studentL.A. Times: The education of Andrew Bynum continues on many fronts near the midpoint of his fourth NBA season. For Lakers special assistant coach Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, it’s a chance to emphasize the importance of the big picture.

When they go over game video, often at Bynum’s home, the league’s all-time leading scorer details the significance of the other nine players on the court besides Bynum.

“I try and show him what’s happening because a lot of times during the game, he can’t see the whole picture,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “If I get together with him, I can show him what’s happening, what’s causing these things to happen.”

They’ve been working on a number of concepts. First and foremost, Abdul-Jabbar has been imploring Bynum to take advantage whenever Kobe Bryant gets double-teamed.

“That leaves three guys guarding the four remaining guys,” Abdul-Jabbar said. “If [Bynum] starts moving at that point and knows the right place to go to, he’s going to probably be four or five feet from the closest defender. Therein lies opportunity.”

Abdul-Jabbar is also asking Bynum to do more with the ball after getting a rebound. Bynum typically hands the ball off to a teammate instead of throwing it downcourt, Abdul-Jabbar said.

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  • LogicGuy

    If Kareem is coaching Bynum on rebounding he needs a new coach. As you remember, Kareem did not get many rebounds in the last half of his too long career. Bynum is going backwards, has hit the wall or is just plain lazy after getting his money. The guy isn’t moving his feet to get in rebounding position. He is just standing around loafing. Maybe Koby was right. This looks like a huge mistake now. TOO SOfT BYNUM. Give Josh Powell his minutes. At least he hustles.

  • Robert

    Logic Guy, i agree 100 percent with you bynum does not fight for rebounding position.

  • ek

    Bynum will never be Great Player simple as that.

  • Angelo

    One thing I noticed a lot is that when an opponent takes a shot, instead fighting for position to secure a rebound, Bynum often stays outside the paint getting ready to sprint down court to get an easy basket. Seems like he’s more focused on his offensive game as his stats lately have shown.

    Defense and rebounding is more about effort and desire than anything else. Drew has not displayed that at all. He seems more content with his stat line starting with 20+ points. Everything else is just secondary. Lakers can’t win a ring with that.


    Is Kareem helping him now? I don’t think so.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #58762 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Didn’t you want the Lakers to trade Bynum for either Kidd or Jermaine O’Neal? Have patience this time because no one knows how good he can become.

  • Israel Nicolas

    I think the biggest reason why Bynum is not being called it is because of Kareem. If Kobe calls out Bynum, it will be taken as a slight on Kareem, which is sad because Kobe needs to kick Bynum.