This is really cool!

TMZ: Kobe Bryant has just been excused from jury duty — but the way it all went down is priceless.

When the Orange County judge questioned Kobe — a candidate for jury service on a vandalism case — TMZ was inside the courtroom and heard the following exchange take place:

Judge: “What do you do for a living?”
Kobe: “I play professional basketball for the Los Angeles Lakers”
Judge: “Go Lakers!”

Yes, that conversation actually happened. But there’s more. When the judge asked Kobe why he thought he would be a “good juror,” Kobe replied, “I’m a good listener.”

Kobe was also asked about his relationship with the cops, to which Bryant replied, “My team of security guards are comprised mostly of police officers.”

Though Kobe was among one of the last people to get excused, he was still in good spirits on his way out — even signing an autograph on a shoe for a fan.

  • Kam Pashai

    I THINK TLN was the first to report that he won’t serve on the jury (look a few posts down).

  • lafanfromindiana

    I wish the judge would have told him to play defense throughout an entire game and drive the ball to the hoop.

  • Mitch4Pres

    i bet being in a courtroom brought back some bad memories for kobe. hopefully he’ll play better after being in a courtroom like last time.

  • Chris Manning

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    Wow, you’re so original.

    Get the (bleep) out of here.

  • lakerschamps09

    ahhaahahah thats funny… wow nice….

  • domz

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  • wowlakers

    my dad called me and told me that his friend was sitting next to kobe in the room. he had a body guard with him and she asked the body guard if she could get an autograph of kobe, and he was like “later!”

    she never got the autograph :[

  • Joseph

    The courtroom vibe was probably markedly different from the previous time. Before, I presume the demographics of the courthouse and the jury pool was predominantly white/caucasian whereas Southern CA is a bit more ethnic. But a private security guard detail will make anyone stick out from the rest.