Photo by Jamie Squire I Getty Images

Michael Jordan recently caught up with his alma mater, the North Carolina Tarheels, as they compete for a National Championship.

Jordan spotted UNC star, Harrison Barnes, wearing Kobe Bryant’s new Nike shoe, instead of the Nike Jordan 11’s, which are not sold in stores, being made specifically for the Tarheels.

“Hey Dude! Next time I see you in those Kobe Bryant’s i’m going to cut you right off”, Jordan said playfully, “I don’t care if your feet kill you; you’re going to wear those – Jordan’s!”

Jordan, would add that if the Tarheels get to the final four, they can have whatever they want.

Jordan’s last championship was in 1998, which will be 13 years ago this June.

You can check out the video of the conversation between Jordan, and the Tarheels, after the jump

  • theDude

    What a bitch.

    • LANative

      dang yall are taking this too seriously. is all a joke playas, of course he want his alma mater playin in his sneakers damn lol

      • LakerMarc

        Nah he always throws diggs at Kobe..I think he really does feel some sort of threat…he’s the NBA’s bitch…No matter what Kobe does he will NEVER garner the same unanimous acclaim as Jordan and let’s face it..I think Mamba is a better player..people just have perfect 20/20 vision when looking back.

  • lakersallthewayy

    definition of hater

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  • Whoa

    I’d rather pay retail on some Kobe VIs rather than spend who the hell knows what on some Jordan XIs that some idiot buys in bulk then puts on eBay.

    • LakerMarc

      Dude I think they lthem at all those cheap Asian crap stores for ‘fo dolla’

      • alan

        racist much?

  • 242LakerFan

    Much ado about nothing.


    Isn’t it a violation of the NCAA rules to give players gifts? The kids can’t get money or even have someone buy them food but Jordan can give them shoes? Booster…

  • Short Dog Loc

    jordans feeling the pressure.
    Kobes not done yet hater.
    Tie your shoe laces cause Kobes going for 9-10 rings punk.

  • rawn

    duke wears kobes and NC wears jordans.. aint nothn wrong with that. but for jordan sayin he dont care if it hurts his feet just says alot about the cheap materials they use on jordans compared to kobes.