Kobe Bryant is this year’s Most Valuable Player and as many of you know, I’m going to be ready to cut videos left and right. Well, I am proud to announce that after the Lakers season is over (or when the Lakers hoist the Larry O’Brien I should say), KB24.com and myself will link up to bring you an exclusive series of videos on this season entitled: “The Kobe MVP Series.”

These videos will include:

  • Kobe’s and 1’s throughout the entire season
  • Kobe’s 3 point shots throughout the entire season
  • Kobe’s jams, slams, and facials throughout the entire season
  • Kobe’s passes throughout the entire season

As of now, we’re going to wait until the playoffs conclude (as there will be footage used in the MVP series videos). However, we are excited to announce this first on TheLakersNation.com.

If you guys have any ideas or suggestions, go ahead and leave them here and we’ll discuss them! Thanks to all the Lakers fans, my fans, and of course, KB24.com for this opportunity. Much love!

  • faTe8

    kobe…simply the best^^

  • lakerfan81

    Here is a top ten MVP highlight. I could watch a top 100 like this he is amazing.

    Question: Can I embed videos?

  • LAKERS KOBE MVP 2007-2008

    kobe bryant is simply the best of the best…kobe to become finals MVP….LAKERS TO BECOME 2007-2008 CHAMPIONS OF THE NBA…..

  • Hansoulfood

    If you can, also make videos for his fadeaways and defensive plays (steals/rejections). Thanks a bunch. Love your work.

  • lyk13

    Great news LD2k! Your efforts are always appreciated for the love of the purple and gold. ;)

  • wilzuvsteel

    I agree with Hansoulfood. Adding some of his spectacular defensive plays would show how complete the 2007-08 MVP’s game is all about.

  • ionicleDexace

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