heres an interesting tidbit from a Q&A with sam smith:

    We’ve talked for years about Kevin Garnett being traded to the Bulls. Would he come here voluntarily? I mean, if he opts out of his contract next summer and is a free agent, is Chicago someplace he’d really want to play if it’s his choice? –Chris Feldman, Dubuque, Iowa.

    I actually doubt it. I still think he’d like to end up in L.A., where he lives. I’m guessing he’s had enough of winters and great lakes. But you begin to wonder about the guy. I know Kobe’s actions have been embarrassing, but at least he wants to play in the playoffs and compete. You get the sense Garnett is happy to end his season in April and have a long off-season.

  • LAkers

    i hate you taylor

  • somelakerfan1

    jaun howard who is that guy is he like 70 years old how the hell can h emake the team better scoring a 100 points????????

    tylor ur gay

  • Tlee

    can someone PLEASE post ANYTHING AT ALL that indicates that the Lakers are at least talking to the Wolves. No more of this stupid Boston/Phoenix crap. DO SOMETHING AND DO IT NOW!

  • JAY


    TRADE #2 Walton 19 pick forRON ARTEST

    Mid-level on grant hill or mo williams or even earl boykins

  • kb24lightsout

    why would you trade 4 players for pau?
    hes not that good
    i like trade 2 though but i wouldnt count on it

  • Justin M.

    This would be a pefect trade for all sides. Bynum,

    Vlad Rad, Brain cook, Lakers top pick for KG. Then Kwame and sasha

    for Artest. Then the Lakers line up would be

    PG — up to FO

    SG — Kobe

    SF– Artest

    PF — KG

    C– Up to FO

    and that trade make the kings and t wolves something great

    to rebuild on the Lakers a contender fast like Kobe wants.

    Think it over. Oh, and 4 guys for Gasol, ru on crack?!.



    This just in from SPORTSCENTER (6/22/07 3pm PST)

    Ric Bucher says that there is NO chance for a Garnett/KB tandem in LA. He stated that Minny is not interested with the pieces that the Lakers are offering. They dont want to rebuild with the players that the Lakers are offering.

    Really sad news but I’m still hoping KG can somehow end up in Purple and Gold. Still crossing my fingers.

  • punkjones

    I would trade those four guys for Gasol in a heartbeat. Keep Odom, Lose Vlad Rad, Cook and Sasha – worthless players, and get Gasol. Hell, yes. The only halfway decent player in those four is Bynum. To me you’re trading Bynum for Gasol. Not bad at all. We need some help.

    But we aren’t even talking to Memphis at all it seems. Perhaps too embarrassed to talk to Jerry after the whole Kobe thing.

  • http://none reece muirhead

    ha their is a chance we can get KG but I think the Lakers need a bit of HELP!!!!! fuck it!!!! Make a stand go to the papers the new protest do it all untill they trade KG to the Lakers!!!!!! he is blind but with kobe their he knows he can win a chip in LA so come on down big fella we need ya and you need kobe and more to the point you need the LAKERS!!!!!!!!! KB24 & KG you wan’t a ring it’s in LA!!!!! and Kobe you better stay because i ant going to fly over the other side of the world to see a laker game if you ant in it as a Laker!!!!!

  • http://none whitekobe

    laker for life

  • Jakob

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