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In case you haven’t checked what is trending this morning on Twitter Joel Embiid stole headlines with his most recent, now deleted, tweet.

Embiid as of late, has been heavily discussed within the sports world. His navicular bone injury could cost him the #1 draft spot in the 2014 NBA draft, as well as any within the top five. That would be perfect for the LA Lakers as they would be more than fortunate to have Embiid available when drafting tonight at #7.

Per Eliot Shorr-Parks of, it seemed that someone was having a little fun with Embiid’s twitter account last night.

If this happens to be the case, many Lakers fans can breath a sigh of relief in having a very talented player who will, probably, be with the franchise long term. If not, it is almost a certainty that whatever does happen will help to progress the franchise forward.

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