Jim Gray just reported that the Wolves told the Lakers that the package of Odom & Bynum was not enough. Then he went on to report the Suns can send Shawn Marion to Boston. They can also send Kurt Thomas to the Wolves. In exchange, they receive the 7th pick from Minnesota along with Kevin Garnett. Boston Theo Ratliff and Al Jefferson to Minnesota as well as the 5th pick in the draft. .

This was just reported on ESPN News and the Star Tribune blog has this to say:

Star Tribune Blog: 3) What deal is the best fit? It still seems as though a three-way trade with Boston and Phoenix has the best pieces, if the Celtics are willing to take Shawn Marion. Boston deals Al Jefferson and the No. 5 to MP109; Suns deal one of their late first-rounders this year and Atlanta’s unprotected first-round pick in 2008 and two bloated, expiring contracts to MP109; Suns get KG; Celtics get Marion. Or something close to that, with perhaps Boston getting a little extra from one of the two teams. MP109 should be seeking an up-and-comer who has already proven something but not everything (Jefferson), 2-3 draft picks and expiring contracts. The four-way trade that apparently died, involving MP109, Boston, Indiana and L.A. was intriguing, but as the popular (and surging) blog GetGarnett.com notes, “Can anyone see three ex-Celtics (Kevin McHale, Larry Bird and Danny Ainge) getting together to save the Lakers?”

4) What’s going to happen? Nothing new has been reported this morning (as far as we can tell), but the involvement of owner Glen Taylor (talking with the Lakers this past Friday and reportedly set to appear in the Wolves offices this morning before departing for China on a honeymoon), along with how quickly this has jumped from rumor to serious discussion helps to build a strong case that a deal, while perhaps not imminent, is more likely to happen at some point than unlikely to happen.

  • freddie

    You gotta be joking. Why would the Celts trade the #5 and Al Jefferson to get Marion? who can opt out after next year? This is ludicrous!

  • One35

    This whole shit is a mess.

  • xxlakerxboixx

    Say it aint so.

  • Ruben1

    Thats bullshit the Celtics said that Al Jefferson will not be part of the deal.

  • KB_KG

    The whole world is coming down on us…out of all the teams to get KG…the suns.

  • http://hellbydante.deviantart.com hellbydante

    i don’t get it man…. celtics weren’t willing to give up al jefferson during the 4 team trade scenario but willing to do so when phoenix is involved and rather take marion over O’Neal?!?!?

  • LAKES ON 3!

    I hate this…it seems like we’re never gonna recover from the whole Shaq mess. Thanks Shaq!!

  • KB_KG

    The ball is still in Garnett’s court though, if he still would demand to be a laker alongside Kobe, we still might have a shot. Pray that this three way deal won’t happen tomorrow.

  • Ruben1

    I dont think its going to happen.

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    i wonder what kobe told KG?????maybe kobe said fuck LAL organization!

  • Dynasty



  • gabe

    Someone please explain this to me… The Suns drop Marion, and pick up not only KG but the 7th pick as well? It doesn’t add up.

    Reasons this trade will never happen:
    1. Minnesota giving up Garnett and the 7th pick for Jefferson, 5th pick, and Theo Ratliff? give me a break.

    2. Boston giving up Jefferson and the 5th pick for Marion. Its gotta be another joke.

    3. Marion has already publicly said he doesn’t want to play in Boston.

    4. Potential likelihood that Phoenix is unwilling to give Garnett a major contract extension, which would surely cause them to pay a hefty luxury tax for many years to come.

    5. Salaries don’t even come close to matching, and Suns only have 1 major expiring contract in Kurt Thomas (~8million) while Boston has no big expiring contracts.

    This trade sucks for everybody but the suns. Who one earth would publish such garbage of a rumor? (Thanks Jim Gray…)

  • Fish Guy

    I think Kobe told KG that he’s leaving.

  • Justin M.

    It’s over. It was a good ride but the Lakers are done for many years and the name of this website should be changed quickly to something like getsomething?.com. Most likely we wont have Kobe and the Lakers will start building around Bynum. KG comming to LA was a long shot in the first place. Ric Bucher(I hate his guts) has made it very clear that Kobe will not return and the Lakers will not bring in a superstar this year. If KG goes to PHX without them giving up stoudmire, they will be a dynasty and dominate the west for many years to come which makes it stupid for Kobe to stay in the west with the current Laker lineup, but even if he went to the east and made the finals he would surely get swept by PHX with the trio of KG, Nash and Stodimire. So Kobe will go down with the Lakers championship hopes whether it’s in a Lakers jersey or not. The main differance between Kobe and the Lakers is that Kobe has 4 years MAX to play how he’s playing now(which is unstopable) and for the Lakers, they have all the time in the world to wait for this generation to get old, retire and start over.

  • punkjones

    I highly doubt Kobe discouraged KG from joining the Lakers. This is a lot of hateful stuff from Laker haters like Bucher – on ESPN saying Mitch was telling other GM’s that the Laker/Minny trade was dead. I’m sick of that guy. He wants so badly to see Kobe go somewhere else just so he can be the guy to say I told you so.

    There are some very conflicting reports out there on ESPN. On the one hand the big TV news coming from Bucher is that Phoenix is in the running and would trade Amare for KG if KG waives his trade kicker.

    On the other hand here on Get Garnett it says Jim Gray is reporting a three way deal with Suns trading Marion. How is it that Marion is now cool all of a sudden with Boston after saying he wasn’t before. Why would he ok that? I don’t see it. If he doesn’t how can Boston pick him up knowing he will opt out?

    If the Marion trade is true we are up shish creek, but again, why would he sign off on such a thing? If he stays on the Suns they have a great chance to finally go all the way. Boston is nowhere.

    Regarding Bucher’s rumor. There’s nothing substantiating it at all. If Jim Gray is reporting something completely different where is this coming from? Suns have been adamant against trading Amare for KG and rightly so. Without Amare, with KG instead, I see Suns as having less of a chance to win. Amare gives them huge advantages – no one can stop the guy. They would have to restructure their whole offense and go half court with KG as their big and why would they do that? They play the most exciting b-ball on the planet and the fans, coach and players love it. They were arguably one suspension away from the finals this year. They had the Spurs on the ropes before the suspension loss changed momentum.

    We won’t even get into the fact that Amare is what, 7 years younger than Garnett? Phoenix would have to be crazy to give him up. And Steve Kerr as new GM would not want to be the guy who traded young for old – going against one of the prime tenants of basketball GM-ing. Amare for KG is not going to happen!! If it does, then good luck. I see them as lesser.

    Pray that Marion stays strong and rejects Boston. If he cracks then the West is totally screwed. I hope this does not happen.

  • http://l.a.timeslakerblog thomas wilson

    kobe byrant should be sitting in the colorodo state prison system for rape.kobe can rot in hell for his sin,repent and ask for forgiveness kobe.

  • Azn Wiz

    Given you have two GM’s that are former Celtics, trading Garnett to the Lakers is proving to a difficult task. I believe McHale is having a hard time giving a player to help the Lakers.

    Let’s keep hope that the LAKERS will get Garnett.

  • O.E

    June 27, 2007
    KG-to-Lakers: two solutions
    It looks like the Lakers have dropped back behind Phoenix in the running for Kevin Garnett, but the race is by no means over. The Suns also were huddling late Tuesday night, apparently unsure about Shawn Marion and more or Amare Stoudemire in a deal to get Garnett. Phoenix, frankly, would be unbelievably better with Garnett than with the oft-out-of-it Amare; Phoenix should do that despite the seven-year age gap. But if the Suns don’t give up Stoudemire or if they’re waffling, there’s still time for the Lakers.

    I was talking to someone Monday night about the Lakers’ difficulty finding that fourth team to go with Minnesota and Indiana in that original KG scenario, and that person basically told me to go figure it out … to apply my creative forces that have won me countless fantasy-sports titles (via countless fantasy-sports trades), including winning one last NBA season by passing the team owned by someone who actually works in an NBA front office on the season’s final day. It was a fun conversation, and we flippantly ran through some scenarios, but I didn’t really heed the suggestion.

    Now, though, I’m ready to help. Turns out that this guy who told me to go figure it out had opportunity to talk to a key Lakers decision-maker Tuesday night, and that Laker half-jokingly asked him, “Have you got it all figured out?” Right there was the chance for me to solve all the Lakers’ problems for them, if only I had done my homework and passed on a solution in time to be passed along to the Lakers’ brass.

    But here are my two best shots now (and they are big shots):

    1. Stick with Boston. The first option — before going to find a different package somewhere that Minnesota likes — would be to find a way to satisfy Boston to the point that the Celtics turn over to Minnesota the package that Kevin McHale already loves: the No. 5 overall pick, prime prospect Al Jefferson and Theo Ratliff’s expiring contract (plus filler Wally Szczerbiak and Sebastian Telfair, whose contracts expire soon). The Celtics are motivated to do something, with Paul Pierce hinting that he’ll ask out if Boston goes on with the draft instead of trading for a legit partner to make Pierce’s life easier. The complexity here is that Boston doesn’t want to move Jefferson unless it can really, really get an upgrade (Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum and the 19th pick wouldn’t seem to be enough).

    Odom and another stud player to Boston, though? Now you’re talking. The easiest option as the Lakers is first to trade Bynum and the 19th pick (and filler) for a stud that Boston would want. If I’m the Lakers, I already should know what clubs covet Bynum and what I could go get with Bynum and the 19th pick, and maybe it’s something that works for Boston in addition to Odom.

    Without that inside info available right now, I would suggest going where we know there is a top-echelon player who doesn’t fit and isn’t really wanted: Utah. And given that Utah VP Kevin O’Connor is friendly with Mitch Kupchak, maybe that would help a little. Jazz owner Larry Miller has suggested he’d like to get out from under Andrei Kirilenko’s massive contract. Utah has been dying to get a quality center forever and could get one for the next 15 years in Bynum — plus Kwame Brown’s expiring contract (and defense next season) and the 19th pick (including other filler such as the expendable Brian Cook and Sasha Vujacic, who has an expiring contract Minny could use). Then the Lakers could send Odom and Kirilenko to Boston to go with Pierce — giving the Celtics three elite, versatile players to play the 4-3-2 spots and making them immediate contenders in the East.

    Here’s the basic breakdown …
    LAKERS give Odom, Bynum, Brown, Cook, Vujacic, No. 19 for Garnett, Marko Jaric.
    WOLVES give Garnett, Jaric for No. 5, Jefferson, Szczerbiak, Telfair, Ratliff.
    CELTICS give No. 5, Jefferson, Szczerbiak, Telfair, Ratliff for Odom, Kirilenko, Cook.
    JAZZ give Kirilenko for Bynum, Brown, No. 19.

    2. Use Atlanta. Who knows if anyone over there knows what’s going on or who’s owning the team or whether the team’s colors are red or navy blue. But that is an organization that can use an injection of something and is more apt to make a major change than most. They also have the No. 3 and No. 11 picks that Minnesota would love to have. Because this scenario doesn’t include Boston, the Lakers would stick with Indiana because we again have a known commodity there that works: We know Indiana approached the Lakers with the idea of giving up Jermaine O’Neal for Odom and Bynum.

    The logic here would be that Atlanta is one of the few places that would seem to be a good fit for O’Neal, who is from South Carolina and would give the Hawks instant legitimacy in tandem with Joe Johnson and Josh Smith (without having to give up one top player and also getting a decent pick back in the Lakers’ No. 19). We’d thrill Minny with those No. 3 and No. 11 picks, with additional young talent in Shelden Williams and Josh Childress and tons of expiring contracts in Brown, Sasha Vujacic, Lorenzen Wright and Anthony Johnson. We’d also move some disgruntled point guards around to give them changes of scenery. The Lakers would get KG and even a triangle lead-guard solution in Tyronn Lue.

    Here’s the basic breakdown …
    LAKERS give Odom, Bynum, Brown, Vujacic, No. 19 for Garnett, Lue.
    WOLVES give Garnett, Troy Hudson, No. 41 for Childress, S.Williams, Brown, Vujacic, Wright, A.Johnson, No. 3, No. 11.
    PACERS give O’Neal, Jamaal Tinsley, Darrell Armstrong, Orien Greene for Odom, Bynum, Hudson, Speedy Claxton, No. 41.
    HAWKS give Childress, S.Williams, Claxton, Lue, Wright, A.Johnson, No. 3, No. 11 for O’Neal, Tinsley, Armstrong, Greene, No. 19.

  • gcdeen

    I’ve got it! The line up to win 10 championships in a row.

    pg: shammond
    sg: sasha
    sf: radman
    pf: pig miller (bring him back for the mle)
    c: mark madsen (trade kobe for him)

    think of that line up! sick!

    hey mitch, you loser, thanks for tearing down a once great franchise. looks like we’re the next celtics.

  • http://www.slamonline.com basketboy

    from what i hear, kg talked to kobe and asked him if hes staying in LA, to which kobe gave no answer.

    thanks kob

  • lakerfan81

    gcdeen why start shammond when you can resign parker. Bthen Bring back slava medved….whatever the hell is name was.

  • gcdeen

    lol. yeah, medvedenko, i forgot about him. he was up there with marcus douthit.

    you know what, i’m a laker fan for life, regardless of who’s on the team, win or lose. i just hate to see the franchise get run into the ground because the ownership doesn’t want to spend the money and because of bad decisions by the gm. the buss’ should seriously think about selling the franchise when buss retires completely. Jimmy is the worst person to leave the franchise with also. i seriously think we’re in for at least 5 years of bad basketball.

    latest i hear is that kobe won’t play another game in a laker uniform regardless of who comes to l.a. He may back off of that but he is pretty stubborn. i think he really wants to stick it to the owners and what better way to do that than to sit out.

  • lakerfan81

    I don’t think its a matter of not wanting to pay the money. Jerry Buss has always been willing to pay the money. I think its a matter of him only wanting to pay the money if its someone that will make the lakers great and sell seats. Like KG. I think that its some really bad moves, Obviously Brown, but that was a big risk and it didn’t pan out (obviously). The rest of the bad moves is in not clearing cap space. Its easy to say should have traded Odom a couple of years ago for cap space but that was not going to happen. The way the NBA is set up right now with the new CBA cap rules in effect will utterly kill any GM that overpays for someone. Cap space is a GMs best friend. The Shaq trade was stupid for that very reason, should have taken less talent and a bunch of expiring contracts instead of Brian Grant (maybe the worst contract in the history of the NBA).

  • gcdeen

    well, i’m still pushing for the line up of kobe, artest and O’Neal. If not O’Neal, a defensive center like camby. think of 3 all defensive players on the same roster. gut the rest of the roster, they’re all expendible. mihm will be back, turiaf too, we’re not that weak down low and farmar could start at point if we don’t bring in someone else. too bad we can’t dump radman’s contract on someone.

    whoever said c web should be a laker should be shot. time out time out time out! oh shiz, we don’t have any time outs.

  • lakerfan81

    Camby would be nice. But i still do not think that artest in LA works. He won’t play well with Kobe. Neither one of them is very nice. It would be like two kids fighting over a toy in the sand box. Hey thats a way to sell tickets. Boxing match: Artest Vs. Kobe. Kobe would get the shit kicked out of him. That would be better than Barkley Vs. Shaq. I remember that that was awesome. Barkley kicked his ass. We could have shaq as referee.

  • Brenda

    I heard on am570 that KG might still end up staying with the T-wolves!!!

  • Rosalie

    KB and KG are very good friends. At almost 29, Kobe would in all likelihood love to play with KG. At the All Star Games they play magnificantly together. I do not believe Kobe told KG in a phone conversation that he’s leaving the Lakers. Kobe knows that with 2 All Star/Marquee players the LAL’s would be a magnet for top free agents. There is so much downright hatred and jealousy in the media that I refuse to accept these doom and gloom reports until I hear it from an official NBA source. Phoenix is way over budget and their stated #1 goal reportedly is to pay this down next season… not pay up. Also they are not willing to give KG the expensive extension he wants. Jerry Buss told Glen Taylor that he would grant the costly extension. According to several reports, Taylor told Buss “we want the best monetary deal for Kevin. He deserves it for his years of loyalty. Forget McKnight, Taylor and Buss are in charge here. Cell phones do work in China.