Julius Randle
Photo: Chris Reynolds

Former freshman sensation Julius Randle worked out for the Lakers on Tuesday in front of Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak and the rest of their staff. According to numerous reports, Randle had a great workout for the team. He even received some love from Jim Buss.

The concern surrounding Randle has been the rumors that Randle will need surgery on his right foot to remove a screw that was placed in there when Randle was in high school. When asked about the injury, according to the LA Times, Randle stated, “I met with the best foot doctor in the country, and he said he wouldn’t do anything for my foot. There’s no scheduled surgery or anything. I feel healthy, athletic. I’m moving great—no problem recovering. I’m ready to go.”

With the 7th pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA Draft, the Lakers may be in position to draft Randle if the concern about his foot scares some teams away. Randle, once the 2nd best high school recruit, has been compared to double-double machine Zach Randolph because of their similar body type, physical style and their apparent lack of athleticism. The 6’9” 19 year old quieted some of the doubts of his athleticism on Tuesday when he posted a 38 inch vertical during his workout with the Lakers.

When asked about the possibility of playing with Kobe and the Lakers, Randle had an interesting perspective.

“I’m the biggest Lakers fan. Probably more of a Kobe fan. I heard Kobe was a little tough on rookies, but I don’t care. The city of Los Angeles expects nothing but championships.  What more can I ask for?  I’m a little prepared for it because, coming from Kentucky — lose a game and they go crazy.”

Randle is one of many intriguing prospects the Lakers will be scouting before the day of the draft on June 26th. Other big men include Aaron Gordon, Noah Vonleh and Joel Embiid. When asked how he compares to his competition in the draft Randle responded, “How do I rate myself against them? I feel like I’m the best one.”

The Lakers will definitely have options with their No. 7 overall pick. The team would still love to trade the pick for a player that can help them win in the immediate future with Kobe still under contract. If they don’t trade the pick, though, the Lakers should be ecstatic to land a player like Randle. Out of all the players in the draft, Randle, along with Jabari Parker, is seen as the most NBA-ready of the group. His skillset and toughness would be huge additions to a Laker team with only four players currently under contract.

  • stucktrader

    Marcus Smart seems ready himself…

    I only the Lakers found a way to have waited on resigning Kobe… we saw what the big 3 in Miami did @$20M each… granted the Lakers will always be haunted by Sterns nixing the CP3 trade… but they have a few self-inflicted decisions… MIKE BROWN was a huge one with a team that lost to the eventual Finals winner (Mavs); that team could have used a Rick Adelman… that was still a very good team, but wasted way on the two Mikes as HC.

    • Dustin

      Kobe basically got way overpaid for his many years of outstanding service to the Lakers.

  • Max Prime

    All you gotta do is research one thing…FG% equals wins. Marcus Smart’s team regressed as the season went along from their preseason projections. Although Smart is a tough, competitive player. His very low FG% makes him a loser. If you choose him, you better pray he increases his FG% or victories will be few and far between.

  • Dustin

    Julius Randle is going to the Utah Jazz to become Karl Malone part 2.Screw the Jazz ya’ll.

  • Rub The Trophy

    The private workout by Julius Randle was very impressive from all the reports i read.Some say it was the most impressive individual workout at a pre draft Lakers facility since Kobe Bryant in 96.

  • Lionel

    I love Julius Randle he is a beast and a superstar in the making.He reminds me of Paul Silas.

  • Max Prime

    I like Randle as well…He reminds me of Terry Cummings. He can be a great second option on a Championship team.