Kenny Smith gets it. If you’re like me, and are sick of all the “Bron LeLove” out there, check out what the TNT analyst twittered today.

  • kobe8

    what was his response to that?

  • kobe8

    my bad

  • WifelovesLuke

    Smith is back tracking. He picked the Thuggets to win this series. Now that he is realizing Kobe is “Unstoppable” he is switching back to reality. Lebron is a sick athlete. But the prince hasn’t won anything and Kenny knows it. Bout Time!

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    any link on that smith thing?

  • laker

    kobe needs the title this year to keep the title of “best player on the planet”

  • karen

    i am going to follow him lol.

  • lainok

    Kenny was actually the only one of the TNT crew that chose the lakers to win it. His prediction was 7. He acknowledged that the McNuggets had a good opportunity to take it, but ultimately he was the only one that said the lakers would win. He was just disappointed with the lazy way they had seemed to be playing with.

  • gugy

    I just would love to see Kenny, Charles and CWebb face when he lifts that trophy.

  • matthew

    this is what i hate laker fans.
    when the lakers lose, espn blames kobe for the loss.
    but when the cavs lose, they dont blame lebron james or anything like that. “best player in the world my ass”, he missed key free throws in game 3, and espn doesnt blame him for that stuff. damn you espn.

  • sketch

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    Agreed! The NBA and the media machine can’t wait to get hand the entire NBA throne to LeHype! They’re ready to push out this regime to start the next! What’s so wrong with this current one? Kobe has made play after play and highlight after highlight for the NBA and the Olympics was the proof! All those fans in China were following Kobe, not LeHype! They can see the real thing! Those guys had the veil pulled on them for 40 some odd years with communism, you think that you can outsmart them with your paper crown and the hand powder in LeHype, huh Stern? Well, think again!

    LeHype “is who we thought he was”! A chump who can’t hit free throws when it counts! God knows that the refs gave him enough chances, which he absolutely didn’t deserve! The choker missed 4 down the stretch! He went 0-2 twice! I know that he had a great block on Courtney Lee, that may have been goal tending actually, but he also got posterized by Courtney Lee also. That’s twice in this series! I love Courtney Lee!

    Look for Stern to tell the refs to call the game for LeHype and his crew as much as they can in game 4. Either that or they’ll need to even the playing field by trying to give the game to the McNuggets tomorrow night! The NBA should be known as the NBS (national bull $h!t)! They’re so damn predictable! Eat $h!t Stern and Stu Jackson!

    Go Lakers!

  • Rich

    Exactly I agree with the above 100 percent. I actually like Lebron but he is the John Cena of basketball. Which means he is being shoved down everybodys throat. The final straw for me was the Lakers halftime game where they said that they were gonna do a halftime show but Lebron called us so we’re just gonna skip it so we can talk to Lebron about his lucky shot. I was so happy when they lost last night. Did you guys see that bs foul on Howard when they gave Bron those free throws. Best player in the game my foot. The best players dont miss all those free throws in clutch time. If Kobe would’ve played like that they would still be killing him in the media. Stan Van’s interview was so great and funny.

  • hellbydante

    I can’t understand why are the media making such a huge hoo haa about lebron’s game winner ?!?!? and then declare him the best ever just over one shot ?!? Kobe’s been knocking difficult shot after difficult shot, dagger after dagger.. AND buzzer beater after buzzer beater!! Media better stop sucking on lebron’s nut juice! And they better stop see sawing on the Lakers Nuggets series!! Lakers will win it!!

  • ilikebasketball

    and because of everyone being fair or trying not to be mean, no one(except charles) really speaks about the east coast as they are. a high school league(except boston, cavs(?) and orlando). and so lebron and his college kids looked amazing against the high school kids.
    but if it the east coast were spoken of as it actually is, cavs run would be seen as it is. pretty good, but no where near as impresive as the lakers record this year.

    but now to focus on tonights game….


  • Robert

    The whole ESPN machine has become a farce, and is unwatchable. Magic is a sellout. He should go back to TNT and then back the Lakers. Jerry West is senile. They are both traitors. Or they were trying to motivate Kobe. Why on earth would Kobe need motivating? He worked his butt off. The rest of the Lakers need motivating. Kobe will be the 2nd best player ever, or tied for first with Wilt. I’m not talking about the ‘team sport’ element. Magic has that one. But on ‘pure’ talent, skill, drive, Kobe is the ‘purest’ basketball player EVER. He was crafted to just play basketball. NOT to do stupid Kid N’ Play dances on dumb commercials. Mamba will prevail.

  • Robert

    Hey Laker-ites. Check out . It is ‘ultra cool’. All NBA comments, before, during, after games. The real deal too! (the REAL Shaq, etc.). You’ll find Kenny’s comments in the May 23rd entry. This is the best page ever (next to ‘thelakersnation’). You can see what all your favorites are doing. I don’t think Kobe makes comments, but you will see Kareem’s, and Jeannie Buss, Baron Davis, Steve Nash, everyone. Really cool. Check it out.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?)

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    Shouldn’t you be hatin’ on ESPN and not Laker fans?

    I like Lebron, but until he wins the big one, he’s not in Kobe, Shaq, Timmy, or Dwayne’s class. Lebron is an amazing athlete and he has the POTENTIAL to be right up there with Wilt, Jerry West, Jordan. But you have to hoist the O’Brien Trophy first.

  • Robert

    WatWudChickSay? (WWCS?), I think that ‘matthew’ just incorrectly punctuated his opening sentence. I think he meant to say (translating), “Do you know what I hate, Laker fans?” or, “Hey Laker fans, do you know what I hate?”, because his blog shows that he is a Laker fan. And (WWCS), I agree with you. ESPN is pouring it on w/LeBron. But you know, whenever they do that type of thing, the reverse happens. (e.g., all 3 ESPN commentators, including Magic, predicted incorrectly that the Nuggets would win). So they can keep it going. The truth will speak volumes.

  • matthew

    sry for the misunderstanding in my statement. simply put it this way, ” i hate espn”.

  • ilikebasketball

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    don’t jump the gun.
    it’s not “incorrect” yet.
    it’s looking good, but let’s not pop the cork until we’re handed the bottle.
    we don’t wanna look like those schmucks the cleveland umbrellas..i mean cavaliers.

  • Robert

    I was just commenting that matthew isn’t a laker hater, he just told us ‘laker fans’ what he hates (that ESPN pays too much att’n to LeBron).

  • RN

    If people believe the media then they are idios. Media are bun of bias toward KOBE. KOBE is one in life time talent but the media has been trying so hard to destroy his image. The one thing that really surpise me is Jerry West said that LeBron is better than Kobe. It seems that the Media can’t wait to dethrone Kobe. But I know LB is a humble guy and he knows who is the best. The whole world knows KOBE is the best.

  • Lakernation

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    He actually picked LA. Chuck & C-Webb picked Denver

  • HolyGuacamole

    I loved it when Kenny said “Now you’re jumping off the bandwagon?” in response to Chuck doubting the Nuggets in this series.

    Seriously, the 585th time that shot was replayed, I got sick. Most overhyped shot EVER. I mean, don’t get me wrong, that’s a great shot, but seriously. We get the picture.

    And I love how that ONE shot apparently made him “one of the best closers in the league” along with Kobe. In my honest opinion, that’s disrespect (for lack of a better word) towards Kobe. He’s been doing this for 13 years and definitely deserved that title. But LeBron, with just ONE BUZZER-BEATER, getting a share of the title, having been in the league only half the years Kobe himself has played. Give me a break. Really, this is just getting out of hand.