Rumor has it Kareem may join the Grizzlies now that his work with Andrew Bynum appears to be finished.

Memphis Edge: Legendary NBA center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar sat in on the Grizzlies’ practice Monday morning. The NBA’s all-time leading scorer will entertain joining the organization, several sources confirmed. Grizzlies management had no comment about Abdul-Jabbar’s presence. Memphis, however, asked for and received permission from the Los Angeles Lakers to speak with Abdul-Jabbar.

  • pauu

    What is Andrew thinking? Although hes been playing well. hes got a lot to learn.

  • Smush Walton

    What is Andrew’s problem? He has nothing more to learn from Kareem? WHat about the SKYHOOK? I guess Andrew doesn’t want to add this shot to his game.

  • bernzter

    Andrew Bynum is a stupid young boy… He needs to learn as much as he needs to know before saying T”hank you sir, i think I can take it from here.”

    That’s the problem with a lot of players these days, they think that they are the best at their positions and forget the inportant stuff all of the greats posesses, the BASICS! It’s all good that we can have have them playing at a higher level, it’s great that they could dunk the ball while jumping from the three point line, and it’s great that they could just about block anyone from the court even if their feet are planted on the jump ball circle, the name of the game doesn’t change and to get where you want to be, you need the BASICS!!! He needs to know how the basics helped Kareem to the most points scored in anyone’s lifetime and gleam of that… Man, he needs to eat more weatbix and get his sorry bum back learning from the Master of the Sky Hook… Imagine if he actually learns how to do it? He would have an impressive resume… Live and learn Andrew, please for the sake of the team Live and learn…

    2 Cents out…