His statline was simple – 9 points, 7 boards, 2 blocks. Yet KG claims he doesn’t make a difference out there. I’ll let you guys debate this one over…

L.A. Times: Does Bynum make a difference, Kevin Garnett was asked.

“No,” Garnett said.

Compared with last season’s team?


Sasha also had a few words to Garnett and the Celts…

Yahoo!: “We’ve been waiting for that opportunity for a long time, and we won,” said Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic, who scored 10 points. “I don’t like them at all. A lot of people called us softies or whatever. It doesn’t matter at all. We know what we can do.

“Last year, they won the championship. This year, it’s our year, we want to take it all the way.”

  • yeahitschris

    kg is jealous because drew owns orge perkins =D

  • Magic Big Johnson


  • Milo

    i agree! Bynum is not making any difference because he’s not being fed the fu-ck-en ball enough!!!but thak god for Pau Gasol my MVP!!!

  • hooper_i_am

    yeah kg would know of course when he is gettin by guarding a smaller pau gasol, even though gasol shut his mouth in the 4th when it came down to who was gonna work harder and put their team ahead.

    but agreed.

    they need to feed drew the ball more often and hit him with a few oops. cause perkins wont get up like drew.

  • Logic Guy

    At this point Drew is not a difference. True, part of it is because he is not being fed. Drew has openly stated he wants to score. Jackson does not want him fed. All he wants from Drew is defense and rebounds. He has stated this publicly on several ocassions. As a result, Drew is demovated and is not working hard. He should be using his size and strength to take the position he wants. When he doesn’t get the ball, he stops working for the position. Phil had no problem with Shaq scoring. What’s wrong with Drew getting 10 shots a game as a compromise to make everybody happy and watch the big dog guard the poarch.

  • BEC

    Its Drews fault that he doesn’t get touches that he wants. No one elses, he doesn’t set picks hard enough at times so he cant get fed on the roll or hes not aggressive enough on the block to get deep enough position to even to be a threat. Drew just needs to grow up and realize that hes not really needed on offense, his difference is made on the defensive end and he needs to put all his efforts there, and not cry if hes not getting touches on the offensive end. KG was right on when it comes to offense, Drew makes little difference, where Drew makes all the difference in the world for this team if hes working hard, is on defense.

  • lakerschamps09

    ok umm is KG stupid or wat…. kg aint rite dont be sayin that crap… we won by wat 9 points how many ponts bynum have??? ummm 9 points sooo yea kg wrong in tht aspect… ummm ya bynum aint killin but him jus bein in the middle didnt let alot of layups and dunks in the like in the finals…

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