I will save judgement… but Smith isn’t too bright is he? He claims he’d be upset by, ironically, his own actions…

smittyRealGM: J.R. Smith poured in 24 points as the Nuggets evened their Western Conference Finals series with the Lakers at two games apiece.

When asked how he would feel if an opponent was showboating after converting shots, as Smith did after nailing big baskets down the stretch on Monday, Smith admitted that it would bother him.

I would be upset. I mean, I’m not going to lie to you. I would be upset,” Smith said.

Chauncey Billups, who also had 24 points, said that what many see as the preferred NBA Finals between the Lakers and Cavs provides him additional motivation to overcome the Lakers.

“I don’t want to see it,” Billups said in reference to the popular choice of a Lakers-Cavs matchup to determine this year’s NBA champion.

  • xfellerx

    hes wack.

    quick story: nuggets were at my school practicing a day before a game against the clips i think. so we go to the gym to watch them practice and wait for them to finish up because security wouldnt let us through. so a coach was walking into the gym and another coach that we were chilling with told the coach walking into the gym “hey these guys want to meet ai (before the trade).” the coach that was walking into the gym was like “hes just going to ignore you guys, haha” jokingly. so practice finishes and the coach that we saw walking into the gym comes out with ai and jr (the very first people to walk out) and was like “here, these kids want to meet you.” ai was singing and just not caring and said “whats happenin.” jr barely glanced over.

    i bet you are wondering what we did. well, here it is.

    we said the only thing that was able to come to our heads, as we were starstruck.

    we said “whats up.”

    ya, i know, i choked. in the presence of one of the greatest and we didnt even shake his hand. pretty wack. i could tell that they were suprised, along with the coach, that we didnt do ANYTHING. but i said whats up to pretty much everyone else that came after. dahntay is a cool dood, but that was some wack sh it what he did to kobe today and the other day. even saw coby because i guess he was practicing too. i told him how i remember the game last season against toronto where we were sucking and coby comes in and gets a block, steal, and a three to give us the momentum.

    thats my story for the day. top it.

    • Aykay

      fuck no why would they be practicing at a school gym when they have their own gym?

  • 808lakers

    I hate jr smith, cocky mutaf#*ker

  • Karla Crouse

    My family loves watching Laker games. We talk about it at school, work, my kids played basketball, we support the local programs and buy Laker products. But last night was not basketball that I want to watch because of the Thugs and Refs. We were at a Pizza place full of fans … many young males but also families. They all felt the same way … not mad but just why watch that mess. I am not a big ref complainer as I see it as part of the game. And, I understand that some jersey pulling, knee pushing or some fouls you get away with is part of the game. But with the Nugget Thugs of Smith and Jones and other teammates has been awful. Deliberate tripping, delayed arm holding, cussing repeatedly and showboating is just basketball … so why turn into your radio station any more or watch on t.v. The whole Pizza Place felt the same way … the refs didn’t help either. What a mess …

  • GonePecan

    Maybe there was a mix-up and the WWE refs ended up in the wrong arena… I haven’t watched wrestling in many years, but I seem to recall that the refs looking away and missing key calls was part of the show.

  • 123kid

    that just should be a fine right there. Didn’t darious
    Miles get fined for doing the head thing after a shot or basket and they said it’s like showing a gang sign

  • YellowPurpleFever

    This is Another of Karl’s Nuggets Thug. I feel sorry for jr, he looks “retarded” not Down’s.
    NBA is running by Refs and david stern. A$$holes
    Pls review the trip on Kobe’s, offesive fouls on billups pushing into defender and showboating from these thugs.
    I like to watch basketball but not these rich thugs.
    Sick of these Sh!t on NBA.
    stern needs to clean it up, before its unwatchable to most Americans

  • Lake4Life

    I was so pissed at the Refs and NBA Organization.

    That game towards the end (4th Quarter) was just given to the Thuggets. What the F was up with those calls down the stretch.

    Just because the NBA tried and give a game to Cavs to have the 2-1 lead over Magic, doesn’t mean you need to give a game to the Thuggets. If anybody say the officiating for the Cavs game it seriously was the Cavs & Refs vs the Magics.

    F’en politics are involved in everything….you can never escape it.

  • Anthony

    Honestly, I could care less about the showboating and the less-than-on-par officiating.

    Smith is who he is and that’s all fine and good, but for all his cursing, whining, and big shot making (well sort of, and that walk after was just him having fun, I assume) he’ll likely never have a ring. I say to the Nuggets: keep it coming it’s only going to add fuel to the fire. The Lakers as a whole continue to be due for a great game and they certainly have not had more than a couple good quarters this series.

    Bad officiating is part of the game. Assume it’s fixed on both ends and let it go.

  • Willis

    It seemed like the lakers were trying to take over the natural flow of the game. But just like in the game two loss when we came from behind, refs called fouls for like 6 minutes straight on almost every posession in the fourth quarter. I thought we were watching playoffs in crunchtime, not a FT shooting contest. Agreed, D. Jones, JR Smith, Thug Mart and just punk thugs. Even some random guy I watched the game with knew Smith was throwin up for his set. This is just inconsistant touch fouls are called when Kobe gets tripped. TRIPPED? I knew what you’re talking about in WWE, cuz the ref makes a double look like why is he on the ground then throws the hands in the air like “oh well missed it” to rund down the court and call a foul on the lakers, guess what Nuggets shooting FT’s.

  • Michael_23

    J.R. Smith and Dante Jones need to wipe their smirks off their face. This Nuggets team seem to blow up even when they now they’ll win the game.

    Lakers in 7.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684346052 Zoom Kobe II

    Congrats to JR for now being the most celebratory player in the league who cannot break into a starting lineup on any of the teams in the entire league. The douche bag celebrates like he just won 5 titles at once. Maybe it’s all that weed…maybe it’s affecting the head. Anderson better help him deal with the side affects.

  • LakersFirst

    Of course Smith isn’t bright. LOOK AT HIM!!! Does anyone here think that if he wasn’t a basketball player, he would be a scholar??

  • Lakers 24 7

    Chauncy doesn’t wanna see a Lakers-Cavs finals? Well he doesn’t have to, he can settle for a possible Lakers-Magic finals.

  • xtro

    lakers in 6

  • Lakers 24 7

    I say the Lakers showboat after every shot, free throw, and call that goes their way. I wanna see Pau pumping his fist and the bench jumping up and down after he makes a free throw. And I wanna see Phil Jackson signal a play with his middle finger.

  • Lakers 24 7

    JR Smith can shoot Denver into a game and he can shoot Denver out of a game. Lucky for them, he was on in game 4. He won’t always be knockin’ down those shots cuz he has horrible shot selection. He’ll let his emotions get the best of him and he’ll take dumb shots that will cost Denver.

  • Myself

    He’s a hypocrite, plain and simple. He wasn’t showboating too much when Kobe hit that 3 in his grill.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684346052 Zoom Kobe II

    we see what happens when a very subpar player has one great game. Scratch that…one good game. He surprised millions of people watching at home, 20K at the Pepsi Center, and even himself. He had never done anything remotely close to this ever before in his life and/or career, and did not know how to handle the pressure of actually being a decent player. again, scratch that….a serviceable player.

  • sketch

    Yo look fellas let him have his moment! This is the first time that he’s in a highlight in which he’s the at the dunking end or shooting end of Kobe’s shots! If he wants to prance around like a VELOCIRAPTOR in front of his McNuggets’ home crowd then let him have his fun. It only goes to show that he’s able to hit the big shots when there’s nothing on the line. Sh!!!!!t, who can’t make 3’s all day long too if there’s no pressure of losing the game on national television!

    Stern and Stu Jackson! You 2 fother muckers! We’ve all been seeing how your inaction to regulate the “intensity” from the McNuggets have turned into a bloody mayhem! Now all these “defensive” plays are now just DIRTY! All these fools are so dirty that Christina Aguilera refused to let them into her concert! Clean this $h!t up yo! That trip on Kobe by D. Jones… make the right call on that. He’s been playing dirty the entire series on Kobe. All this push in the back $h!t! Don’t even pawn that off on the refs! The refs miss $h!t… like every over the back call the McNuggets were doing on the Lakers! You guys are supposed to review all the games? So review this $h!t!

    D. Jones played the coward in his post game interview! He tried to say that he didn’t know what had happened. Fcuk you, you lying sack of $h!t! At least man up about your cheap shots! Now Denver for be forever known as the cheap shot team! A team full of crying scrubs from the ghetto starting with there white trash head coach!

    Go Lakers!

  • http://am570rado.com phil buss

    JR Smith is thug,D. Jones is a faggot and Chauncy Dickups is gonna have to watch the Finals. LAKERS IN 6.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684346052 Zoom Kobe II

    Hey, put the other pic back up!!! WTF!?!?!

  • kobe8

    man, none of them dudes is thugs. they are wanna-be thugs. But thats alright coz the Lakers know how to deal with wannabes. Just ask the Jail-blazers from back then.

  • willow

    I say bring it on to the blacktop and let’s see what happens if he pulls that kinda $h!t. Lakers are too good to pull that kinda $h!t and to stoop down to the level of these guys. Bring it on to the blacktop J.R and Dahntay!

  • lakers2000

    I say, knock ‘em out in six and have Pau do a Mark Madson dance in front of their bench! Believe me, this is going to feel soooooo good when we finally knock these beeeaaatches out! Go Lakers! P.S. We don’t really need Sasha, so why doesn’t he karate chop one of these fools in the throat? Hee Hee, just a thought.

  • http://lakers.com lakers101

    Whoever wins game 5..wins the series

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    We need D Fish to blow up another player, like he did Scola.

    I nominate JR Smith!

    The Lakers better come out on fire in Game 5 and bury the Nuggets early.

    If they don’t realize their manhood in being challenged, then they are dead.

  • lakers4lyfe

    lakers gonna blow em out by 40…mark my words. remember what happened to houston? kobes not gonna let this team get punked




  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=684346052 Zoom Kobe II


    forget an all-star team, maybe he can make a starting lineup!

  • L.A. All The Way

    Smith doesn’t know just how RIDICULOUS he looked on TV with his antics. He thinks he looked hard but at my house we were LAUGHING OUR ASSES asses off, despite the fact he scored on us. So stupid! We were singing “A Moment Like This” for the poor bastard. LMAO!!! He showed that obviously he rarely has moments like that so he was beyond himself with excitement. Smith – dunk on Kobe or something and then maybe we’ll give you some props.