Our very own David Brickley, was broadcasting his show live from Las Vegas for an event and he had a chance to interview Joe Maloof, one half of the Maloof Brothers, owners of the Sacramento Kings.

He talked about the Lakers in the finals, what he thought of the Pau Gasol trade, and did the Kings call the Lakers about Kobe when he demanded out?

  • ryanfu09

    Sick man… I like what your doin.. real talk!..

  • http://odenized.com Ryne Nelson

    Great find guys! I really hope, for Joe Maloof’s sake, this wasn’t recorded after Game 1.

  • K0be08-09

    4 in a row i can see it right now… nm lets take care of game 2 First ,,, i dont want to look ahead it might jinx us

  • http://losangelessource.com/lakers/ Lane

    Trust the Maloofs :-)


  • http://www.deluxpro.com LakersPartyJune8th

    Lakers in 5 is what I want too. But I think the network and refs want 6 or 7. What do you think? The Lakers have to win these games convincingly.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/dbricks DBricks

    I interviewd him minutes before tipoff, and just to let you guys know Joe Maloof is a great guy, I was suprised how humble he was. My show is covering their venture into skateboarding. The Maloof Money Cup, its pretty cool. But the Maloofs are great, free everything VIP. They took care of a diehard laker fan, and u gotta love it!…lol

  • Josie

    Wow! He seems like a really cool, humble, down to earth guy, but I still can’t forget that the Maloof brothers wanted to increase taxes in Sacramento to build a new arena. Of course he jumped when he heard Kobe was on the trading block – who wouldn’t? ;)