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The Lakers were leading the Clippers 110-104 on Friday night, with about 31 seconds to play, when Derek Fisher and Chris Kaman got tangled up.

Kaman came to set a screen around 20 feet away from the basket, and Fisher decided to run through it, oppose to around it, and that rubbed Kaman the wrong way.

They would both get technical fouls for the altercation, but Kaman was ejected when he continued to mouth off towards Fisher, reportedly yelling, “I’ll meet you outside!

Kobe responded to Kaman’s threat:

“Whats he gonna do? Shoot him with one of his bow and arrows?” Kobe said sarcastically, “Come on man, give me a break, everybody talks tough in this league nobody’s a fighter.”

Fisher was asked after the game if he knows that he annoys some players:

“I guess so, I mean some people feel fondly of me, and some people don’t”…”if big guys are setting screens on little guys, to not expect any contact…is unrealistic, this is a competition, as much as you are trying to tear my head off, I’m trying to tear your head off too.”

Mo Williams, Kaman’s Clipper teammate voiced off on his twitter saying…

“If yall didn’t know, D Fish is the Hines Ward of the NBA. I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not. But don’t let that nice guy fool u”

According to reports, Kaman was asked about the incident after the game but did not respond.

  • ilovela24

    Fisher is one of the classiest people in all of sports. Whenever interviewed, he never displays stupidity. He speaks eloquently. I can’t recall the last time he ever used ‘yknow’ in any of his interviews. But that doesn’t mean he wont try. He’s gonna hustle and compete like no other.

    Gotta love DFish :)

  • johnny

    Mo Williams is talking? The same guy that wanted to retire because lebron left to Miami? Little mo should just stay quiet

  • BLJ

    We know where Kaman won’t meet him; IN THE PLAYOFFS.
    HA HA HA!!!!

    Dude, you’re on the Clippers. Shut up.

    • poop


      • LakerMarc


    • lakerman928

      hahahahahahahahahaha goood onee

      • Tyler

        This eliminates the need for any further Comments. Chris Gayman just got owned

    • klt

      best comment ever!!!

    • LakerMarc

      Bacon Lettuce and Jam?

    • resa

      I like that

    • Mark

      You got it exactly right.

  • Laker101

    3 Words…Their the Clippers…LMFAO!!!!

    • ds


      • Laker101

        Spelling police?

        • 242LakerFan

          Grammar, actually. You used the wrong word, not the wrong spelling.

    • mike

      fuck the lakers!!!

      • Areader

        And Fuck you Mike, whoever you are!

  • John

    “I’ll meet you outside.”
    Well, did you meet him or not, big mouth?

    Stupid Clipper.

    • LakerMarc

      Dude that fool doesn’t know his way around his asshole…he’s the reason why some signs are so clear they’re ridiculous…because of idiots like Kaman….I was wondering when he would mouth off this season…he had been a little quiet….dude needs to worry about his hair problem and not Fish!!!

      Miracle Gro..dude in the Garden Department at Home Depot. Moron

      • Durt McGurt


  • lakersallthewayy

    wth is mo williams trying to say?!

    • LakerMarc

      He isn’t he’s not that intelligent…..after all he’s from…well …nevermind.

  • Mr. Anonymous

    And that is exactly why Chris and Mo will never know what it feels like to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy. They have no idea what it means to compete at a championship level. Simply put, they are losers.

  • rondo

    Fisher would whip Kaman big stupid ass..

    • mya

      oh yeah… whip his ass and put that in microwave burn it…

      • LakerMarc


  • http://lakernation alexxx63

    I’m sure Kamen was mad at that second…. It’s all in the heat of competiton and he cooled down and got over it. Kamen is a nice guy and a copetitor, thats all…..

    • Areader

      How the F. do you know what kinda guy he is if you can’t even SPELL his name?

      It,s K A M A N, it’s in the dictionary! I may be wrong but I doubt it.

      GO LAKERS.

  • 123kid

    what is this elementary school! fish is right. if big men are gonna set screens looking to knock someone on their @$$ (i.e. Garkunt), then expect whoever their screening to hit hard back.

  • ElDub

    I am not going to say anything about how stupid and wrong Kaman is because my mom taught me it wasn’t nice to pick on retarded people.

    • LakerMarc always knows best

  • ohno

    oh k’man!

  • NoDefense

    Think clippers are trying to hype up a rivalry,with lakers.

    • Nick

      haha what rivarly? you have to battle and meet in the playoffs several times before u can even claim a rivalry, so the clips aren’t even close to being a rival to any team.

      • LakerMarc

        with Sacramento?……get them before they move…or just wait… either way it doesnt mater.

  • lakerman34

    Kaman to teammate: “Do you think he’s gonna bring Ron?? God, I hope he doesn’t bring Ron. Shit, he’ll probably bring Ron. I aint going out there and seeing that crazyass guy.”

  • Lakers 24 7

    “Don’t let that nice guy fool you” ?? Mo Williams is a dumb fuck. Fisher is a professional, hes classy off the court, and fierce and competitive on the court. Fisher being chippy during the game isn’t him being a “fake nice guy”, if that’s what Mo intended, that’s just Fisher playing to win. It was like that with Magic, Bird, Jordan and everybody else who wanted to win. We can be friends off the court, but during the game, I’m gonna “tear your head off”.

    Mo Will is butt hurt LeBron left, Cavs plummeted, and now hes stuck playing with the Clippers. STFU!

  • 242LakerFan

    Kaman probably went to the parking lot, but made wrong turn and ended up in the wrong section. Just like with his career.

  • xtro

    fish would pummel kaman

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    Kaman can go shove his balding head in mo williams ass. They have plenty of time considering they never make the playoffs. Clippers don’t belong in LA they don’t even belong in the NBA they belong in the D-LEAGUE

  • Short Dog Loc

    My money is on Fish