So I accompanied my father to a business seminar at STAPLES Center last night. We also – those who intended the seminar – got to partake in a free throw shooting contest before the game.

Also, I was wearing a bright yellow shirt (with custom purple and yellow vans), and some of “Barry’s Kids” noticed me. I went over and talked to some of them and the best part was when they admitted – in front of an angered Clipper Barry – that they were diehard Lakers fans and loved my videos.

Anyways, I get up there to take my free throw and get booed by the early crowd (don’t get too excited, like 5 people; it IS a Clippers game – ha) and then I brick the free throw and they cheered. Anyways, my point of the post is, Lakers fans rule, Clippers fans drool. Though I do feel for injured Clippers, it was a joke to watch them blow the 15 point lead – then again, Dunleavy knows all about blowing 15 point leads.