Here’s a small blurb from the Chicago Tribune.

If the Timberwolves happen to jump from No. 7 in the preliminary odds to No. 1, I believe they finally would deal Kevin Garnett to put in place an Oden/Conley building project, something to get excited about. Plus, Oden needs someone like Conley. Despite Oden’s high skill level, he’s a more passive personality, whereas Conley is a born leader. The pairing would provide Oden the comfort zone he needs to ease his transition.

  • LD2k


    Works for the Wolves and makes sense.

    Now the question is – will management trade their All-Star “IF” he doesn’t want to? As the Lakers world turns…

  • Later Gator

    Why would you trade one of the best players in the league for a draft pick. That makes about as much sense as the Lakers trading Kobe for a draft pick.

  • Kristian

    Later Gator: It would make perfect sense, since Garnett is 31 and has one of the biggest salaries in the league. Minnesota won’t be a contender for at least another 5 years, with our without KG. By trading KG for the number 1 pick (Portland) you would get a 20 year old possible future hall of famer with a very low salary, at least compared to KG’s. It’s a lot easier making a championship contender with more cash to throw around. That team in 5 years SHOULD be infinitely better than a team with a 36 year old KG. KG can also opt out of his contract after next season, which he would do. Minnesota should trade KG this summer, and trading him for a no.1 pick makes a lot more sense than trading him for Odom and Bynum, unfortunately.