Well we saw a semi-sky hook to end the third quarter by Gasol, but now Kareem wants to step in and teach him the real deal…

Herald Tribune: He (Kareem) also vowed to work with Pau.

“Definitely,” Abdul-Jabbar said when asked about helping Gasol develop a sky hook. “I would love to. I’m here to help him.”

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  • gugy

    Kareem, you are the man!

  • Michael_23

    Yes!!! Bynum and Gasol using the skyhook???

    Wow. I see Gasol using it soon because he’s so versatile and mobile. He can also play 15 ft. out of the rim. Bynum is like Shaq but with longer arms and better body weight.

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    DOUBLE TROUBLE sky hooks! :-D

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • David

    Pau already used the “junior junior” sky hook last night ala magic.

  • LakersOnFire

    ill believe it when i see it from both andrew and pau.

  • keep24

    A special thanks to Kevin Garnett for NOT coming to the Lakers.

    Him not coming here, helped us keep Bynum, Odomb and as a result get Gasol – who is younger, taller and just the kind of player that would play best along with Kobe.

    Also, a special shout out to the Great One, KB24 for lighting a fire under all of their a$$es !

    See you in June !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vida24

    like stu said very nice 1

  • LakersFirst

    Believe it or not, I think Pau is also going to be a good tutor for Bynum. I think Pau will show Bynum some post up moves.


    Pau is going to learn ‘The Skyhook’from Kareem (The Greatness)Abdul-Jabar? IT’S OVER,JUST SHIP THE TROPHY FEDEX TO MITCH’S CRIB!!!

  • e

    dont kill me for saying this, but i dont think bynum will be able to do the skyhook…he’s a big body, can do a little baby hook, but is meant to crash the boards, go hard to the hole and dunk…pau has the potential to do it tho just bcuz he has the hook form down well as is… i guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens =)

  • lakerz

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    jk, but yeah it looks like bynum wont be using the skyhook. pau is the type of big man that could do that.

  • zgum

    i hope pau will accept it unlike kwame who never tries to get better!

    Karrem a true Laker fan…

  • KONG!

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    You are very wise. Party at Mitch’s house after the Championship!

  • lakersince80


  • Kwame Brown

    I tried to learn it but I failed….


  • Phant0M

    It’s ok Kwame.
    U got us Gasol with that expiring contract.

  • Kwame Brown

    You’re welcome!

    I like the parties here in Memphis, I’ll make sure to invite the laker nation to my next new years bash!