Photo Credit: ExpressNBA

The Los Angeles Lakers never seem to escape the limelight.  As if the Lakers haven’t been in the news recently due to the recent firing of Coach Brown, and the subsequent search, but now there are rumors of the Lakers attempting to acquire Josh Smith.  Smith currently plays in Atlanta, and has proven to be a very good player to date with career averages of 15 points and 8 rebounds a game.

Smith has also long been rumored to want out of Atlanta, and would welcome a trade if the right one came along.  However Atlanta has been clear that they do not want to trade the young forward.  Rumors from Real GM state that the Lakers would likely be choosing to trade away Pau Gasol for the young Smith, but the Hawks state they have no interest in that.  Despite Gasol averaging nearly 19 points and 9 rebounds a game for his career, his production has been declining the last few years and he is not the Pau Gasol many fans are accustomed to.

Smith is due to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason and with his history of wanting out of the ATL, Smith will likely sign elsewhere.  If Atlanta can make a trade for him now, they’ll at least receive something for him before he leaves them with nothing.

If the Lakers manage to pull off yet another headline trade, I believe this would be another great piece to help our championship caliber team.  Smith is younger, more athletic and a bit more aggressive than Gasol is, however Gasol has also proven invaluable in the past during our championship runs.

I believe Smith will make the entire team more athletic and able to flourish in a D’Antoni type of system. Atlanta does not want to get older at their forward position, so they likely will attempt to receive a better end of the deal than the Lakers can offer.  However, The Lake Show is what it is today because of things like this, so a Smith to LA trade isn’t unlikely.