First off, big thanks to all those participating in the Lakers Post-Season Prediction Fantasy League!

(You can still join if you want, go to this post and look under Statistical Predictions to find out what you need to do.)

Don’t forget the that winner gets a special prize from the sponsor of “EJ’s Neat-O Stat of the Night.”!!!

[Important Notice]

Nobody seemed to realize that they could post predictions for the games previewed by varsityoptimism. YOU CAN!

Also, don’t be afraid to predict “no one” (i.e. in game 1 nobody shot 3+ 3-Pointers).

[/Important Notice]

I will be posting the names and scores of the top three contestants at the end of each series. But first, I will explain how the scoring works…

  1. 20+ points, 10+ Rebounds, 2+ blocks, and 3+ pointers are out of 1 point.
  2. Closest to a Triple Double is out of 2 points.
  3. Point Margin is out of 3 points for closest guess, +2 points for guessing the correct point margin, and these points can only be won by 1 contestant.

The logic of the math is as follows…

Suppose I predict that Kobe. Lamar and Sasha will get 20+ points. In reality, Kobe and Gasol have 32 and 36 respectively, and no one else breaks 20. although I have 50% of the prediction correct, my prediction is only 33% correct. In this situation, I would get 0.3 out of 1

However, if I had only predicted Kobe for 20+ points and, in reality, Kobe and Gasol have 32 and 36 respectively and no one else breaks 20, then my prediction is only 50% correct and I would get a 0.5 out of 1.

The same logic applies to 10+ Rebounds, 2+ blocks, and 3+ pointers.

Note: 2/3 was rounded up to .7

Now, on to the standings…

1. The Mamba: 7 points
2. LakersAllDay, Machinehead18: 5.2
3. SikWiDIt: 2.5

The rest of you are all right on the heels of SikWiDIt, so it’s still too early to quit.

  • The Mamba


  • LakersAllDay

    Isn’t Ej’s neat-o stat of the night usually sponsored by nobody? lol

  • Machinehead18

    Wow. I didnt expect to see me up there.

  • SiKWiDIt

    3rd! woohoo