Peter Vescey from the NY Post writes… hey don’t turn away just yet, I know it’s Vescey but at least take a look. Sometimes the KB hatred gets crazy. Here is an example. He implies KG and O’Neal have “their deepest sympathy is with Shaq” due to Kobe’s behavior as of recent. Yawn. Last time I checked, O’Neal would love to come to L.A., Pacers have their offer for the Lakers and the Garnett rumors begin and end in Los Angeles.

NY Post: At the same time, Kevin Garnett and Jermaine O’Neal are looking at Kobe funny. Initially, they were pumped at the prospects of playing alongside such majesty. Now, I’m told, their deepest sympathy is with Shaq; how insufferable life must’ve been winning three straight titles.

And just so you get your daily dose of laughs in, check out what Pete wrote in his closing:

Bottom line: Kobe has evolved into a fake franchise player . . . same as Chris Webber and Tracy McGrady and now Garnett and Jermaine O’Neal. They’re not conceited; they’re convinced they’re bad to the bone, all commanding max money – a lot more in K.G.’s (grandfathered) case.

  • DeepFrost

    lmao…fcukin BS)))))

  • Abel

    This MAYBE true. Read Phil Jackson’s book to get to know some of the things that took place in the dreadful season.

  • LD2k

    Winning cures all… never forget that.

  • LAalltheway

    Come on, Vescey…Kobe is less of a franchise player than AI??? Man, the east was just as weak compared to the west as it is now. They got spanked in the finals against the Lakers. And Lebron’s cavs? They’re already calling them one of the worst finals teams ever. Kobe has three rings. How many do those guys have? What if Kobe was playing with Melo instead of AI? Negative Kobe exposure gets much higher ratings than telling it how it is. I’m getting tired of it.

  • ryguy2303

    just wait till we sign kg!!

  • Jimmy

    Kobe is a sellout. I do hope he changes his mind about leaving because I care more about the Lakers than I do for Kobe… he’s selfish! That’s why our dynasty broke up in the first place. Now we are minus Shaq and Kobe is acting like a stupid brat.

  • Lakers305

    i bet deep down this guy would of like Kobe to join the knicks. Though i did predict other people would be turned off by Kobe’s act.

    Kobe has got to act better towards his teammates. I dont mean he should go out there and kiss their ass, but he should treat them better. I mean He never calls them, heck He’s doing the same thing to Andrew Bynum that Shaq did to him. If anybody should understand Andrew, it should be kobe shouldn’t it?? Lamar Odom who has always stayed humble said that whenever Kobe calls, something major has to happen and that was the only time he had spoke to kobe after the season. Chemistry is a big key to winning championship and Lakers clearly had none of that.

    ALso it seems that the players turned on Kobe. They didnt seem to care about losing anymore. One key thing was when Kobe hit that sick 3 point in the corner against Portland, No Lakers on the bench except Turiaf applauded, they all sat there lifeless.

    I cant hope for Kobe to change now because dude is 29, if he was going to change, he would have changed a long time ago. People are starting to call him a Locker room cancer, and comparing him to T.O.

  • rahil

    wtf… thsi is bs

    p.s. who is T.O.

  • KingKobe

    This doesn’t surprise me. This is what I was thinking as soon as he busted out his crybaby antics.

  • kb24

    if kobe jss kept this inside instead going public about it.. jss wen you hear something good theres somthing else that goes wrong. golden state has the same chance of getting kg rite now then we do.

  • 24g.o.a.t.

    why would kb keep saying the same things to all of these different sources? bottom line he wants the gm gone, if we get kg or jo kb will have that force in the paint who can actually dunk the ball. i can bet kg and jo would both love to play with kb compared to what they have now.

  • mitch_kupchak

    this is all crao i talked with kg and jo and they both love kb. lakers will rule again!

  • rmeazy82

    Oh vescy.. your such a kidder..

  • LAKobe4Life

    This stupid NY writer, what the hell does he know? Who is this guy? I always hear him bashing the Lakers and Kobe. He’s a nobody, a never was, who gives a damn what the hell he says. It doesn’t mean a damn thing.

  • Nikko

    hahah he full of it. Fake franchise player.. if Kobe s fake what’s O’neil and KG who haven’t even won a single championship or made it to the final for that matter. But yea, Kobe isn’t exactly a charm individual, either.


    Everyone is a Franchise player until they don’t produce championships.

  • John

    [quote post=”434″]this is all crao i talked with kg and jo and they both love kb. lakers will rule again![/quote]
    fuckin faker that is tampering bitch you fake ass bitch

  • RC

    Kobe is the revolutionist of the NBA, a supreme leader that has educated every laker fan how horrible the laker front office is. Now we know all the moves (Artest, B. Davis, J. Kidd and Boozer) they passed on. They called mr. Project Bynum untouchable, they called Ms. Robin (Odom) untouchable.

    Kobe is not fake, he is too real for you fans that can not handle the TRUTH. So wake up, and understand the soap opera, Kobe is telling the truth and you fans “Can’t handle the truth”.

    Kobe–MVP of the NBA (per real NBA fans)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BeRkS_kb24

    TO all KOBEhaters just w8t for the next season coz im sure that you’ll gonna cry agen bcoz he’s gonna kill you’re lousy team with d ‘33333s on the buzzer!and on the 2008beijing you’ll gonna cry with you’re knees down and say thank you KOBE for bringing back the glory….but hate him forever if he’s not your fellas!!!KOBE FOR LIFE!!!!!

  • Justin M

    All i have to say is Kobe gets the highest Tv ratings. Doesnt matter if he’s playing PHX or the hawks. Without Kobe staples would be empty so i guess that does make him a franchise player.

  • Justin M

    other arenas get sold out 2 cause they know kobe’s coming. Come on, but he’s not as bad as rich bucher

  • lakersbabyy

    ok fellas can we all just agree that kobe’s bitchfits hasn’t really impressed alot of people. If you were a superstar from another team (KG or JO or anybody) and saw the same tantrum that kobe is pulling, wound’t you be reluctant to play for the purple and gold? I dont know about you guys but the more kobe throws public tantrums the less inticing it is for ANY impact players to come to LA… wanna fix the problem? tell kobe to keep everyone’s name out of his mouth

    sucks for bynum… he will be in hawaii training next to the same guy who literally trashed him… and thats his team mate tsk tsk tsk what will you do now kobe

  • Bones 24

    kobe being criticized by the media was the reason he wanted a trade in the first place

  • decade

    He didn’t trash Bynum, he just said ship his ass out for Kidd. I would say the same thing, it’s nothing personal towards Bynum, but the kid is too young and inexperienced and it is uncertain whether he will blossom into a dominant center in this league. While Kobe wants to make in impact now! by the time Bynum develops, or IF he devolops Kobe wont be in his prime anymore. What is up with these New York writers? they want Kobe on the Knicks and then they rip on him? makes no sense. I love when people just make stuff up and write about it as truth. AKA these Yanks. I’m sure these guys sat there had a tape recorder and a 1 on 1 interview with both JO and KG and got all this information on how they feel because they also have a license to practice Therapy sessions. right.

  • RC

    Bynum will be gone, he is rehearsing for his next team. Kobe rules the Lakers, not the buss family.

    Kobe is the face “the product” of the Lakers and the product is what sells, NOT the buss family.

    So Bynum, we’re going to “ship your a** outta here”. Later project.

  • Mastarockafella

    Kobe haters keep bashing him saying this and that, but I tell you people, before the season starts you will thank Kobe for going on a media spree. This is the only way that can get things done.

    As for young Bynum, I would say “sorry kid, we gotta ship your @$$ out of LA. See you somewhere else”


  • lakers4lyfe

    man…this is bs…my bet is kobe has contacted KG and JO and they have talked about his. kobe does not wanna be in teh same situation that those two are in, thats the gist of it.

  • punkjones

    It’s hard to tell what’s going in Kobe’s brain right now. His second outburst in Spain came RIGHT on the heels of the news that the JO talks had stalled. And why had they stalled? Because the Lake show would not put Bynum in the mix. It’s that specific.

    What is confusing is loudmouth Stephen A saying something (I’m sorry I don’t have the link – I read it either here or at Clublakers I believe in a draft thread) that JO wouldn’t be enough for Kobe to stay. It was probably just him mouthing off without any real knowledge as I personally feel that the timing of his outburst in Spain undeniably ties in with the JO trade talks stalling. The very next day after the report Kobe’s agent said he still wanted to be traded. More recently on ESPN (though I don’t believe anything they say) they’ve said either JO or Garnett WOULD be enough to convince Kobe to stay, which makes a lot of sense.

    The Lakers are hurting in two areas: PF (well, post play really, whether center or forward), and point guard. They still need to address getting a vet PG even though Javaris looks like a steal in the draft. I wonder how Kobe’s conversation went with Garnett. That’s the real question as to how he feels, and how KG feels about Kobe and coming to LA. The fact that KG didn’t demand a trade here is pretty weird. But I’ve given up on the guy.

    JO though has just got to go down. If not we’re in deep trouble. I’ve said it 10 times already on this board but Lamar and Bynum are not too much to give up for JO. I don’t care if you think he’s overrated – He averages 20 and 10 and he’s a superstar, all star, Big power forward. And he plays D on top of that. That is exactly what we need. Is he as good as Duncan? No. Is he as good as KG? No. But he’s right behind those guys and he’s younger. Don’t give me the crap about being injured as an excuse not to get him. Lamar being injured this year is precisely the reason we went down the toilet. That and the fact that he takes off every other game, turns the ball over, and doesn’t fit with Kobe.

    If you ask me JO for LO and Bynum is a friggin’ steal for us. Do it before those guys wake up and try to demand we take back awful contracts like Murphy and Tinsley. The main thing is that the deal is straight up.

  • RC

    Punkjones, once again you said it best, I believe also that we would be stealing JO for only giving up Bynum and Lamar. Bynum will always be a project and Lamar will always be inconsistent, I would do this trade right NOW, I hope Indiana front office does not look at this thread.

  • Rami Safi aka Safi24

    i dont believe it cuz the pacers actually wanna make a deal to the lakers for oneal

  • lakersfan17

    I don’t know why people say it’s “to much” Odom sucks Bynum will be no good intil 3 more years.We haven’t won anything with this two guys on our team but get beat by the Suns two times.It’s time for a change.
    Project Line up with O’neal
    PG;MLE Farmar/The new guy’
    SG:Kobe Sasha
    C:Brown/Mihm (if resigned)
    Much better espeacially if we sign a good PG like Blake or Mo Williams.

  • punkjones

    I totally agree LF17 and thanks again RC. And you’re right, I should stop saying it because I don’t want to jinx it or make Indy think twice about it. Shoulda kept my mouth shut! Just was having a hard time getting around how people keep saying it’s too much to give. Just glad they are down with Bynum unlike Minny.

  • punkjones

    And yeah, LF17 – sign a decent point guard after that, or get Luther Head via trade and have a choice of shooter (Kapono or the kid from Charlotte), rangy guy (MO Peterson) or Center (Magloire) – tons of choices and maybe you get two for the MLE. Then you are DONE. Lakers look a thousand times better without selling the farm like they have to with KG acquisition.

  • RC

    Laker fans, KG will not come to the Lakers. Listen to this, the lakers just signed Coby Karl (son of George Karl, Nuggets coach) to a free agent contract.

    Now that is a mistake waiting to happen. As soon as cancer Coby Karl gets lonely, he will call his father and give away all of the Lakers secrets, and the Nuggets will end up beating the Lakers in the regular season or the playoffs. The Lakers front office are the most stupid idiots (I agree Kobe) in the NBA. Hire George Karl’s little spy, his son, STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

    And you KG fans think KG is coming to the lakers, not with this lakers front office, wishful thinking, PAY ATTENTION, they are idiots (and Kobe said it)!!!!!