David Aldridge made some Interesting commentary from the Philly Inquirer this morning. He claims a source tells him that Garnett wants “either team in L.A.” While I don’t believe the Clippers can make the move, don’t forget KG & Sammy-C. have a good relationship and also ex-teamates. For the Lakers, this could be good news. Maybe KG is closer than we all thought…

Philly Inquirer: The Lakers, according to sources, were still trying late yesterday to come up with a scenario to make a deal for Garnett after a proposed four-team trade involving Boston, Minnesota, Indiana and Los Angeles fell through earlier in the week. (At least one source with knowledge of the talks, however, said the four-team deal was never seriously considered.)

“He would go to either team in L.A., either the Lakers or the Clippers,” said another league source who knows Garnett well and did not want to be identified. “But the Clippers don’t have enough to do a deal. And he won’t mind going to Phoenix because it’s just a hop, skip and jump away from L.A.”

  • KB24withKG21

    KG might go to clippers but he might also go to lakers because he and KB24 are friends.

  • ONE

    Everyone has a house in Malibu

  • Kobe better than MJ

    I think everyone knows that. If something is not done b4 the draft, it is very possible that Minny will taKE LESS FOR kg.

  • kisofdeath

    ^^^^hello captain obvious

  • Justin M

    Doesnt matter where your house is if your rich like KG. He could have a house in Malibu but play in NY. You cant base his comming to LA just because he lives in LA. I hope this deal goes through and we see Kobe an KG together.

  • KB24withKG21

    i just wanna see him in a lakers jersey =)

  • LAalltheway

    See that shit? According to these people it sounds like KGs first choice is a team in LA, but if not, he would take phx. Why was there so much hype with KG to phoenix in the first place? I don’t think I’ve even heard one writer say that KG wants to go to LA. They’re trying to keep him out of here, or, maybe more likely, they don’t know a damn thing and just needed something to write about.

  • rmeazy82


  • http://thrrhtrh joge

    kg wants rings so he will come to kobes house