Kenny Smith, who recently joined TLN on their latest podcast, believes Lakers are the best team in the L.

kenny TNT analyst Kenny Smith anointed the Lakers the “hands-down most talented, best team in basketball” during Tuesday night’s broadcast, suggesting they’re the only team in the West who would make the playoffs if its best player got hurt.

“Most people say that the two things that will stop the Lakers are Lamar Odom’s wedding and Ron Artest running into the stands,” the former Houston Rockets guard said. “If those are the only two things you have to worry about with winning a championship as a coach, you want that every single year. Basketball-wise, they don’t have any holes.

“Ron Artest is usually the first or second best player on a team. Now he is the third or fourth option and he can carry you for weeks at a time. He can actually play defense, get 20 points and stop someone from scoring 20 points. I don’t know three guys in the NBA that can do that.

Add that to Kobe Bryant, who is the most electric player in the league. I don’t see how the Lakers can lose another championship, barring injury.”

  • Short Dog

    Kenny is all right. Charles is a Laker hater because he never won a championship. Kenny’s right the lakers are the BEST team. We are an All Star Team.

  • 242LakerFan

    Kenny’s cool. I’ll never forget the parody of Kobe’s Hyperdunk ad. I nearly died laughing!
    But Kenny’s dead on. I mean, when a team has the luxury of sitting a player the caliber of Pau Gasol for what amounts to nagging discomfort he could play through if necessary, then you know they have incredible depth, talented depth. This is potentially a team of destiny, people. Bandwagon jumpers, get your springiest shoes ready and pack a lunch, ’cause this one is gonna be crowded!

  • WifelovesLuke

    Can we please get a rematch with the Celtics? And can both teams please be healthy? Is that too much to ask for?

    The Key to our success this season and subsequent championship run is not going to be about Artest. It’s all about the development of Bynum. If he becomes the All Star that we expect then bring on the ring!!

    1-2-3 Ring!!

  • fern dog

    fuck charles barking hes just mad because he has no ring.TObad bitch take it like a man

  • Robert

    Charles usual ‘sour grapes’ is reaching new limits. I’m glad that Adam Morrison has a ring, and Kenny put Charles in his place by telling him that Adam did indeed play 8 games, and was a TEAM player by supporting the TEAM for the entire year he was year. Yes that counts. I’m sure there were ‘little played’ players on Championship teams before – they deserve the ring equally.
    Back to Kenny, he’s telling it like it is! But he was on a Championship Team, so it’s sort of normal to have to put up with Charles’ sour grapes.
    Thanks, Kenny, for being honest.