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Jose Calderon mentioned in a Spanish interview that he’d like to play for the Lakers when asked what team he’d like to play for:

“Obviously everybody would like to play for Boston or the Lakers, because apart from being two of the best teams, everything around them is amazing. When you watch that, you’re like, “How cool!” But you’ve got to realize that it’s difficult to get a spot there.”

Jose Calderon has played all six of his seasons with the Toronto Raptors. Calderon, has career averages of 9.8 points, 7.0 assists, and 2.5 rebounds per game. Calderon in his career shoots 49% from the field and makes 38% of his three pointers.

Calderon has worn out his time in Toronto, but is not so cheap when you look at his annual salary. ($9.7 million next season and $10.5 million in 2012-13)

He also has ties with Pau Gasol as they played on the Spanish national team together, and has said in the past he would like to play with Gasol in the NBA.


  • Chris Rodriguez

    Damn man this would be awesome, to have a good true pg like that! Too bad he’s not a FA so we can sign him on the cheap though :(

    • gasoft

      sure bring in another soft european that play NO defense
      stay in canada jose

      • manny

        hes on a team with no defense in general, if hes on a team with a coach and teammates like kobe, who are capable of playing defense, he’ll most likely learn and get better

  • Jilbagh

    He also mentioned playing for Boston, not only LA…

  • 123KID

    Title is misleading again. Of course anyone would love to play for LA. You got a franchise that is always contending for a championship and nothing less, you have great weather, beautiful women, and you play along with one of the greatest players of all time. As for Jose, I would love for him to come to LA and play along Pau, but he does not come cheap. Shoot, I would even love for Marc to come for LA and be a back-up. :( 

  • Tricked!

    why not just title it . . .”Kobe Retires” and then write “kobe has thoughts about when he retires”

  • Brian Hwang

    I love his fire and think he’s a very good player, but despite his shooting/passing, his lack of defense would, at least, negate all that.

  • Lak3rs41nt

    luke and steve blake for him?

    • your a dumb asss

      Lol are you retarted rofl Luke? hahahahaha Steve Blake? lolololol

      Damn kid thanks for giving me a laugh I was having a bad day lol

  • Anonymous

    Kupchak should work on this and the Ellis situation

  • Eidraq

     I would hate to see Calderon on this team. No defense whatsoever.

  • Joshuadanieldillon

    I’m a huge toronto fan and i honestly think he’d be the best PG the lakers have had in a while. if he can get 7 assists in a career with the raptors just imagine what he could get you guys. Also his defence isn’t any where near as bad as is assumed around the league. Also he’s the PG on a team with no D, you get him no a team that can defend and he might surprise you.

  • Anonymous

    This is not news. EVERY baller would love to play for the Lakers or the Celtics. Just like every baseball players would love to play for the Yankees. Stop trying to stir something up. This quote means nothing.

  • Jayr_dayao

    although Calderon doesn’t play defense he’s still an upgrade in our PG position, can shoot 3’s and can distribute the leather

  • Kurd_gangsta_pimp

    please take him off our hands lakers he will fit well with your system cuz ur team is a good defensive team and will get help from the bigs on your team I think he would be a great fit with la and he has good chemistry with Gasol.

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  • TimW

    Toronto Raptor fan here. Lakers need a PG who can stay with fast PGs of the west such as CP3 or Westbrooks and Jose CAN NOT !!! It will be a huge mistake if Lakers trade for Jose.

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  • PlayersWannaPlay

    We’ll give you Calderon and Bargnani for Bynum.

  • Raptorboy

    You be lucky to have him. If the Lakers had Jose they would be in the NBA finals right now

  • hi there

    Take him free rofl

    Or better yet gimme Gasol and i’ll throw in Bargnani

  • JoelenT393

    Luke and Steve blake for him it is :D!!!!! NOW HOW WE GET Fernandez and Rubio ?….and lets Call Navarro up saying , “WE want a Championship , and your the only one that can help us out ”

    He be like ” Aight ,,, i be there”

    Then we can use the whole spanish team as our bench :D hahahhaahaha ! a SPanish team near a big hispanic community of fans is a Perfect fit. :D Shoot i’ll start listening to basket ball in spanish if they offer it for Kcal 9. Canasta baby !!!