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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the greatest players of all time. Easily one of the greatest Lakers in franchise history.

He is ever engrained into NBA history from his symbolic and unparalleled sky-hook, to being the NBA’s All-Time leading scorer.

Yet, the Lakers have not created a statue for Kareem as they have for Magic Johnson, Jerry West, and the late Chick Hearn. Abdul-Jabbar, recently took offense to the Lakers not having a statue for him.

“I don’t understand (it). It’s either an oversight or they’re taking me for granted,” Abdul-Jabbar told The Sporting News in a recent interview. “I’m not going to try to read people’s minds, but it doesn’t make me happy. It’s definitely a slight. I feel slighted. I am highly offended by the total lack of acknowledgement of my contribution to Laker success,” Abdul-Jabbar was quoted as saying. “I guess being the lynchpin for five world championships is not considered significant enough in terms of being part of Laker history.”

So why no statue outside of STAPLES Center for Kareem? Sound off below!

Should the Lakers create a Statue for Kareem?

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  • Fernie1

     Keep in mind that Kobe is getting a statue, the sidewalk is only so big.

    • coast2coast

       take out oscar de la hoya’s statue…. and give his spot to Kareem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rondo

      Young Boy stay out of men conversation!

  • Lakers 24 7


  • Osiel Junior

    Kareem shoudlve gotten a statue along side Magic Johnson at the same time!

    • Ronin99

      I agree that Kareem should have gotten a statue at the same time Magic did! Magic wouldn’t be “Magic” without Kareem. So what if someone here said Ol’ Cap wasn’t always a Laker. Leading NBA Scorer in total points ever (may be forever). Magic did not win championships without Kareem. 

  • Derrek Stahcs

    So far Magic and West are the only Laker players who have statues.  Magic changed the game for the point guard position and West is the NBA icon.  Both also played their entire career with the Lakers.  Kareem helped the Lakers, but it wasn’t until they got Magic that the Lakers started winning championships, 3 years after Kareem joined the team.  He was an awesome Laker sidekick, but I don’t think he’s worthy of a statue in front of Staples.

    • Bryant

      Lets not forget Magic never won a championship without Kareem either. 

    • Undft

      Derrek, I’m assuming you were too young or not even born during the 80s.  Kareem “helped” the Lakers?  Magic changed the game at pg position?  So you’re saying Kareem is not a transcendent player?  Give me a break.  You’re an idiot.

    • Dirty30dg

      Uh, he scored more points than ANYONE that EVER put on a pair of basketball shorts, shoes, wristbands, headbands, gold teeth, ANYTHING! The SINGLE MOST UNSTOPPABLE SHOT IN HISTORY!!! 

    • rondo

      Kareem was not a sidekick you need to get your fact right. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. Also Jerry West was a support for Elgin Baylor. Elgin was a star during West era. 

    • Derrek Stahcs

       So you guys are saying that Kareem led the Lakers to championships?  Please.  I was born in the 70s and watched the Lakers late in that decade.  I saw the games, went to the Forum, I’m all good.  Kareem was a GREAT player, but it was Magic who changed the Lakers.  He made the Lakers the team of the 80s.  Kobe will get a statue before Kareem.  All of this doesn’t matter though.  Something is going on behind the Laker doors that we don’t know about.  Kareem voiced his reasons, I’d like to hear management.

    • Sir

       You are a true moron

  • Bigshipsailing

    I heard it takes the artist a couple of years to create the statue.  I’m sure a bronzed sky-hook is in the works.  I always hear Kareem mentioned in the mount Olympus of Laker greats.  He’s top 3 or 4 for sure and his work with Bynum is coming to fruition.  It must be those competitive juices flowing…..not jealousy.  His statue will probably look the coolest at the end of the day, can’t beat a 7 footer shooting that tall hook.  

    • rondo

      Nobody has been able to master the Sky Hook only Jabbar! 

  • coast2coast

    take out oscar de la hoya’s statue…. and give his spot to Kareem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’m sorry Kareem is feeling badly about not having a statue, however he is not a total Laker. He was traded for so he’s not an original Laker like Jerry and Magic. They should probably give him one just due to how many championships he brought this franchise.  

    • Dirty30dg

      That was not a very good statement, bro… Kareem didn’t have to be drafted here… HE WON 5 RINGS HERE!!! Or have you forgotten that?  

      • alan

        exactly. kobe was also not originally a laker. but stuff like that is insignificant.  

    • rondo

      De la Hoya is not a total Laker, what your point. He put LA sports on the MAP  He played four years at UCLA. 

  • Anonymous

     Since Bull make a statue for Pippen, Kareem is definite better player than Pippen, he deserve one.

  • Anonymous

    Lakers need to make a museum, staple center just had no room to full fill all the statue, like oncoming Kobe, Shaq etc..

    • rondo

      Kareem comes before Shaq and Kobe! 

  • bryant

     if you ask me, he should’ve gotten one before jerry west. he also won championships for u.c.l.a. too. so this is not an argument. he did more for l.a. than any other athlete. in l.a. history.

    • Dirty30dg

      I’m tryin to tell them… Leading scorer in HISTORY!!! Says a lot… 

      • rondo

        They stop the dunk in college because of Kareem. He showed them he mastered the sky hook.  

        • BenTankard

          Kareem deserves a statue…. But he should have hired somebody else to whine about it. His complaining lowers his reputation. Let someone else plead your cause. He should have acted like he did not care either way. Now after all this media– I doubt if gets the statue or coaching job. Sad.

    • rondo

      You got that right. Some never seen him play all they know about is Shaq and Kobe. Jabbar is a legend! 

  • Justin

    just because you asked for one, youre not getting it

  • Thomas Hall

    I think Kevin Devito and I should have statues right there with Chick 

  • Manu Schreibmüller

    he sounds like a little boy….jerry west got his statue after what? 27 years or something? did he cry about it ? no! i dont get it, i think it is stupid of him tweetin that the lakers don´t care about him… he will get his sooner or later, but the way he acts right now is pretty stupid and childish

    • Dirty30dg

      Jerry West is not the NBA’s ALL-TIME LEADING SCORER!!! He has a RIGHT to feel slighted…  

    • rondo

      You clowns never saw Kareem play, you guys sound like a bunch of young punks . Kareem is ill fool he wants to see his awards now. Shut the hell up! 

  • 123KID

     i think he would of gotten one eventually, but he doesnt need to be a baby about it. I mean I would understand frustration if say someone like Kobe or like someone who doesnt deserve one like Shaq ends up gettin a statue before he does. But dont get so butt hurt big man. You’ll get yours. 

    • rondo

      He’s not being a baby about it why can’t he smell the roses. He deserve’s it . Kareem has put LA sports on the map. People who never seen him play don’t know he led UCLA to many championship along with the Lakers.

  • miami sucks

     he was gonna get one eventually, this comment kinda tarnishes the whole thing…
    what sucks is that gay ass de la hoya got one before him

  • Dirty30dg

    Keep in mind… Kareem actually made NCAA officials change the rules… The rule: NO DUNKING!!!! THAT is how dominant he was. Then he proceeded to lead evevyone in HISTORY in career points… He won more titles in L.A. than Jerry West… He has EVERY RIGHT to be pissed… YOU would be, too! 

  • Pio2u2


  • laffsatu

    shaq needs a statue with a plaque asking kobe how his ass taste… 

    • Anonymous

       LOL Yeah, and they could put your phone number on it, because you actually have an answer to that question. Your twin obsession with Kobe and ass make you the world’s leading expert.

      • Kurarj

        OMG! L-O-L!!! Man, I can’t tell you how funny was this comment!

  • Drew

     Unless someone can show that Kareem is more deserving than West or Magic, then he should not be complaining. Now if another Laker gets a statue before him, then yeah, he has that right. For now though, he should keep his mouth shut.

    • rondo

      Why should he keep his mouth shut. I dare you disrespect the Legand. Kareem should be in front of staples. Did you ever see Kareem play?  


    TAKE OUT OSCAR DE LA HOYA’S STATUE AND REPLACE WITH ONE FOR KAREEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      when are Tony Smith, and Mike Smrek getting their statues?????? 

      • Anonymous

         I’m waiting for the Chuck Nevitt statue, dude!

  • Anonymous

    Kareem should get a statue. It’s the biggest no-brainer in the history of no-brainers.
    But management has already stated that his would be the next one. West waited 40 yrs. This whining just makes you look small Cap. I’m sorry. I love you, man. You’re a childhood hero to me, one of the greatest Lakers and NBA players of all time, but this just lowers your own stature.
    As a matter of fact, I agree that there has been some lack of respect I the way the org. has treated Kareem over the the years. He has expressed  an interest in coaching but for some reason has never gotten a chance. This statue thing, though, just comes off as a little petty.
    The Oscar statue needs to go, though, for real. I’d rather a statue of Oscar the Grouch.

    • TouchingMyself

      I agree with you completely 242.  The “… lack of respect…” thing though, I’m not too sure about.  I know that on the surface it seems that way and the Lakers Organization are a class act as everyone would agree and would never spill a family discussion in the public arena.  That’s always the role of the players, ie… Kobe demanding a trade and the rescending, Shaq and Kobe feud, Shaq screaming “are you gonna pay me now motha f’er!”, and Kareem “feeling slighted”. 

      I think that we can all agree that the Captain was not the most compliant guy in the world.  He seemed to have managed to get under the skin of a lot of people.  Having said that, I think that if the Lakers Organization offered assistant coaching positions to Rambis, Shaw, and Larry Drew, they mos def would have considered the Cap unless they saw that he was either unfit or that he’s just too much of a handful to deal with. 

      I mean, if the Lakers Oragnization was that horrible, then why even bother to have a relationship with them?  He could just leave and try getting a coaching gig with someone else.  Look at Patrick Ewing.  He didn’t get a gig with New York and so he’s with Orlando. 

      You’re right in that this makes him look petty!  And it puts the Lakers in an impossible position.  They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t!  One thing is for sure though, the Lakers are 1st class all the way and they always to right by anyone that’s part of their family. 

      I’ll end it with this… because his whining makes him sound petty and small.  Might be funny to make his statue as the size of a 6’1″ guard!  Haha.

      • Anonymous

         LOL They wouldn’t actually have to do that. The other statues are larger than life, just make his lifesize and call it a day.

        • TouchingMyself

          True.  I think though that people are either forgetting or not realizing that it’s AEG who are the real owners of the Staple Center and it’s really there call as to who gets a statue and when.  Although, I’m sure the Lakers can push them on the issue, and maybe that’s where all the bitterness and resentment is coming from. 

        • laffsatu

          so what sucks more?your love for that loser bryant?your one horse lakers getting swept?Kareem tarnishing a laker legend like kobe did? 

          • Anonymous

            You in the boys locker room after JV football practice.

  • Anonymous

     He definitely deserves one and He will get one for sure 

  • Alkeith61

    If Oscar De la Hoya has a statue… why can’t Kareem. Oscar “played” Staples once and got his butt kicked. Kareem is considered one of the ALL time greats, period. Of any sport and he has nothing. C’mon now.  

  • Sir

    It’s pretty much bullshit that oscar de la hoya has a freaking statue, while Kareem doesn’t. I certainly don’t remember him contributing much to the Lakers or LA Kings success…

  • Octaviousdouglas

    THEY HAVE ALWAYS done this to The Captin..and its FLAT OUT wrong..its no WAY they wld have won those 5 rings without him !!…Pay homage I say and give the Cap HIS JUST DO !!! JESUS, MARY JOESPH !! I WLD BE PISSED TOO !! 

    • TouchingMyself

      you really should spell “Captain” correctly!  or just leave it as Cap… gives more credit to your argument. 

    • Jenn

      Wrong! KAJ could win a Championship without cap and did. Magic couldn’t win one without cap.

  • Vivek Reddy

     Even though Kareem deserves one for all his accomplishments, it’s ridiculous for him to ask for one. A statue is an honor, not something you demand.

    On a different note, here’s some of the best commercials of all time

  • Purple and Yellow BFF

    Kareem, of course you deserve a statue man…You were bigger than the game, not like the superficial players of today who think they are something special, i.e. Kobe, little Fish, etc.  You’ve got my vote! 

  • Purple and Yellow BFF

    Kareem sad to say, but I think Luke Walton will get a statue before you.  If Kobe has his way the little Derrick Fisher statue will be errected before that.  purple and yellow for ever!!!

  • mr. ed

    he’ll get the next one. west got his statue so long after he retired. bill russell (how dare i bring him up) is getting his statue all these years after he retired as well. just takes time.
    as for why magic or west got theirs before his, that’s up for grabs and debate (chick is a no-brainer).
    he’s just gotta be a little more patient. 

    and as for oscar de la hoya having a statue, we gotta remember that this is the l.a. arena company and AEG making these decisions since they own staples center.


    Yes, they should create a statue of a cactus shooting a hook shot.  It should be called unguardable prick….Seriously though, they should create a statue for him but he should also answer why was he a major prick to people. 


    Yes, they should create a statue of a cactus shooting a hook shot.  It should be called unguardable prick….Seriously though, they should create a statue for him but he should also answer why was he a major prick to people. 

    • ilikebasketball

       read Giant Steps. he speaks a lot about his reputation for being a dick in there.


    Doen’t Kareem have a street next to the forum?  Did he ask for that street name also? 

  • Purple People

    I know D. Fish has that little alley that people take leaks in named after him.