First off, big thanks to all those participating in the Lakers Post-Season Prediction Fantasy League. Don’t forget the that winner gets a special prize from the sponsor of “EJ’s Neat-O Stat of the Night.”

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Still seems like nobody realizes that they can post predictions for the games previewed by varsityoptimism.
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Updated Standings (current as of Mitch holding aloft the Western Conference Championship Trophy)

There’s been a lead change!

1. LakersAllDay: 38.4

2. Machinehead18: 37.7

3. BringDFishBack: 27.3

4. SiKWiDIt: 15

5. Lakerfan4life: 14 (I’m assuming you’re the same person as lakrfan4life, right?)

6. The Mamba: 13.8

7. K0be08-09: 11.2

8.RoWyN: 10.3

Everyone else is pretty much out of the running at this point, so to make things a little easier for me I will only be recording the predictions of the above 8 people who have a realistic chance of finishing in the Top 5.

To the rest of you, thank you so much for participating in this prediction challenge! Any feedback is most appreciated.

Feel free to keep posting predictions, if only to sharpen your skills for next year. :-)

Questions and Comments

Question: So if some1’s stats are 10/20/0 do they win the triple double over someone who is 9/9/9?

Answer: No, because the player A is short 10 stats while player B is only short 3.

Quick note for those who were wondering, in Game 2 Kobe had a 22/5/5 while Gasol had a 10/7/3. Under my system of determining who is closest to a triple double, they are tied. I hadn’t thought of that happening before so if you guessed either one of those guys you got the full two points. If we do this next year I’ll address that.

Ugh! I feel like John Hollinger… :-(

  • The Mamba

    Sorry,but did you realize that I’m the same person as Kobefan 11?

  • K0be08-09

    cool im up their but u spelled my name wrong its K0be08-09

  • Jonny

    The Mamba

    yeah I saw the post where you mentioned that so don’t worry, you’ve gotten the points for both usernames


    sorry about that, most usernames come up as misspelt in spell checker that I didn’t see the mistake

    it’s fixed now though :)

  • PauKobeBynumDynasty

    aww man you should keep recording the stats for all the people…after all, you never know if an underdog can rise to the top. Being a Laker fan, you should know that!

    Oh well, im fine if you dont record for the other contestants than the top 8

  • Jonny


    well it is true that someone could have a perfect prediction for this entire series and end up with 11 points per game (if they predict the point margin correctly) and the series could go to 7 games for 77 points. . . i doubt that will happen lol (Lakers in 5!!)

    what i was finding was that people would post for one or two games and then stop, and i was expending a lot of extra effort inputing them into the system only for them to not play again. if you’re in the top 8, you’ve basically been playing the whole playoffs consistently, so its just a matter of inputing numbers for me.

    the funny thing is, ever since the playoffs started, EJ’s Neat-o Stat of the Night has had two sponsers haha

  • PauKobeBynumDynasty

    [Comment ID #38024 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yea i get the point…i would never get the time to do that kind of stuff anyway. Im only a high school student! Lakers in 5 anyway

    Im going to change my name from PauKobeBynumDynasty to PauKobeBynumOdom Dynasty….it just makes it more fair…and they will be the dynasty once they win :)

  • lakrfan4life

    actually, we’re not the same person

    2 different people

  • K0be08-09

    [Comment ID #38017 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Thx for changing it

  • vintij

    Its kind of a stupid game anyway, who else would be closer to a triple double than kobe? And if not kobe then who else but pau?


    I have some advice for our Lakers…….STUDY THE ATLANTA SERIES,4-1!!!

  • Jonny

    [Comment ID #38066 Will Be Quoted Here]

    actually theres 3-4 guys who are capable of being close to a triple double in any one game, Kobe, Gasol, Odom, and to a lesser extent Walton. its the same for every statistic you can predict.

    20+ points? Kobe, Odom, Gasol, and to a lesser extent Sasha
    10+ rebounds? Odom, Gasol, even Kobe and Vladdy have been known to reach that plateau (and theres Turiaf if given enough minutes)
    2+ blocks? Gasol, Kobe, and Turiaf, along with Odom.
    3+ 3 pointers? actually, this is the rarest stat, as a lot of our 3point shooters will make 2 consistently, but not often 3. still Kobe, Fisher, Vladdy, Sasha, and Farmar all have the capability to do that on any given night.

    to top that off, next year bynum will be in the mix, and he’ll instantly be eligigble for 20+ points, 10+ rebounds and 2+ blocks on any night as well.

    so yeah there are some trends you can predict, but thats part of the fun. Predicting is making knowledgeable guesses, and obviously, luck plays a part in it too

  • escaladE204

    i dont think this series is gonna live up to all the hype. lakers have a better bench they have a experience and they have phil jackson, they have the best player in the game kobe. Lakers Big three is better then Boston trio. Wonder why they call them big three, they are not better then bird,mchale,and parish.

    if they put james posey on kobe, who is ray allen gonna guard, if allen goes to the bench and they play posey more,they lose offensive power,or if they play small ball lakers are gonna kill them in the paint.

    this is my prediction lakers sweep boston 4-0 or lakers win in 5.

  • Jonny

    [Comment ID #38048 Will Be Quoted Here]

    ooh. . in that case. . you would only have 6 points and he would only have 8, and you’d both be out of contention for a top five spot. . .i’ll keep track of both of your predictions though!

  • lakrfan4life

    [Comment ID #38075 Will Be Quoted Here]

    w/e thanks?

    i mean theres no real prize for it tho…

  • The Nugget

    [Comment ID #38079 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That’s not true! You’ll get a nifty TLN Certificate. :)

  • LakersPartyJune8th

    Who’s coming to the party this Sunday?!!!

  • Jesse

    Where’s the party at this Sunday?