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The Lakers were known for being inconsistent, and not getting motivated for every game.

However, they still were the faviortes to come out of the West, and contend for another NBA Championship. Instead, that chance for a three-peat was cut short by  a second-round sweep from the Dallas Mavericks.

While the loss took many by surprise, internally, coaches began to see signs of the unraveling of a potential NBA dynasty early.

In a piece for Sporting News
, Lakers assistant Jim Cleamons discussed the splintering that cut this year’s playoff run short:

“It’s quite a revelation to live through something like that and you can see it happening in front of your very eyes and you can’t do anything about it…You’re helpless to change the course of destiny. You know an ass-kicking is coming, but you have to just sit there and accept that ass-kicking.”

Cleamons also mentioned the idea that the Lakers had, as a team, broken away from everything that they had built themselves to be over the few years and that his warnings often fell upon deaf ears.

“You want to tell them what’s getting ready to happen, but the group of young men you’re teaching right now, the lights are on but nobody’s home.”

For now, Cleamons has found himself out of a job, having been involved with the Lakers for their last five championships but now out the door with the retirement of Phil Jackson.

Cleamons contends that he is open to “any coaching job”, a surprising fall from grace given his nine championship rings with the Lakers and the Chicago Bulls.

  • Jack Yang

    Very true. This past season the team worked hard but didn’t really work smart. 

    • Sir

      I wouldn’t exactly say they worked hard. If they had they wouldn’t be so wildly inconsistent.


    I’m sure he’ll find a job quickly. He’s a good coach

  • Wayneshardwood

    They didn’t work hard at all. They cruised all year blowing big leads in games month after month and not showing up for big games. No interior defense from Pau was the biggest flaw with this team. Maybe his fall from grace in the eyes of the media will wake his ass up like it did after 2008 finals. We all knew that up by 18 in the late 3rd quarter meant nothing all season. The 17-1 run had the sports world believing that they were shoe-ins for a 3peat. I hope Brown is much more successful than I expect him to be. Unfortunately I don’t see him being able to handle the job and all that it brings. I wish I could say otherwise but I think being a Laker fan in 2012(if there even is a season) will be akin to being a Suns, Blazers, or Nuggets fan.

    • T_harper

      you are a piece of crap fairweather fan. take your lousy support to some other team, gaylord.

      • Anonymous

        Could you shut the fuck up? Thanks.

  • Asdasdad

    “faviortes”? Please learn to spell.

  • Liqueman

    It was Pao who put the nail in the coffin!

  • Ok, ‘Coach’

    So Cleamons, so how bruised up is your ass right now?  So yea, the players were complacent, and you expect them to coach themselves to work hard?

    And you call yourself coach.  No wonder you got ass fired.  

    Thank God for the FO to bring in a new coaching staff.

  • Scott Asai

    No disrespect to the Mavs because they played great, but the Lakers losing had more to do with them than what Dallad did.

  • Anonymous

    “Cleamons contends that he is open to ‘any coaching job’, a surprising fall from grace given his nine championship rings with the Lakers and the Chicago Bulls.”

    What? How is that a surprising fall from grace? Dude’s already gotten offers to coach national team in Puerto Rico, and he’ll have plenty of interest from contending teams looking for a solid scout AC.