AP Photo / Ben MargotSan Jose Mercury News: You’re a Warriors fan and, of course, your mind is flooded with questions during this Puzzling Warriors Summer of Subtle Chess Moves.

Everybody has questions about Kevin Garnett’s possible arrival, Don Nelson’s negotiations, Matt Barnes’ status, Marco Belinelli’s role and on and on.

I’ve got answers, though they do not come with any official Chris Mullin-approved stamp or direct lines to Chris Cohan’s bank account.

I promise only that my answers are offered with a degree of hard reporting and my best intentions, unless it’s more fun to do it with my most ridiculous intentions.

Question 1: Things have been quiet on the Kevin Garnett front since draft night weeks ago. Is it possible that the Warriors and Minnesota have consummated a secret KG deal and are simply waiting through an NBA-mandated period before Brandan Wright can be traded?

Answer: No. There is no secret KG deal.

Mullin and Timberwolves executive Kevin McHale are secretive guys, but I’m pretty sure some word of this would’ve gotten out to other NBA execs, coaches, agents or players. I’ve checked: No such word.

It’s just the opposite: Those who should know say there’s no deal. Yet.

I’ve heard from several sources that Mullin and McHale were on the brink of making the deal on draft night but something happened to halt the process.

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