Interesting to see Durant react like this.

Twitter: Now everybody wanna play for the heat and the Lakers? Let’s go back to being competitive and going at these peoples!

  • Day

    100% agree

    it’s stupid, people would rather go to the best than try to be the best themselves.

    • 4 ever Laker!

      im drowning in tears after i read this. lakers simply the best! :D

  • imfasterthanur

    And that is why Durant will go down as one of the best. After Kobe retires (hopefully not anytime soon) Durant will be THE NBA’s cream of the crop.

    • imfasterthanur

      referring to Durant’s attitude about competing.

      • Josh Herrington

        Agreed. I think that if LeBron joined a team with not as much star-power, he would’ve been respected a little more. He could have taken the challenge of lifting a falling franchise to a championship contender.
        KD has the opportunity to play with players that will be with him for a while. Young guys who are willing to run up and down the court for 48 minutes non-stop just to win one game.
        I don’t dislike LeBron for leaving his team because some of the greats of many sports have done that. I dislike him because he has played into the hype of being “king” (I can only call him “king” in quotations) and then up and left.
        I know he wants to win but he also wants to be the leader of his team. LBJ needs to pick his poison or he’ll be spending his career a virgin of championships.

        • Billy Kupchak

          or just… a virgin? :cool:

  • SoCalLove

    he’ll be a Laker on day, no worries…

    • Sheds

      Durant in a laker uniform would be sweet. Go for it, after Kobe retires :D

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      not even one chance
      he got long extension w thunder and his fave player is duncan mainly cause he never left spurs
      so in his mind he ll never leave oklahoma

    • Butch

      >>he’ll be a Laker on day<< Maybe "one" day.
      Nobody ever thought Kareem would leave Milwaukee or Pau Memphis. We'll see. Things change.

    • PauLAsol

      Do it Mitch

  • Gino

    That’s why people like KD are well respected. Sometimes the way you pursue to win means a whole lot more than winning itself.
    this article by bryant gumbel makes an interesting point regarding that attitude, even tough it’s from an ohio site
    i do like having many good teams competing for the pride and honor of a city. makes winning the championship sweeter to have to go through so much. although, it will be pretty interesting how far the stacked deck in miami can take them, and if they do get fortunate to make it to the finals that we beat that stacked deck.

  • a word of advice

    Yeah well if Durant had trouble bringing Oklahoma up to the big stage, he’d want out too. Decision II? If he fails that is.

  • Sir

    Right now it seems more like everyone just wants to play for the Heat. I really hope Mitch can get T-Mac for our bench…

  • keith reyes

    kevin durant will be the next kobe and lebron… haha

    • duh

      nah.. he’ll be better than lebron. he might even win an mvp this season.

      lebron’s not in that caliber anymore. cant have his name right up there with kobe.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    This is a prime example of the mentality of a great player. Unlike LeHype he wants to beat the best. Queen James will never be on the level of MJ, Kobe, Magic, Bird, etc. I look forward to a good battle with the Thunder in the W. Conf Finals next year. I can respect this kid. Wish him much success (expect against the Lakers lol).

    • Billy Kupchak

      except* :cool:

  • Billy

    Respect for KD

  • Laker s Army

    K D is still a good dude. Hopefully he stays that way.
    Le Brick has to feed the entourage of losers that make him feel good about his massive ego.
    Have you ever seen a biger egomaniac saying he is going global.
    Memo dude you have done notthing but won a few MVP award s . Now your riding Wades coat nice.

  • 242LakerFan

    Much respect for this young man! To be the best you go out and compete with and beat the best, not join up with them and ride their coattails. I believe the post-Kobe era is going to be the Durantula era. He’s shown has the heart of a winner; this tells me he has the mentality of a winner as well.

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      Durant will not win for a while
      i dont see oklahoma beating MIAMI any time soon
      Lakers have 2 years left before Miami starts taking over
      unless some injuries happen or the lakers can get another steal to replace kobe who will not be dominant anymore in few years

  • LakerPower

    Why I respect Durant as a player then most in the league. A true competitor like MJ, Magic, Bird, Kobe, etc. Those caliber of players are all about winning but doing in the right way and trying to will and lead their “own” team to the top.

    Lebron is nothing but a 2010 version of Scottie Pippen.

  • BobeCudi

    I respect KD even more than Lebron.
    I’ll be great if he joins the Lakers after Kobe retires
    What about Dwight Howard? He likes to be funny and act, right? If he comes to the Lakers, he’ll be right next to Holllywood instead of being stuck in Orlando.

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    I would not be surprise if Mitch/Dr. Buss make a run at KD down the road. I think his contract will expire in 6 years, so plenty of time for the kid to develop into a beast and perfect timing when Kobe retires. So 2017 could indeed look good for the Lakers. We’ll see. tons of things can happen in the meantime. Bring the 3peat!

  • Str8 Ballin

    I want dis N**** in Purple N Gold…

  • reg

    Kevin Durant Rocks!

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Lol I’ve always wanted to see KD in Purple and Gold over LeBron. Or mybe see Dwight Howard, even Carmelo Anthony in a Lakers Uni…theres certain personalties that ppl would love 2 watch in a Laker Uniform…Raja Bell wasn’t one of them.. neway I understand where he’s coming from bc it’s turning the League into bandwagon sports BUT I dn’t see every1 wanting to join LA…I DO see evry1 wanting to Join the HEAT and that’s bogus…theres a report that says Chris Paul is already getting prodded 2 come 2 Miami nxt yr! wtf is that??? then I read elsewhere he might go 2 the Knicks so i dunno. :-?


    KD is a straight up baller! That’s exactly the attitude that one should have! He’s all about competing and playing his best against the best! This “kid” is showing why he should be regarded higher than ALL 3 of the stooges over in Miami. And yes, that includes Douche Wad.

    Douche Wad has already accepted the fact that he should no longer compete with the best to get his rings, he just wants to play with them. He wants it as easy as possible, that’s the mentality of the new ballers nowadays.

    Old school would not be about this. They have too much competitiveness and pride to go out like this during the prime of their careers!

    KD will undoubtedly go down as one of the games’ greats and definitely a Hall of Famer!

    Hopefully, he’ll be a Laker in his future! That’s the type of baller, we’d like donning the Purple and Gold!

    • kobe-wan kenobi

      You should respect wade since he is an amazing player
      and he had probably the most remarkable ever performance in an nba finals.
      So just respect wade who is a winner and a great player to watch


        I shouldn’t have to do jack! FYI, I had the utmost respect for that Douche Bag before he and the other 2 stooges pulled off this charade!

        If you think that one deserves respect based solely on their performance at their profession, that would be you opinion and might I add, an myopic one at that!

        Character is another aspect in which I deem whether or not a person deserves respect. After what seems like a big April Fool’s Joke that these 3 QUEENS pulled off, no way either one of them will get even an ounce from me.

        If they had simply said that they were all gonna team up, I would’ve been fine with it. Still wouldn’t have liked it since it’s 3 guys in their prime deciding that they NEED to do this in order to win, but I WOULD’VE respected.

        Instead, these guys looked forward to the viable teams’ wining and dining, spending unnecessary money, just so that these 3 freaks can feel like the prima donnas that they are. And ESPECIALLY DOUCHE WAD’S asking of a second sales pitch from Chicago.

        After knowing that they WERE NOT gonna go ANYWHERE, BUT MIAMI and still had chicago spend extra money… and with the economy at this state, even with these multi million owners-that just AIN’T RIGHT!

        So please don’t give me this I have to give respect to him at all. He lost it and I’m not gonna budge. Maybe, it’s you who need to rethink your position and how you give out respect to others!

        • kobe-wan kenobi

          nah u did not get my comment
          i said respect him as a player not as a person
          he is an amazing player and as i said already has the best performance ever in an nba finals.
          he did not go anywhere
          he stayed on his team
          other douche bags joined him
          so they are his lackey
          he will always be the one that won a title dominating liek no other

          about the charade of the 3, i cant argue with it, and totally agree with you

          but on the court Wade has definitely my respect as a winner and as a spectacular player.


            Well, we can agree to disagree on Douche Wad and it’s fine. As far as what you’re claiming you said… “You should respect wade since he is an amazing player…”, I’m not trying to trap you or anything, but that sentence only states that I should RESPECT HIM, you actually didn’t qualify it by saying RESPECT HIM as a player! Anyway, just to explain what I saw and how i arrived at my statements.

            And as far as respect as a player; KD or WAD… I respect KD a lot more than WAD! Partly is because KD is extremely respectful of Kobe. He sees Kobe as the best in the NBA and also, this kid’s got a competitive drive like Kobe. WAD on the other hand, is more than willing to bring in as many equals as possible to better his chances to win. That to me is saying that WAD just wants to stack his team and coast to his way into the Hall of Fame. And that, my friend, does not constitute a player as deserving of RESPECT!

            I know that DOUCHE WAD is a B@D @$$ player, and I won’t take that away from him, but that doesn’t mean that I should RESPECT him. What he did with the whole charade thing, that is NOT just him as a person, but him as a player as well!

            All those teams that he met up with, he didn’t just meet up as Dwayne Wade, the normal citizen, but also Douche Wad, the player. Again, we might have to agree to disagree on this… I’ll NEVER give him an OUNCE of RESPECT! He simply, doesn’t deserve it!

  • Robert.

    Yeah, not everyone wants to play with the Lakers anymore. Miami seems to be the destination (see “LeBron” blog – Miami is just a fun town to play in – go there to have fun).
    We would have signed Miller or Bell (they would have taken a pay cut here) if they just wanted to play for the Lakers. Actually, it makes sense that the ‘smaller market’ FAs will go for the most money they can – they have to make a living, and squeeze all the money they can out of the league, during their last years of play.
    That’s why D-Fish’s signing is big. He might have been able to get more $$ elsewhere – he truly wanted to play for the Lakers. I think Shannon B. does too.
    Anyways, KD is a ‘great’ player. I recall that commercial in which he had about 5 jerseys on, each one with his ‘team’ (McDonald’s, Texas, OKC). Each jersey represented how he championed the team, and brought them to greatness.
    I agree that in the post-Kobe era (hope that doesn’t happen for 6 years), he will dominate. He will take over Kobe’s ‘great’ legacy. He’s a basketball purist, like Kobe. Do well, and all the ‘other things’ will take care of themselves.
    Meantime, LeSellOut has really ridden up the basketball ladder in a bad way. He was ‘too coddled’ by the media, continues to be worshiped by them (although they are hurt that he isn’t going to be their King anymore), and he grew up with this ‘entourage’ type aura (with his high school buddies, and is trying to do that in the NBA). He CAN’T do it on his own – he needs to have a team of lackeys that he can pull along, and who dote on his every move. D-Bag isn’t really a lackey, but will play that role for him.
    Kobe and KD don’t need that. Kobe has achieved basketball greatness by being great. KD will do the same. Kobe just plays great, and ‘inspires’ his teammates. LeJoke has them standing around waiting for him to cough, or burp. He’s more interested in grandstanding, and being a ‘leader’ than in actually leading by example. Not sure how that will work out in Miami.
    Yes, it would be good to see KD in purple/gold, but I have a feeling he will stay with OKC – he will do it like Kobe, MJ (who only switched teams after his big career was over, etc), Duncan, etc.
    I don’t think you can hate a player for ‘being’ good. I know that others hate Kobe, but only because he’s good. He doesn’t act like a ‘self absorbed jerk off’ (see LeJerk), and isn’t using basketball to grandstand (see LeJerk). KD is the same stock as Kobe, so I understand. Don’t hate on KD. Yes, I want the Lakers to pound OKC, but they are honest competitors, and it will be tougher to beat them each year.
    In a way, KD’s comment is a slam on LeJoke, and I’m glad he did that. He’s keeping basketball real, and I’m sure he admires Kobe for doing that too. KD should inherit the legacy in the next phase of basketball (after Kobe, of course).

  • matt

    kevin durant is one of the best and classiest players in the NBA. he’s such a down to earth, nice guy. i hope his career is long and great in the NBA and he doesnt change into some money grubbing asshole like some players do.

  • JenFD

    Quite true though everyone is mostly looking at the Heat only now. after all, we only got steve blake

  • LizzakeShizzow

    Not everyone wants to play for the Lakers… F*ck you Raja. Same to you Mike Miller .

  • bleepbloop

    but KD.. we only got steve blake.. raja bell turned us down.. Count us out. let the Heat vacuum em all in.

  • lakeb


  • Robert.

    Steve Blake is an upgrade from Jordan Farmar (sorry, Jordan did have an upside, but was unable to maintain leads VERY OFTEN during the year).
    Just this alone – the fact that Steve Blake will more than likely keep leads during the year, allows the ‘starting 5′ to rest up more during the year.
    As Bell said in his ‘pre-Kobe-dinner’ interview, Bell would have only provided one ‘extra’ key to what is already there.
    We can count on Pau improving, and hopefully Ron-Ron learns the triangle better. It has been said the Ron-Ron is going to the gym every day this summer (well, maybe not EVERY day, but a lot) to improve his shot.
    I sort of ‘claim’ that the Lakers even coasted through this last year (not including playoffs). They didn’t have the best record, and lost to good teams like the Cavs during the year. If the BENCH can step it up a little, then the starting 5 will have even more juice during the year, and especially during the playoffs.
    It will be ok.
    Also, if NOBODY signs (T-Mac, Livingston, Crittendon, etc.) during this summer, you can bet that Kup is saving it for February. By THAT time, we will see who really wants to stay on their existing team, and who wants to come to the Lakers.
    Still a couple of ‘chips’ left for the Lakers. I’m sure Kup and Buss are keeping all this in mind.

  • Los Lakers

    i thought people was already plural??

  • f you then raja

    i like durant over james…but hes gonna be one of the guys chasing a championship by pulling a lebron when he realizes that he cant win one in okc

  • bleepbloop

    KD scares me. just seeing his reaction after losing to the lakers in the first round.

    he was on his knees and i know this guy will keep that moment in his head and tell himself he’ll climb back up and get his revenge.

  • Jack Y.

    Kobe >>> Durant >>>>>>> Lebron
    Enough said! I love how OKC competes every night. It’s too bad they’re not in the eastern conference, or else Lakers can face OKC in the NBA Finals.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    hey MARTARD drop a teste yet,out of your mouth?

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    what is he smoking?
    who wants to play for the lakers?
    since we did not sign anyfucking body yet, except overpaying Blake who was a bench player.
    So i am not sure what the fuck he is talking about
    everybody wants to play in miami since a lto of player signed there even for less money.

    stfu KD and try to play better against artest
    cause next year u going home in the same way