Per Eric Pincus of, Jordan Farmar will be switching jersey numbers this upcoming season.

Farmar – who, by the way recently changed his jersey number to “1” – is eager to prove his individual talents in a system that doesn’t really cater to that. That may not work if he’s not willing to defer to team.

Farmar has had lingering issues regarding his attitude, and (some say) cockiness. Although it might be a stretch, who isn’t expecting a few jabs at the number change?

Jordan used to wear the #1 jersey with Taft High School.

  • Luke4Lvp

    this guyu’s ego is food the charts! trade his a*s if he doesnt appreciate playing for the lakers. let him end up like smush parker!

    • j

      whats wrong with u farmar is better than youll ever be and he has a future

    • FarmarFan25

      what the hewk, all you guys are super wrong farmar is freaking good&if he wants to get more playing time playing somewhere else then let him be its not like any of you guys are gonna be signing his paycheck!!!! ! So go ahead[Farmar]&do what you gotta do ignore all the HATERS!!! By the way love the jersey number change, i will forsure have it by laker season! :)


      • kobefan824

        what was his origanlol # 5?

    • edward

      farmar is crap…..he doesn’t know how to play guard….how did he even get drafted to the nba….what a shit player

  • Luke4Lvp

    is “off the charts” lol

  • laker fan

    you should worry about playing ball Farmar not your jersey u fool. Stop tryin to be kobe youre never going to be more than a role player.

    • FarmarFan25

      if he was tryingg to be kobe i dont think he would be on the same team SMART ONE!

      • Ko8eBr24nt

        LMAOO no need to get but hurt about someone talkin shit to farmar buddy.. its not like hes a very good player or anything u dont need to back him up for something like that

  • Mitch4Pres

    go n do yo thang j farm

  • Evil Empire

    There is a Smush Parker curse on that number. Hopefully it has lost its potency

  • JackFraust305

    What ya’ll dont get is that dude said he wants to be the “lead guard”. That includes shooting guard too… He did say he wanted to be the face of the franchise 2 years ago.

  • Luke4Lvp


    • j

      farmars friends with kobe and is not a selfish cocky person

  • Omamba

    Wow…first he asks to be a starter, whether on the Lakers or another team even after his horrible season. Then, he has the nerve to prove his “larger-than-his-ears-ego” by changing his number to #1. I know he used to wear it, but I’m serious…I can easily tell that he has a HUGE EGO!I could now care less if he gets traded.

  • LC09

    who cares arize went from 1 to 3.. kobe 8 to 24.. its jus a number.. chill out ppl if he does good we all b on his balls n if not it wnt have anything to do wit his number damn

    • desecrator93

      I agree, dont know why so many people are b*tching just cuz he changed his damn jersey number lol

    • FarmarFan25

      Well what can you expect when your in the NBA playing with guys that are like bomb you needa have some kind of confidence&an ego to assure yourself, so if you dont care that he’s thinking about trading well you shouldnt post anythingg! :)

  • matthew

    this is non related to this but any of u guys know when is training camp?

    • willow

      Training camp starts first week of October. Some players have started their own personal training now.

      • desecrator93

        actually it starts Sep. 29

  • Aaron2416377

    Damn! I just brough a Farmar jersey # 5. Joking!

  • cdragz

    If he don’t improve his game next season, wearing #1 will mean he is the FIRST to go!

  • Smush Walton

    I think in addition to changing his jersey number he should also change the name on the back of his jersey to “DUMBO”.

  • lilkobe24

    seriously guys… why are you guys making a big deal out of this. so what if he changed his number. its not a big deal. you guys are finding something just to complain about him chill out ..

  • Chris Ekstedt

    lemme see. this is my list of importance of players on the team from most important to the least. This is the pecking order of peoples complaints I would listen too before jordan’s

    1. Fisher (when is he self centered and not team orientated?) 2. Kobe 3. Gasol 4. Bynum 5. odom 6. artest 7. Luke (again when is he not team orientated? i mean he did say let ariza start over him) 8. shannon brown 9. Jordon Farmar 10. a Tie DJ MBenga, Adam Morrison, Josh Powell, Chinemelu Elonu 11. Sasha Vujacic (yeah i don’t think we need sasha at ALL)

    Anywhoo… i lost wind during the middle of this rant so some of it may not make sense. but you get the jist.

  • Bshawk

    Yeah, and his ears are going to wear numbers 14 and 23.

    This kid is so bored over summer break. Somone get him an x-box or something.

    Unload Farmar for Iverson — less ego.

  • Jordan

    Well, it kinda pisses me off, since i have a farmar jersey.

  • lilkobe24

    then buy a new one -_-

  • tradekwame11

    Guys, let him try and prove himself before you go Sasha Vujicic on him. He also wore this number in high school…

  • LakersBack2Back

    Relax people. This is why I’m glad the Lakers don’t read into the media or the rumors. It can destroy a team to think all the things we think of as Fans for the franchise. I’m sure everything will be fine when the season starts. Derek Fisher will not be around forever and is getting older. It’s good to have someone like Famar who actually wants it and knows it well.

  • Short Dog

    Farmar needs to worry about his second unit position. Shannon Brown got down last season especially in the playoffs.

  • daboss1849

    How is ol floppy doing? I would call him Dumbo but I don’t want to offend Dumbo!!!

  • Robert

    Actually, it’s true. Farmar will never be able to develop as a point guard in the Triangle. Who was the last ‘great’ point guard to play for Phil? (i.e., top 5 point guard?). The Triangle is perfect for Kobe, and MJ, and that’s that (although I’m sure either would have thrived on Showtime Laker teams).

    This is why Smush didn’t work out (since he wanted the ball, and Phil wasn’t going to do that), and why Farmar will have to choose between being a ‘role’ on a Championship Team (like D-Fish has been, and done well), or to hope that he even gets a chance to play more minutes as a true point guard on another team (is that likely? not so sure.)

  • http://vinginor laker raja

    jordan dude come on, Luke sasha mobenga and morrison and you are garbage players .you could be 1 2 3 4 no body gives a dam. One to go and 2 to fail its dosent matter. Your lucky to even get a front row seat and get paid. Dude if you didnt see last year shannon was over the top.
    Mj didnt want to trade the guy bcuz he knew he had game. As for you ears nobody even says you got game in the d league .Cmon dude wake up
    trade ears for alan iverson

  • http://vinginor laker raja

    Ears you suck go ask to be traded you sasha,, elden bynum, adam and mobenga kobes bodyguard for kevin durant. you should open your eyes and watch shannon play he makes you look like the d league player you really are.

    • j

      you probably dont even watch the games if shannon was so much better why didnt he start against the rockets and even if you dont think so at least phil does so stop ganging on someone because of his damn number


        LAKER RAJA…NEEDS TO GO f**k HIMSELF!!..he has no clue wat he’s talking about….farmar got game…shannon brown just jumps everywere….and when fish retires within a year or two…farmar probly be the starter…if he has another good year off the bench…..

        lakers raja is prolly a raja bell fan that likes it up the butt…

  • Jessica

    why? I want to know the explanation behind it. He is my favorite player and I really hope his ego isn’t out of control after 1 championship ring. It seems like such an egotistical thing to do… this makes me very sad.

  • http://vinginor laker raja

    ears has had a ego since taft high he was a little ego freak at taft .I played against ears.
    this chipmunk needs to go next yaer he will be number 2 and so on.

  • msharmony

    1) Jordan Farmar is one of the best young point guards in the game right now. His passion for the game versus, let’s say, Andrew Bynum? Bynum looks like he doesn’t even need to earn his money when he’s playing. Farmar plays to win.
    2) He was #1 at Taft & at UCLA. A number is a number, and there’s a lot of people that change their number. Everyone’s making a huge deal about it.
    3) Sure, it seems like he has a slight ego, but who doesn’t? He wants more playing time and wants to play a bigger role in the team. What basketball player DOESN’T want more playing time?
    4) He may have a small ego with this, but he is such a great guy. I mean, look at all the charity events he hosts and attends. He does SO much more than play basketball.
    5) I have mad love for D-Fish, but once he retires and Farmar’s experience builds up, he’ll be able to play that point position.


    2 all the FARMAR HATERS!!!!! bet that HATORDE must of filled u guys up real good huh….well hate all u want bitches!!!! he may have big ears…a big ego…or whatever bad thing u guys wanna point out about him…he’s playing in the NBA n getting paid 4 it….so what’s it 2 ya’ll if he changes his #….oh nbtw if he wasn’t good he wouldnt be where he’s @ right now…!!so deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!