It is a well known fact that Andrew Bynum is being mentored by Kareem; arguably the games best big man ever. Recently with the L.A. Times, Kareem shared some thoughts on Bynum’s progress:

L.A. Times: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a sophomore at UCLA when he was 20 years old, so forgive him if he drops his typically stoic nature and becomes animated when talking about his protégée.

Abdul-Jabbar, now in his third season as a Lakers special assistant coach, has a two-word job description: Andrew Bynum.

Bynum averaged 14.5 points and 11 rebounds in victories over Phoenix and Utah, barely a week after leaving his teenage years behind. He had eight points and 13 rebounds Tuesday against New Orleans.

“He just turned 20 years old!” Abdul-Jabbar said. “To be 20 years old and to be in this position is really great. His level of play and his effectiveness can keep going on an upward grade. I think he has every chance of doing well. In a lot of ways, he’s still a teenager, so you’ve got to give him an opportunity to get through that, but he’s greatly improved. It’s all good stuff.”

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  • l@kers4life

    So far kareem has been doing a good job, and all of us lakers fans expect bynum to improve as the season goes on.what i really want is for kareem to teach bynum the sky, that would be so cool. once bynum learn the sky hook he will be a beast in the midle.

  • Neo-Laker Era

    I really want Bynum to start. Who’s with me?? lol

  • MILO

    Bynum needs to develope a jumpshot, all the bigs have one ShowMein, Amarre, Illlgauskis, Thomas,JO ect ect ect.Sorry for misspelling some of these names lol lol lol

  • lakerfan81

    Milo, while a jumpshot would be nice, it is not completely needed. Howard is the most dominant young big guy in the league and he can’t hit a jumpshot at all. What I would really like to see if a 10-ft turnaround like the one Yao is so good at.

  • Jrich

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    You said Show Mein? Talking about Yao Ming? You racist little fuq face

  • MILO

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    Im not racist it’s a joke!, besides im sure i also misspelled Illlgauskis.I just dont feel like looking up their names to spell them properly.As a matter of fact i just recently realized that i’ve been using a G instead of a J when it comes to JO.I have friends of all kinds of different races including Asian’s so dont come at me with that whole racist b.s.And i also apologized in the end of my comment for misspelling their names so please dont try to make me sound like something im not ok! thank you…

  • MILO

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    Yea! i totaly agree with you on that, Yao is the best big with a 10ft turnaround.And yes it would be great if Bynum can pull that off, but right now i’ll settle for a jumpshot and a little bit more on defense…


    don’t jump on bynums jock, just not yet. he is still real raw. he took a step forward this year and hopefully he doesn’t take a step back like he did the second half of the season last year!!!


    If I said this once, I said it a thousand times….Bynum needs to give the defense a reason to think twice when he goes up near the basket. He needs to POWER dunk, raise his legs, try to rip the rim off. This will not only give the young man confidence but will give a much needed spark to the team. Jordan once said…”sometimes a dunk seems like 4 points because it gives your team a spark”….or something like that.

  • ab4sure

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    The power dunk is coming. And I think you have a point there. He is still feeling the strength he developed over the summer and will show it in the future. BTW Ice Cream Man…stop licking yourself…LOL


    ab4sure…..Funny. I think Bynum should also work on his leg muscles to increase his vertical. He probably has never thought about it since he has probably been dunking since elementary school. If he works his legs out, he will have an explosive leap and be quicker than he is now.

    The old saying goes…you can never have too much Horsepower in your car. Well you can never have too much hops.