powellL.A. Times: Basically, the Lakers are down to an eight-man rotation because of injuries.

The available Lakers all want to play and there are some who have been waiting for the opportunity. One of them is Josh Powell, who stepped up and played big for the Lakers on Friday night at Staples Center against the Indiana Pacers in a 121-119 victory. Powell scored a season-high 10 points on five-for-seven shooting. He had two rebounds. He hustled. He played defense.

“You just got to go in there and do what you’ve been doing,” Powell said. “We’re all here for a reason. . . . You just got to go out there and provide and be able to produce.”

Powell has played in 19 of the team’s 35 games, is averaging 6.47 minutes a game, but he’s not complaining.

“I’ve been doing the same thing I’ve been doing, just working on my game, staying in the weight room, staying on top of my conditioning, going hard in practice every day and just creating that consistency that helps me be able to translate it to the court,” Powell said.

With Lamar Odom (bone bruise right knee), Luke Walton (sore right foot) and Jordan Farmar (surgery on his left knee) all sidelined, the Lakers need other players to step in to fill that void. Friday night, Powell was that player.

“Josh played fine tonight,” Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. “He had a 10-point game in [19] minutes. He played a nice role for us tonight.”

  • lakrfan4life

    powell is taking that ronny role
    we got 2 players that have the pronunciation of “pow” in it


  • Smush Walton

    Josh has really stepped up his game. He really works hard on the boards and has shown he can knock down some shots. Even more importantly, he doesn’t do the absolute BONEHEAD plays that we consistently see with Vlad and Lamar. He has earned more playing time.

  • Lakers 24 7

    J-Pow is the man!

  • http://TheLakersNation.info Billy Kupchak

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    Josh drinks Verve!

    Insanely Healthy Energy for TLN!

  • ricky

    JP is great! I knew back in the summer after Ronny left that we had to replace his role on the team and I knew Powell could be that guy to replace him. Once I heard that the clippers waived him, I was very anxious for the lakers to sign a big who had energy and hustle qualities and low and behold, they go and do the best thing by signing Powell. He is great for this team and he deserves every minute he plays by contributing and playing with energy and hustle every night. GO LAKERS!!!!

  • T-Dub

    I like him better than Odom at the 2nd PF. Lets get something for Odom now before he walks with no compensation! They are not going to re-sign him. We need a starting, scoring SF…Josh Howard, Shawn Marion are available!

  • somebody

    yeah let’s get J-Ho! Marion is not a scorer in my eyes..

  • joe grande

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    scorer, wo, the last thing we need is offense, we are looking for defense in the matrix

  • jason

    lol..odom for marion would be stupid..and by the way im pretty sure marions a FA at the end of the year too so yeah that would make no sense..and powel better at the second pf then odom..are u nuts..if he deserved that spot hed have it and wouldnt have already played for how many teams and never been a big contributor on any of them..does that tell ya somethin?..we’re fine..our roster is fine..our team is fine..and we have all the tools to win it all…GO LAKERS!!!

  • Lakers 24 7

    …it sucks that Powell won’t get much PT when Odom and Luke get back….

  • T-Dub

    Jason…all you have to do is look at LO’s numbers as the 6th man. For a guy who would start on any other team, he can’t even be mentioned in 6th MOY conversation…8 pts, 5 rebs??? WTF? Face it, after 10 yrs in the league, this guy is a major bust and it’s time for the LAKERS to part ways and get what they can for him…if they’re smart. And I would rather give Marion 4yrs, 40mil than LO anyday of the week!

  • Dylan Pedgulan

    Arrrrgggghhhh, enough already PHIL!!! Tell Odom to start shooting 500 shots a day and get him back to his natural SF position. That way, we can develop Powell at the PF and have Odom as a SF. Problem solved. . . except for that pesky transition defense situation and the speed of the game. I’m not sure we can trade Lamar unless we get a huge 2 for 1 deal like Stephen Jackson and Ronny Turiaf for LO or maybe a Lamar for Marcus Camby and Al Thornton deal.

  • LakersFirst

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    T-DUB: Now I’m not a huge LO fan, but I think what you fail to realize is that the Lakers are using LO because he can be a role player, but more importantly his expiring contact at the end of this season will be extremely helpful to the Lakers because 1) Trevor Ariza is an unrestricted free agent after this season who will most likely be asking for the midlevel exception (at minimum) and 2) Kobe can opt out after this year and resign with the Lakers for a max contract (i.e. Kobe will probably be making more money next season). At the end of the day LO’s value is his expiring contract, which is why other teams would take him as well. His expiring contract is a major reason why the Lakers are holding on to him.

    As for trading LO for Shawn Marion, the big reason the Lakers do this is because Mario’s expiring contract is bigger than LO’s so Marion’s salary off the books after this season would be even more helpful to the Lakers. But to say you would give Marion a year 4 year $40M contract is a bit absurd. He hasn’t done much with Miami this year (his numbers this season are way down compared to his career averages – and HE STARTS for Miami). With Pau, Andrew, Kobe, etc, what makes you think Marions’ going to be averaging high numbers for the Lakers? Not to mention, the Lakers probably couldn’t match any offers Marion’s gets after this season because I don’t think they would have “Bird rights” to Marion. Trading for Marion would be basically renting him for a half a season and benefitting from his expiring contract.

  • T-Dub

    Lakersfirst…it’s been a while. To let LO walk without getting anything in return I think is a waste. He still has value to an up-tempo style of team. He doesn’t fit the triangle or any half court type of team. He’s a tweener who can’t shoot. Ariza is a good role player but thats all he is. Marion is a true SF who produces on his own. He won’t get another large contract on the open market. The Lakers can probably keep him for 8 to 10 mil per…even if it means letting Ariza walk. Where they’re really wasting money is Luke and Vlad but they have no one to blame but themselves on that one.

  • Derek Fisher

    Josh Powell has proved himself to be an active member of our roster.