Remember the Shaq rap? “That’s like Patrick Ewing having more rings than me, that’s like a homeless cat having more figures than me, that’s like you saying to yourself you’re better than me, that’s like Kareem saying to himself he’s better than me.” — Maybe that’s why Kareem isn’t impressed perhaps?

kmsDime Magazine: In the modern era, the question of who’s the all-time greatest big man in the NBA often starts with Shaquille O’Neal, and then proceeds to include Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell. But without ESPN Classic, it’s hard for many young NBA fans to grasp how good the “old school” centers really were.

Today, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar weighed in on the debate.

On, there is an interesting interview with Abdul-Jabbar that starts with commonplace answers surrounding whether the Lakers can win it all without Andrew Bynum and why Tim Duncan (not Shaq) is the greatest big man of this generation. But it’s his thoughts on Shaq’s assessment that he and Kobe are the best big-man, little-man combo in NBA history that sets off some alarms. Shaq is quoted as saying he and Kobe are the best big-man, little-man combo in NBA history. What do you think?

Kareem: He’s entitled to think what he thinks. It doesn’t really faze me what his thoughts are on that. He has his idea of what his place is in the game. I’m not going to dispute it.

While the diss isn’t extremely overt, it’s clear what Kareem is thinking. A six-time NBA champion and league MVP during his brilliant 20-year career, Abdul-Jabbar isn’t ready to hand anything over just yet.

What is Shaq’s place in the game? Are he and Kobe the best big-man, little-man combo in NBA history

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  • junior

    i wish shaq would of never left the lakers and now all we have is soft players like odom and gasol and luke and etc……

  • Adam Boucher

    You’re an idiot.

  • PauLAsol

    kareem and magic the best duo ever!!!

  • LakerPoetBR


    and then
    ONLY then
    comes Shaq…

  • gugy

    There is a huge separation between Kareen and Shaq.
    Kareem has always been a professional. He played until his late year in great shape and I don’t remember him throwing under the bus other players and his past teams organizations.

    Shaq is an outstanding player, no doubt. But Kareem is way superior than him. Plus I tend to like the guys who are humble and don’t go out there calling themselves Superman or just talking instead of playing the game.

    Sorry Shaq.

  • sketch

    STFU SNAQ! You fat FCUK!

  • morninwood

    not only was kareem more professional in his days with the lakers, but he still is. another thing, kareem maybe the best clutch player late in the game, for example u cant stop the hook shot, and if you foul him and put him on the line HE ACTUALLY MAKES HIS FREE-THROWS, something shaq never was able to do.