What is there to say? I’ll let you guys do the talking.

Twitter: Don’t get me wrong Kobe is one of the best in the league…. Just no where near my dad…good game right here tho

  • Coco

    He’s nowhere near his dad.

    • TheLAKERSwon09

      LOL AMEN

      • ZKV

        Co sign

    • Sean


      • Alan Chung

        I’m pretty sure 3 people above you said the exact same thing

  • m1k3

    He’s right there … Obviously he’s not going to say Kobe is as good as his dad … Eventually Kobe > Joran .. face it

    • Baga23

      The fact that Kobe is even mentioned in the same sentence as Jordan is laughable. I’n not being a homer here, consider the facts…

      1) Jordan played against better competition… hall of famers. (Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Clyde Drexler). Kobe played… an aging Kevin Garnett who is slow as Brad Miller, and non defending Ray Allen and Paul Pierece who are all at the end of their careers. And they took him to seven games.

      2) Jordan spent the early portion of his career carrying a subpar team (with no talent) to the playoffs, getting the crap beat out of him by the Pistons and dropping monster numbers on Larry Bird… he had no help. Adding Pippen finally sealed the deal. Kobe pretty much played second fiddle to Shaq for the first three titles. He also has a dominant center for most of his career (Gasol). Not to mention… Kobe could not even win with Gary Payton and Karl Malone.

      3) Jordan took two years off to play baseball, one year off in the 80s due to injury… imagine if he stuck around.. he could have eight titles. Kobe started playing at the age of 18 and had a championship by the time he was 21, Jordan was barely out of college at the time. Kobe will be in the league longer than Jordan was after it is all said and done. So, Kobe had more opportunities to win championships and failed. With the less opportunities Jordan had in the playoffs, he won.

      3) Jordan did all this with a lower payroll and a bunch of role players.

      4) Jordan is the best clutch shooter ever… Kobe is getting there but is still far off.

  • drive-for-16th

    2ppg is talking, mothafukkas are soo jealous. why dont u go tell ur dad to shave his hitler moustach, or try not to fukk up ur school for 3 million. soo many tools just coming out of no where, there u have afflalo talking shiit too. WE THE CHAMPS DEAL WIT THAT BIITCHES!!

    • MASMIK

      Whether or not Kobe is better than Jordan or not, his son will never admit that. Its his father give him a break.


        Most people who saw Jordan KNOW he is better than Kobe.

        • sai

          if he knows kobe is nowhere near his dad, why publicly announce it? HE’S A HATER, and he knows Kobe is a threat.

  • http://adayinthelifeofthefly.blogspot.com/ Louis

    then where is he lol because he’s over everyone else

  • hehatemealot

    Who the fck is this retard talking smack on Kobe? Your dad never had to face the type of competition that Kobe faces every year. The only reason your dad has 6 rings is because Isiah, Magic and Bird were done. Your dad beat the Utah Jazz, Portland and Suns …… Rest my case. Kobe would have pissed on those teams.

    • http://TLN SHOWTIME4EVA

      ha ha yeah! no shit! that’s what i keep saying.i watched the whole thing unfold just like that.he played in easy times.then these poor teams and players blew him up in to a legend.he was good but blown out of proportion.

  • Marc Spector

    true. but if kobe passes his dad in total championships then he’s really right. kobe = 7 rings = G.O.A.T.


    Well i guess we know which team the jordan family was rooting for….*sigh*

  • sopi

    i have always hated when people try to compare players in different era. Jordan was the basketball god in late 80s to 90s, while kobe dominates this century. If you put jordan in this era playing agaist kobe, lebron, wade, etc, will jordan be the same jordan we used to know? can he still win 6 titles if kobe and shaq were teamates? while boston got big 3?

    if you take kobe, lebron, wade back to 80s 90s, would jordan still shines like he did?

    Jerry West will never be the logo if you was borned in this era.

    so whats the point of comparing players in different era?

    • tom

      the best comment i have ever read!

  • lakers0828

    I dont Even think Kobe wants to be Like Mike I think Kobe just wants to Be considered one Of the best Players of his Decade !

  • Robert

    Aw it’s just his kid talkin’. I think I would rather trust Phil’s view, or Magic’s or Kareem’s. They actually LIVED the NBA. I would even trust MJ himself, who Kobe says he ‘learned’ from.
    In fact, if that’s true, if MJ has truly been on the ‘teaching’ side of things, it’s always every teacher’s dream to have students surpass them, to be greater. It says more about the teacher. If one day, MJ says, ‘you know, Kobe was the best – and he learned EVERYTHING from me, and I was the greatest’, that works for both. I suspect that MJ would never say that, but I do guess that he will say that Kobe is ‘as good as’ him, after Kobe finishes his career.

  • comeflywithme

    Jordan’s son? what do you know about playing in the NBA? do you even know how it feels?? LOL, just another Kobe hater.. appreciate greatness boy just like what people did to your dad..

    KOBE = G.O.A.T

  • stucktrader

    Hey Jordan Jr…

    Does you dad also cheats on his wife better than Kobe?
    (did i just go there? well, anyway… rumors right?)

    Jordan… well… He IS still the best post Magic player… Kobe has built a similar game…

    These comparisons are stupid… Tell me, can MJ or Kobe ever guard Magic in HIS prime? Nope… Then again, Magic couldn’t guard either MJ nor Kobe in their prime… so what now?

    Can Jordan or Kobe stop each other in their prime? NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW…
    Right now MJ has 6, Kobe has 5… so MJ wins… so far

    Jordan Jr, you just set yourself up for crazy Laker fans

    • siempreawesome

      Well, if I could just finish my time machine…..then maybe…

  • FukctheRefs

    Who is this kid? is he one of those spoiled boys who talk like they are the shit because they got their daddy? No one even knows your name, we just know you are Jordan ‘s son, and let me tell you, I just heard you are 2 ppg, HELL YOU ARE NO WHERE NEAR NBA. You are a pathetic kid trying so hard to kiss your daddy’s ass to get some attention. If you gonna lie, lie better.

  • alive86

    Only reason why Kobe won 5 rings is because JORDAN is gone. I’m a Laker fan but let’s get real, stop lying to yourselves. If Jordan were still in the NBA, he’d still have Phil and the rest of his coaching staff. Kobe would have NO RINGS.

    • lakersforlife77

      Then I guess the only reason anybody else has a ring is because Bill Russell is and was no longer in the league.

      And he wouldn’t have Phil and the rest of his coaching staff. You obviously don’t know your history. It ended badly in Chicago for Phil and Jordan.

      This is no more than a senseless troll post anyways. There’s this thing called aging, it has devastating effects on an athlete.

    • sai

      then perhaps i could also say that the only reason why Jordan got rings is because Kobe wasnt around yet. IF KOBE WAS AROUND THAT TIME, JORDAN WOULDNT HAVE NO RINGS.

      see how that didn’t make sense? and neither do you.

      • alive86

        Both of you are idiots.

        Get your Kobe bobble heads out of your @$$. I always hated Jordan and the bulls, but I’m not dumb enough to say Kobe is better than Jordan. Not even going to continue this argument.

        • wtfalive86

          alive86, you don’t make sense at all. like “sopi” said above, don’t compare players from different eras and especially not coaches

  • http://www.kaley-cuoco.info Jack / Kaley-Cuoco.info

    He’s right. Kobe is no where near his dad because Kobe is far beyond Jordon. *wink* *wink* lol

  • justdogm1

    6 for 24 in a game 7 …thats a kobe stat . jordan destroyed in big games ,kobe hides.THEN laker martards make excuses for him.he`ll never shoot 50% for a season…also jordan is liked.

    • lakers-champs2010

      dude someone brougt Jordan stats in his last 3 championship clincher games and he has no better stats than kobe

    • juyth

      KOBE HIDES? well let’s see jordan get triple teamed. wait that didnt exist in his time. I DONT CARE ABOUT JORDAN’s stat. He’s no part of laker-celtic rivalry, he never had to deal with this. I think the closest thing right now to jordan, is lebron (but he cant be that close because Kobe still exists)
      They both have the media love, they have the NBA love. Kobe doesn’t. One bad night and “KOBE’S NO GOOD” haters haters haters…

  • joekix

    1993–94: Michael Jordan retires
    During the summer, Jordan shocked the basketball community by announcing his retirement, only months after learning of his father’s murder. The Bulls were then led by Scottie Pippen, who established himself as one of the top players in the league by winning the 1994 All-Star MVP. He received help from Horace Grant and B.J. Armstrong, who were named to their first all-star games. The three were assisted by Cartwright, Perdue, shooting guard Pete Myers, and Croatian rookie forward Toni Kukoč. Despite the Bulls’ amazing run during the 1993–94 season, where they won 55 games, they were beaten in seven games by the Knicks in the second round of the playoffs, after a controversial foul call by referee Hue Hollins in game 5 of that series. (The Knicks eventually reached the finals that year, but lost to the Houston Rockets.)


  • Laker s Army

    BLAH BLAH kid go worship your dad Loser.
    Time is for the future Kobe is the shit . Game 7 he had a bad shoting night but had 15 boards did your daddy ever win a game for his team when his shot wasn t fallling.
    Fuck off idiot your dad played when the league was on a decline. The pistons were done winning and the only team was the knicks in the east.
    The lakers were rebuilding at that time.

    • joekix

      actually, jordan missed 20 shots in his last game as bull against the jazz. he was 15 of 35. everyone just remembers the game winning shot over russell.

  • lakeb

    newsflash: the bulls almost won the title the title without jordan in 94′, and scottie pippen almost got one without jordan in 2000. Jordan has never won a title without Pippen (The best small forward in the 90’s), Magic has never won a title without Kareem (arguably the greatest center ever) . I haven’t even mentioned yet that the competition kobe has faced is tougher (for example, this celtics team had 5 allstars on the team). OH YEAH AND 81 points in one game to lead his team to victory after trailing by 18 points earlier in the game. ENOUGH SAID, KOBE IS THE GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER EVER


      Nope they almost won the eastern conference.

  • lakeb

    ^ to add what i said up there, kobe won with different people unlike the kobe-shaq, kobe-pau. jordan never won without pippen, magic never won without kareem


      Give Jordan Shaq and you bet they win more than 3 titles and don’t get me started with Kareem.

      • lol at all this

        nope…shaq and jordan would not have won more than 3 titles bc shaq was lazy after the 2nd one …..shaq is 2 lazy 2 try and win more than one title….shaq was lucky 2 have kobe on his team so kobe can win the season and the diesel can go 2 work in the post season


    He’s wrong! Kobe is VERY VERY CLOSE to Jordan! He will surpass him one day!

  • http://www.myspace.com/626bones Lakers 24 7

    This nigga needs to stfu and attend a couple of his dads basketball camps.

    • lakerslakey

      LOL maybe that will help his 2ppg avg.

  • Jimmy W.

    Well, I guess his stupid ass son actually SAW Jordan play in order for him to be able make such a dumb ass statement!!!

  • http://www.ld2k.com Chris Manning

    It’s fair enough for him to have an opinion. But I have 5 reasons to disagree with him.

    • http://www.facebook.com/thepandasayshello Josh Herrington

      5 very good reasons.

  • Robert

    Here is why Kobe “will be” the greatest in most people’s eyes, and even now is better than Jordan. Just one reason:
    Everyone liked Jordan.
    Yes, that’s the reason Kobe IS greater. Why? Because … it is almost a FACT, that everyone on EARTH performs better when they are encouraged. MJ had the WHOLE WORLD on his side. Heck, he would have even gotten through the Colorado crisis better, because everybody would have forgiven him on the spot. Or felt he was treated unfairly.
    Whereas – Kobe – as loved as he is around the world, he sparks an equal dislike from many people. Not just the normal hating, but even National Media hating. The media here (EastcoaStPN), hates him. They reluctantly give him props, and of course, will have no choice when he has 7 rings. But ever since Kobe shut his trap after the Colorado affair, and cooled off to the media, they have helped to present a negative image of Kobe.
    So … he has to fight to win, in the face of ‘negative’ encouragement. Something MJ NEVER faced.
    It’s easy to win when everyone is rooting for you. It’s ‘almost impossible’ to win when everyone is rooting HARD against you. (Can you imagine a stadium filled with 20,000 people, people who don’t like you? Mustn’t feel too good).
    Kobe has transcended the impossible, and won 5 rings in the process.
    Kobe wins.

    • Mamba4Life

      Lebron didn’t win anything eventhough ‘everyone’ rooted for him =)

      • http://www.facebook.com/thepandasayshello Josh Herrington

        That’s why LeBron is the King, Mamba4Life. I think. Why is he the King again?

      • Robert

        No no no ….. it’s not just that everybody rooted for MJ, everybody LIKED MJ. Everyone wanted to be LIKE MIKE.
        LeSoreLoser is a … well … sore loser …
        King of … king of …. oh yes … King of the MEDIA! MVP of the newspaper sports writers!!!!!! Yeah!!
        That ain’t the REAL MVP

    • Baga23

      It’s really kind of funny how people count rings to make the case that Kobe is in the same league as MJ, Magic, Larry or even Tim Duncan for that matter.
      If all you need to do is count rings, then that makes Derek Fisher on the same level, as he has 5 rings as well. hmm how about Robert Horry? You can find a few folks in the NBA with multiple championships.. Doesn’t put them on the same level as the greats because you have to evaluate how they got them.

      If you believe, and are honest about it, do you believe Kobe would have 3 rings playing for the same Laker team without Shaq? I say not a chance and I doubt anyone with a brain would argue. That team was built around Shaq, not Kobe. Of course Kobe contributed and was a role player but he was not what the team was built around.
      If you really want to measure Kobe as the focus of the team, he is on his second title in that role.
      That’s no slouch of course. He certainly can be talked about as the focal point of a re-peat title team. Maybe the comparison should be with Isiah Thomas since the comparison is more valid.

      Jordan was what the team was built around for all 6 titles. Jordan never played with a Dominant center, although he played against them repeatedly.

      Add to that, Jordan was always at his best when the pressure was highest. You wouldn’t see Jordan in a clutch game shooting bricks.

      Congratulations on your re-peat Kobe.. Come back to the table with your comparison after you get 4 more.

  • lakerslakey

    sure jordan is a legend and everything. but in this point in time and the near future, kobe bryant is the best player in the NBA.

    haters gonna hate. lol

  • lol at all this

    Jordan was just ahead of his time and thats why he is dubbed in this position. I will never understand why people hate Kobe so much..Actually scratch that. People hate Kobe bc of Shaq…if shaq never talked shit about Kobe no one would ever hate him 2 this degree..and Colorado didnt help. However people call Kobe cocky and arrogant. I believe Jordan was way more cocky way more arrogant…he started the baggy shorts the man thought he was so good at basketball that he felt the need 2 go play baseball…his dad was a good excuse but im pretty sure it was his arrogance that made him play baseball.. Thats why he became more loveable when he returned because he was able 2 face scrutinty at being a shitty baseball player.

    So ill never understand why people hate Kobe so much

    • In LA We Trust. (D UP LA)

      people hate him because they know his potential and they started to hate him and discourage so that kobe won’t beat MJ. oh yeah, he’s got 5rings now. Even Lebron says he’s the best. and the closest to MJ. Shaq said, Kobe’s a 10 and lebron is just 9.7 9.8. When all of the world didn’t believe in Kobe, he motivated himself, worked hard, and proved everybody, that he is the best of the best. one more, Kobe never said that he’ll surpass MJ right? The media did!

  • Jordan’s Son is a F@G

    Jordan’s son couldn’t make it in the WNBA.

    Adam Morrison > Jordan’s Son

  • LakerLand Nostradamus

    Who that F— is Jordan’s son?
    Enough said.

  • sai


    it’s just harder these days. sorry kid.

  • In LA We Trust. (D UP LA)

    You cant compare them. Not in the same Eras. If you switched their era’s you’ll see, that 81pt game, it’ll be 100. Bryon Russel, didn’t manned up MJ, put tony allen on him, or Raja Bell, or even Artest, or LBJ. Jordan is way ahead of his time. If you put him on the Kobe-Lebron era, he’s just gonna be at the same level as Kobe, and Lebron will be behind them.

    • Baga23

      WOW all you people are moron’s and must be teenagers and never saw Jordan play because you simply cannot even put him in the same conversation as Jordan. Kobe may have won 5 titles but he was MVP only 2 of those and MJ was MVP all 6. Kobe always had a dominant big man and lets not forgot when he got shut down in the 2008 Finals. Jordan would never have gotten shut down. Kobe has never shot more then 50% in a season but Jordan averaged over 50%. Phil even said himself after these finals that Jordan would have averaged 42 points a game and shot over 50%. Jordan excelled his game much more then Kobe did in the playoffs and was much more consistant. Those of you who think defense is better now better think again because the 80’s and 90’s were known for the defense and there was no hand check rule. The Bad Boy Pistons would shut Kobe down and Kobe would never have scored 81 points in that era but many say Jordan could score 100 points in today’s game. Kobe has 1 season MVP Jordan has 5. not to mention Jordan was all defensive team every year and won defensive player of the year. All you people who are Kobe fanboys need to shut the hell up because you do not know what your talking about your to young to make such a ridiculous statement and ovbiously no nothing about Jordan. Maybe you should all go look up Jordan’s achievements, awards, and stats compared to Kobe and then see who you think is better because its not even close and if you still think Kobe then go get professional help because something is seriously wrong with you.

      • hehatemealot

        U moron. To say that kobe is nowhere near Jordan is crazy. Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan. Why does everybody think Jordan can’t be touched?? Give me a break. Everyone is on his nuts. Kobe would have pissed on all of JOrdan’s competition. Would have loved to have seen JOrdan face Tim Duncan and the big 3 in Boston. Jordan won championships beating the Suns, Sonics and Jazz. LMAO. He never even faced Olajuwon. Get off JOrdan’s nuts already.

  • 4Lyfe

    Thing is….Kobe is Kobe. He doesn’t want to be Mike – different era, different player, different game.

    It is not Kobe’s destiny to be Mike – that’s young Mr. Jordan’s destiny – its his dad his inheritance – I hope he can live up to it.

    Kobe’s destiny is to be the BEST and what he does – and so far he’s doing a damn good job of it.

  • ImaLaker

    people kill me with these comparisons… you have to play in the same era to TRUELY be compared to them…. its all about who domintes their era… bill russell dominated his era, magic and bird dominated their era, jordan dominated his era, and kobes dominating his era… only players worth comparing is magic and bird cuz they played on a championship level against each other… and to be honest their werent very many talnted shooting guards in the late 80″s early 90’s so jordan didnt have a the level of competition that kobe has to face…. but if people wanna talk greatest of all time you gotta start with bill russell

  • l8kurs

    to say Kobe is no where near Jordan is crazy..Kobe is as close to Jordan as any player can get..

  • lakerlicious

    i’m sick of that MJ vs. KB talk!

  • 16 rings

    I thought Baby Jordan was Harold Miner??? Tell this kid to be quiet. No one cares what you have to say about daddy.

  • http://Lexmccain@lycos.com lex

    why does this question come up to everyone execpt M.J himself??????????????????????????????????????????


    the jordans are feeling very threatened! they know the truth as does everyone! kobe is better!! it’s final! mj is scared!have his kid do his talkin.nobody wanna be like mike these day’s.they wish they was kobe.

  • poly salazar

    Why is Michael Jordan considered the greatest of all-time?
    I look through all the records by basketball players and at the top of all of them.. NOT MICHAEL JORDAN!! Why is he so great?!
    Wilt Chamberlain has the best average of points per season (would have been points leader of all-time if he would have played more seasons)
    Kareem had the most points (career)
    Reggie Miller (most career 3 pointers)
    Bill Russell (most titles)
    Kareem Abdul Jabaar- Most MVPs
    For career shot attempts over 20,000- Kareem had the best field goal %
    Most assists- John Stockton
    Most steals- John Stockton
    Most rebounds- Wilt Chamberlain
    Most triple doubles- Oscar Robinson
    Most blocked shots- Hakeem Olajuwon

    The only thing I could find is most finals MVPs for Michael Jordan. Personally I think either Wilt or Kareem is the best NBA player of all-time after looking at the career statistics. Wilt and Kareem didn’t have sidekicks like Michael Jordan did either ( Scottie Pippen). He even had one of the greatest coaches of all-time, Phil Jackson.
    Many people say that Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were both more talented than Michael Jordan too.

    If he’s the greatest, how come in 5 seasons without Pippen:

    .430 winning%
    0 Playoff series wins