Thanks for everything you’ve done Jordy, time for Blake to be your replacement.

L.A. Times: Jordan Farmar said he has agreed to a three-year, $12-million deal with the New Jersey Nets, ending his ties with the Lakers.

“This is a great opportunity for me,” Farmar said. “I’m looking forward to it.”

  • WOW

    ugh who cares if this moron left he didn’t do shit when we had him , matter fact he’s the reason why our bench got outscored by other teams benches almost every damn game.


    he said he wanted to go somewhere where he could start….and he chooses the nets?? haha he ain’t starting over Devon Harris or courtney lee. oops?

    BTW Lebron is gay! Check the youtube video lol

    • gus26

      seriously funniest thing i’ve seen in a long time.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Drake Ramoray

      Wow….that’s actually really hilarious!

    • Cali Kush King

      hahahahah thats sum funny sheet hahahah

  • Mark Ogarte

    Good thing Farmar is gone. He is very inconsistent. Steve Blake is a character guy and is no whiny like this kid.

  • R T

    see MARWAN MARZINA its not that hard…take links people show you and post them. Thanks for the credit, douchebag

    • RonRonGq

      relaxx ur down

    • R T

      here is another one for you to take credit for MARZINA

      • chillax

        Why should you be given ANY credit? Do you work for ESPN? Did you write this story?
        Answer: NO
        Good bye.

        • R T

          Every article on this site says by: (person who posted it), marzina sure as hell didnt write it. If anything it should say by B. Turner….if credit is given it should say by B. Turner brought to our attention by R T….if marzina wants credit it should say by B. Turner brought to our attention by R T posted by marzina

          • Mr Righteous

            its a blog first and foremost, turned into a fansite. The deal is he quoted his sources, the blog entries get the credit of the poster. I still dont see your beef about it, I thought that was known from the offset.

  • http://lakernation aly

    Good luck Jordan!

  • Joseph

    this is y fisher is still negotiating. give him at least a 2 year farmar-style deal. 2yrs/9mil

  • gus26

    thank you for not having a one hour special on ESPN to announce it Jordan, good luck and thank you for your hard work and contributions, as a person i will always respect you for what you did for us, BUT you’re not in purple in gold anymore, YOU are the enemy now…

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Wow then what happened to Morrow 12 millions / 3 years with the Net’s deal went? Is Morrow still available then?

  • 09-10-11champs!

    Serously, thank you Jordy, you were one of the primary pieces from the original “bench mob” 2 years ago, but I think Steve Blake is much better, Good luck , though.

    But like somebody mentioned it, if you wanted to start, NJ was not the right place to go , with Devin Harris there.

    Maybe Jordan was announced Harris would be traded at some point during the off season, then it would make some sense.

  • Wilt

    Maybe he left because he was tired of working in june.

  • Sir

    So how’s he going to lead the team behind Devin Harris?

  • Robert.

    Jordy, LA native son, UCLA Final Four, Lakers 2 rings, thanks for the years.
    I think he knew he wasn’t going to be invited back, so he had to save face and claim that he was ‘exploring other options’.
    He had some good moments here, but ‘barely fit’ in the Triangle. He couldn’t develop as a true PG, and often would see him ‘passing the ball’ (swinging it around, rather than providing a ‘good look’ move, like Steve Nash could do). A few good dunks, some nice fast break plays over the years, the bench mob run, etc.
    The Nets are not a threat, to us or the East, and we’ll only see them twice (once at Staples). So, no hard feelings. Better there than Miami (wouldn’t that have been special if LeBron invited him there).
    Best wishes. Play hard against Miami and the Celtics.

  • Robert.

    NEWS FLASH: Turk and Josh Childress to the Suns. Turk might have been considered for the Lakers, but that’s gone now.
    Atlanta could have also done a trade (but, not sure who on the Lakers they would want).
    I imagine that Kup is working it now. I hope he’s not waiting for a Fish decision. We can only offer $1.8M anyway (remaining MLE). We are obviously not going to sign and trade anyone (Mbenga?). So something should happen whether or not Fish signs. But, we do need another Triangle PG besides Fish, Blake (is Sasha the new backup PG?).
    Anyway, who’s left? Are we gonna have to sign Shaq? Maybe Bruce Bowen will come out of retirement.


      I hope we do sign Shaq. At least to prevent Boston or Miami from getting him. Bring Shaq home!!!

      • queen james

        I agree with you brother, i want shaq to be back again…

        • Kamakazi

          Lets get something straight. It’s not happening imo- i base this on sheer business sense. you can get younger players in stock for far cheaper, than what shaq demands and I dont know what he would want anyway, for all I know he is sorry about his comments about jim buss and the lakers when he left, and even kobe toward shaq. but that doesn’t really matter now, it’s all about whats out there and our current crop of draft picks are interesting and can be developed. They have huge upside, everybody has come to that conclusion. A 10+ year vet would need to be paid around 1mil plus for the vets min rite? so no, the lakers are trying to save money here, even if they could get shaq they wouldn’t based on how the money is stacking up. Heck as good and clutch as Fisher is to this franchise they had problems giving him what HE wanted. So how do you think they feel about a broken down shaq? Makes no sense to me

  • gameplan

    he should go to euroleague, for sure he will start there! in some scrab team! good luck ewoks!

  • Jack Y.

    Good luck Jordon. I don’t understand why so many of you are being such asses to him. Yes, he was inconsistent. That being said, he was an intricate part of the team during the seasons. He’s not a playoffs player, but he’s pretty decent during the season. It’s tough to play off the bench.

    • Cash

      Intricate (adj): very complicated or detailed.

      integral (adj): necessary to make the whole complete, fundamental or essential.

      • Cash

        That should have been a semicolon after “complete.”

        Anyway, he went from being a backup on a championship team to being a backup on a team that won 12 games last year. That’s not what I call killin’ it.

    • ARE U SERIOUS????


    • Jack Y.

      He played hard. He worked hard. He just didn’t fit our system. In my opinion, he wanted to hog the ball and be “the guy”. There’s no reason to trash the guy. You haters only remember the times he choked. What about the times he led the second unit (during the 2008-2009 season)? Give the guy a break, he left because he wanted a bigger role, and/or he wanted a bigger contract. He mentioned during the exit-interview that he has a kid coming; he’s starting a family.

      Cash, I’m just going to ignore your unnecessary “corrections”. I meant what I said. I don’t need you to change my comments to what you think I said.

      • Cash

        Oh, I misunderstood. Yeah, Farmar does have a lot of details.

        And now a thousand people can watch them for 15 minutes a night in Newark.

      • Jack Y.

        Oh and FYI. Intricate also means …
        1. difficult to understand; obscure; complex; puzzling
        2. entangled or involved intricate patterns

  • abs

    I always thought he’d do well given an opportunity to play decent minutes in an uptempo offence….
    So he chooses to play behind an all–star in Devin Harris when he had a starting opportunity for similar money (I assume) somewhere like Indiana???!!??

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Glad 2 see the nation showing love to Jordan Farmar he earned it…yes he wasn’t the best PG but this system sometimes hinders a players true skill, other times it mask their flaws so i say thanks 4 everything jordy good luck in Brooklyn…I got worried that no1 else was looking at him i expected @ least the Knicks to take him but I’m sure he got nervous as no one was calling his agents phone. I’ll be interested to see how he performs especially since he’s uber cocky.


    Depending on who we have to cover him, he will be one of those guys that is going to torch us. D Fish, if you get payed then you BETTER earn it by stopping this guy.

    • HATER

      Get over it he wasnt that great

      • 24allup inya

        agreed! he really wasnt that great! Fishers intensity on the defensive end an championship expirience is worth a lot more to me than Farmars youth!

  • iiTzDanny

    oh man, Jordan went from champs to the sorryest team in the league.

    • Lakers_The_Truth

      Maybe, but he has two rings and now he wants to make his life comfortable. $$$$$
      I would do the same. He is no more than an average role player, so his chances to get set financially for the rest of his life are not so abundant. Plus NY is an exciting place to hang out.

      • Jack Y.

        He mentioned in the exit-interview that he has a child coming. He’s starting a family.

        • hey

          Why that’s no excuse! Fuck Dumbo

  • Dave

    Both Farmar and Ariza has some great years in LA, but they will soon (if not immediately) regret their decisions.

    I’m sure they felt ‘under appreciated” or “in Kobe’s shadow,” but after missign the play-offs for the the next few years, they’ll both wish they could be a role-player on a championship team instead of a slightly-more-utilized player on a bottom-dweller.

  • JenFD

    I don’t really care that he left.. all the best luck to him with the Nets – he def gonna need it lol

  • JohnJohn

    Whaaa Jordan Farmar played for the Lakers?

  • pauer

    I appreciate all of his hard work and I do believe that his talents will be utilized better on another team. He is a scoring PG, which just isnt what this team needs. To grow as a player it is necessary to move on.

    I don’t think people respected his play enough here, even if at times he was inconsistent.

  • KMAC_321

    thanx for all your dedication man, take care…

  • onouddntgf

    May the Shini Curse be with you Jordan.

  • Mr Righteous

    Thing is Jordan has a lot of upside because he played in a pick and gun offense and thats exactly what the nets need. Sure from a triangle offense purist to another, he wasnt the “right” fit but he tried to make the most by upping his 3pt% percentage. If he gets minutes he already has the ego to go along with the style he loves the most so he will probably flourish there in no time. Wish you the best Jordan.. peace!