As much as we love the appeal of Kevin Garnett, it is a known fact that this all revolves around what Garnett wants. Recently, Garnett chatted with the Wolves owner. While we do have a lot of fun here speculation and reporting, we here do understand it’s a long shot. Here’s an update about how KG feels.

Twin Cities: Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor, who chatted with Kevin Garnett at Sunday’s Lynx game at Target Center, asked if his $20 million star will be back with the team next season: “That’s our assumption. He hasn’t said anything to me (about a trade) and I haven’t said anything to him.”

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Well it really says something about Garnett and the situation he is in. He wants to win and he has said it time and time again. I do believe that Minnesota will everything they can to keep him but unless nothing happens then you will most likely lose a Super Star player. I think Garnett will be thinking a lot this summer. A lot of Garnett close friends are probably talking to him about as well, but in all honesty as I said it before it’s really up to Garnett to leave Minnesota for another team. As a Laker fan it would be great for him to join up the purple and gold; we’ll see how things end up, never know to be honest, he could be here this summer in Malibu…..

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    yes it’s up to garnett but kobe should make a phone call too. come on kobe, this may be your work first, than kupchaks, convince him.

  • kgmvp

    If KG wants to win his got to get out of Minnesota. If he wants a ring he has to go!! It is up to him if he wants to go!! If I am KG I would get out, not because I want him to go to the Lakers but as I said if he wants to win a championship he has to go. He has done everything he can for this team to try to win a championship.
    Great player no ring

  • Jimmy

    Things were looking good when it was him and Starbury… then Stephan got greedy and ruined KGs career.

  • Peter

    No matter who the lakers get, it all depends on the budget. Even though Garnett is unhappy, it is still his choice, and the management. Bynum would be good to trade, but who else. Lamar might leave to help the budget. But even without Garnett, O’neal (Pacers), Gasol, or Kidd would help the Lakers…I know, they need a miracle.

  • LA1st

    KG does hate to lose. He wants to win, but he is loyal…what he will do is still in the air.

  • punkjones

    I just don’t understand why Garnett is waffling at this point. At the end of last year he was bitching publicly about the team, this year they go 32-50 and now he’s not saying anything? Already he was reported by Mark Heisler of the LA Times to say “Thank God for opt out years?” I don’t get the “loyalty” thing here? He’s expressed his desire to LEAVE, and by the way, pretty unequivocally. So why doesn’t he get some balls and tell it to the owner NOW and make something happen. Has that franchise been loyal to him? He singlehandedly took the franchise over the past 12 years from expansion team to a real entity, took a paycheck in order for the team to build around him with Cassell and Sprewell. When it was time to use that money plus some more to re-up those guys the franchise refused. They didn’t return Garnett’s salary. After making the Western Conference finals and arguably losing to us mostly because of a hurt Cassell, the management cans coach Flip Saunders (after losing 2 of the starting players in Cassell and Sprewell) mid-season. He needs to do some real soul searching about loyalty here. If Flip wins a championship this year do not tell me that it won’t get under Garnett’s skin. It will. And he should do something about it. Go Detroit in the finals! Come on Kevin, now’s the time to change your situation. As stated here over and over by the mods/creators of this site, it’s up to him. But the loyalty thing should be a non-issue right now, or at least he should think about how loyal he has been and how unloyal his team has been in return.

  • punkjones

    By the way – typo, I meant he took a PAYCUT, not a paycheck. He gave up salary for guys that the owner/management did not resign! That is not loyalty on their part. Canning the coach mid-season when the team doesn’t do as well the next year in large part because management/ownership didn’t re-sign those same players is not an example of loyalty!


    We need KG and get him now.The Lakers need to get off there asses and get Kobe some help.IF I was the gm I would have already been on phone trying to make a deal.Hell I would throw so many packages till we got a deal.The Lakers have nothing to lose and so much to gain.The Lakers already have cap problems it might as well be for a good cause.ADD KG and all we need is some cool ass role players that can play D KG and Kobe will do the rest.The run the suns have will be over.The glory days will be back.To all the Laker haters out there f*** YALL.You guys don’t like Kobe because he’s tighter than any player in your teams history.LAKERS FO LIFE BABY IAM OUT.