heart.jpgJim Buss joined the Loose Cannons on AM570 for an interview this afternoon. In a highly anticipated interview, Buss stated that going into next season, the Lakers “promise big decisions will be made.” Among the rumors of players like Bynum being “untouchable,” Buss clearly stated that nobody – outside of Kobe – is “untouchable.”

He said he would trade Bynum for an All-Star like Kevin Garnett if available. Interestingly enough, Jim Buss brought up Garnett’s name when he stated this. Makes you wonder. . .

Buss went on to say, “we will go after a big name player this off-season.” However, it seems as if he believes that even if the Lakers do get another big named player, nothing is guaranteed and that the Lakers have a lot of decisions to make.

“Getting another big player, we still have to win or else it is a failure,” Buss stated. He also mentioned that he himself is a fan and is growing impatient; acknowledging Kobe’s prime is now.

It is clear he is very passionate about this organization and this interview revealed a lot of great things that can make fans smile a bit brighter in these dark days of the off-season. It’s now a fact that the organization will pursue a “big name player”come this off-season; even if it means giving up players like Andrew Bynum. It’s a fact they’re going to go for a “big name player,” now the question is will they get Garnett? Let the speculation begin. . .

Listen to the full Jim Buss interview:

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  • RoWyN


    Let’s do This!!!

    Also, a lot of ppl might think I’m stupid or crazy for even thinking this……what about Grant Hill?!?!?! He shouldn’t cost much right? He’d be an upgrade for the Small Forward position. I know he’s injury-prone, but so was every laker this year!



  • http://CLUBLAKERS KobeOdom24/7

    Great Interview by Jim Buss! I believe there are some major changes coming in the summer or even as soon as the draft! GET KG!!!!

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    So would I.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Yeah it was a great interview although since Buss mentioned KG on air – even if it was an “example situation,” he will probably be fined for tampering. None the less, we as fans have a lot to smile about. KG sounded like a/the main target.

  • One35

    Basically –

    Bynum is a goner!

    am i wrong LD2K? rather its for KG or JO hes gone!

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    It sounded to me like Buss said if it’s for KG.

    He brought up his name first – why not bring up J.O. for your example? He seemed to really be CLEAR about the fact the Lakers will pursue a big name player!

    Hopefully it’s KG.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Also, for those saying he was talking about J.O. – remember when he started the rant about if they could get another All-Star, another “MVP.” O’Neal isn’t a MVP.

    He was talking about Garnett. At least that’s what I got out of it…

  • DaBlackMamba

    I agree with you completely LD2k. Buss’ use of KG in his examples can be seen to be a bit suspect….foreshadowing possibly? I’m going “all in” on that assumption. Anyways, great job on the site guys….this is a big offseason, let’s see what happens.

  • Rebirth

    love to hear it but until this current regime of laker management actually does something its all smoke and mirrors to me. i was shocked he actually mentioned KG with the league tampering rules and such.

  • One35

    LD2K what i out of the interview was that there is a very good chance JO is a Laker by draft day.

    Jim said that Sonny was on point about JO being a Laker.

    KG or no KG.

    we know for sure there is a good chance Kobe is gonna get his 2nd star.

  • RoWyN

    Something tells me Lamar’s gonna be big next year. I hate to say it but I had that last year as well and as much as I love L.O., I’m starting to lose hope.

    I’m gonna hate it if we get KG for the expense of Lamar, and he play a Breakthrough season next year. For all we know, if L.O. and Kobe wasn’t enough, it’s probably the same with Kobe and KG.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Yes that’s true. They’re going to go after someone big. But I wonder if they really are going to pursue JO; because their is rumors of him being “hurt.”

    Anyways, we’ll get the interview up for you guys right now and soon enough, we’re going to have a special article written by the salary cap guru himself, Larry Coon; possible trade scenario’s that the Lakers could have in acquiring KG.

  • Zein33

    Trade FOR KG NOW!

  • http://www.blingsays.com AussieLakerFan

    We can only hope they will bring in KG!!

    KG is the one we want.
    KG is the one we need.

    Please visit me at http://www.blingsays.com and comment on “The MVP Debate” and “Another Nash Bash”.

  • Fatty

    I want to believe KG will be a Laker next year, but I don’t think Kevin McFAIL will accomodate us.

    Now to Jim Buss. He knows saying that will mean a fine. He took one for the team and fans, that’s good. But, GodFather Stern has authority under the tampering rules to not only fine but disallow any potential trade as punishment.

    So Jim, we like what you said, but let’s not get too carried away with it. Godfather Stern is watching.


    “Doubting Thomas” Fatty

  • http://www.myspace.com/l8kers_qt kb24chick

    I think with consistent playing time Bynum will turn out to be a solid NBA player!! But I doubt if he ever becomes the baby shaq or KG that is expected!!
    So Why not trade him for KG now, while people still believe he will be this great NBA player….Hey he could turn out well. Just look how J.O. turned out, but it took him how many years?
    I hate to see them just now trying to contend for a title when Kobe’s 40yrs. old!!
    And if we are able to land KG or who-ever with trading Bynum+others, then that would have turned out to be a great 10th pick by Buss & Mitch!
    But we’ll see!!

  • KO_BEliever

    kudos to LD2K, hZm, and Co. for sparking this tremendous movement! indeed, our voices have been heard.

    The idea of having KG on the Laker team has stirred but positive implications in our minds. But personally, I would have to say that involving Odom in the KG trade MIGHT be a bad idea. Okay, let go of Bynum, but not Odom. The KB-KG tandem has its inevitable flaws and a 3rd option is a must if an elite team is to be created. We cannot allow to come-up short in the upcoming season and let another year of kobe’s prime go to waste. Thus, a player like Odom, who has played side-by-side with kobe for quite some time and who is already familiar with the triangle is essential. Moreover, Luke Walton may also be a useful role-player to the team. Either way, the demand for KG MUST BE MET FIRST.

    To kobe and the rest of the Lakers, WE ARE BELIEVERS.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    matteo : i think even if we get kg ( unless we can keep lo) we will not be ready for the ring next year, it would take maybe 2 years… unless we get also artest… what do you think?

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    anyway, thank you for this website, it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go Lakers, go kobe, go kg ( and never forget, go magic!!!!!!)

  • Selfish

    Why don’t you trade Minnesota Kobe and stop living in La La Land? The world don’t rotate around you, but around the Suns.

  • LuvKG

    This has got to be the funniest site I’ve seen in a while. A whole site dedicated to hopefully getting KG? Wow. Talk about being desperate. I understand wanting to get players in to make your team better next year. But to start begging and praying for ONE guy like you all are doing is ridiculous. I love KG and want nothing for the best for him. If he gets traded I hope he goes to a team with a chance at the title. He’s done everything for Minny and deserves more. But let’s face it guys, he alone is not going to save the Lakers franchise. You guys need a lot more help than that. How about a PG for starters or a center who can actually play. A good bench would be nice too. What are you all going to do when McHale tells Buss to go jump in a lake when he asks for KG? Everyone knows that’s what’s going to happen. Unless L.A. is willing to give up draft picks for a player who’s getting in his mid 30’s, forget about it. Not only that, why would Minny send KG to another western conference team? If anything they would want him in the East so they wouldn’t have to face him 3 to 4 times a year. I feel sorry for the proud Lakers fans. Everybody is hanging their hopes on one guy, one guy who more than likely won’t be going to LA. Hope you all are ready to be dissappointed. I guess all this just proves that A) Phil Jackson isn’t as great of a coach as people think he is since he doesn’t have MJ, Pippen, or Shaq B) Kobe needs Shaq as much as Shaq needs Kobe, if not more C) All of this craziness could have been prevented if Kobe hadn’t run Shaq out of town because he is selfish D) Lakers suck E) Lakers fans are dillusional. Have a nice day.

  • RoWyN

    How’s line up?

    C – Kwame
    PF – KG
    SF – Grant Hill? (who else is available at this position really?)
    SG – Kobe
    PG – Lamar

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    yo rowyn
    how do u get kg without giving away lo?
    it would be great, but mc fail should smoke crack for few weeks to accept that deal
    we have more chances to get artest, since nobody wants him, and he wanna desperately come to la

    artest / g.hill

  • KG4MVP

    we need to get KG now!!!!!!!!
    Kobe cant do it himself
    Bynum is a fraud, trade him

  • Laker-i3uddha

    [quote comment=”82″]we need to get KG now!!!!!!!!
    Kobe cant do it himself
    Bynum is a fraud, trade him[/quote]

    lol – not a fraud per say…
    just an underachieving lazy kid, that believes his own hype
    & doesn think he has to work. & he looks like a TMNT.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    i agree about drew…
    trade him now next year will be too late!!!!!
    kg !!!!! rules

  • http://yahoo.com shaqer

    Why did they trade shaq he was the most dominant force in the whole league, so why aare they goin gthe get garnett when they are just going to trade him after a few years. If they do make a trade to get kg who is it going too be for. Is it going to hurt the lakers team from becoming championship contenders, because kobe and kg will not alone win a championship. (i.e. nuggets have ai and melo)

  • http://yahoo.com shaqer

    The starting line up would not have odom at pg and hill and sf. The line up would look different with the players you put done. The line will consists of:


  • RoWyN

    kobe-wan kenobi
    – Check this out, since Jermaine wants NY send him there, KG to LA, Eddie Curry, Luke Walton to Indiana, and maybe Bynum, Crawford, and Smush to Wolves. You can definitely mix and match any lakers and Knicks players together (not sure who can be available from Knicks.)

    I don’t know how that works in terms of their salaries, but that’s definitely not that impossible.

    – Bynum does look like a ninja turtle.

  • RoWyN

    – everybody knows you just don’t make kobe PG or he’ll average 81 in the season. And what’s sad is, that might be the average score for the entire lakers team as well.

  • kvash wants KG

    Odom/ Bynum for Kg

    Get ir Done

  • Mrfroi8

    Ok, Bynum,Radma,Brown for KG, then try to land Mo Williams.

  • Mrfroi8

    OR, Bynum,Radma,Brown & Evans for KG & Tinsley. And inquire about Grant Hill.

  • rhall

    I’m not a Lakers fan but I love the dedication y’all have for your team and I would love to see KG in a Lakers uniform next year. Bynum is great, but KG is a WHOLE lot better.

  • Maestro

    I am a big fan from the Lakers and I am a big fan from Kobe too.
    He is my faouvorite player since he playing in the NBA. To me
    he is the best player. However, please bring KG to Los Angeles. Kobe
    and KG would be good teammates. I belive to Jerry Buss that he’s gonna make the Lakers fans happy. All Lakers fans hope that KG
    come to the LA Lakers. Bynum and all these other guys had enoguh chance to improve them. They still bad and unconstiant. If the Lakers
    bring KG to Los Angeles and maybe Mike Bibby als a Point Guard or Jason Kidd, they will be for sure Championchip team.
    Ok bring those guys to Los Angeles and than we gonna kick the Suns!!!!

  • http://getgarnett.com kevin olivas

    i think that the lakers must aquired a big power foward like kevin garnett…but wait kevin g. is going to be 32 years old!!! the next season i mean it will be a great change for the lakers for like how much??? 3 to 4 years until garnett get older and older every season i think that the best desision for the lakers team its to get jermaine oneal and jamal tinsley and keep lamar odom and jordan farmar (he is going to be a grat player) and kobe and the lakers will be a much better team.

  • RoWyN

    Kevin Olivas – I’ve said this before but as good as Jermaine O’Neal is, why would you want him when he’s literally Kwame’s li’l Prom Date (Bi**h) evertime they match up. JO won’t be able to guard bigger/stronger centers like Yao, Shaq, etc. And neither the quicker ones like Amare, Dwight. Who I do like is Tinsley. He would have the necessary skills to run the triangle.

  • http://getgarnett.com kevin olivas

    RoWyN- hey man you re right dude jermaine isnt a fast player like amare and d. howard and he isnt heavy and strong like shaq or yao ming thats true but the lakers team if they get jermaine and tinsley on the laker team the five startes will be: jamal tinsley kobe bryant luke walton lamar odom and jermaine oneal as a center but i dont want jermaine as a center i want him as a power foward and lamar as a small foward and that will be much better team then the lakers need to put someone as a center but who?? chris mihm?? maybe it will work for the lakers team but i think that with this team lakers cant be champions why they cant be champions??? answer-good center-

  • http://getgarnett.com kevin olivas

    okey RoWyN what about this laker team what do tou think do they can be champions??

    PG:jamal tinsley
    SG:kobe bryant
    SF:lamar odom (i will like to lamar stay with the lakers as a small foward)
    PF:ron artest (he can switch posissions with lamar odom)
    C:kevin garnett

    i really like this team but i think is almost impossible to get garnett,artest,jamal tinsley and keep lamar odom.

  • RoWyN

    Kevin Olivas – My problem with that line-up was it’s neither a power line-up nor is it a speed line-up….KG will be small at C, Artest is small at PF. Each of them, except for Tinsley will need the ball to create plays. I don’t know if that team will find an identity…Maybe I’m wrong though if u’re seeing something I’m not.

    I would make a few tweaks and get this line-up:

    PG: Lamar Odom or Tinsley
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Ron Artest or Lamar or Grant Hill
    PF: KG (I would put Jermaine but KG is a must!)
    C : Kwame

    Now this team has Power and Speed and most specially…Length.

  • http://getgarnett.com kevin olivas

    im agree with RoWyN but the lakers in the next season kwame brown isnt going to be with the laker team so i put kevin garnett as a center beacuse he was the only one with a possision as a center player but what about this team:

    PG:jamal tinsley (i dont like lamar as a pointguard)
    SG:kobe bryant
    SF:lamar odom
    PF:kevin garnett
    C:chris mihm (maybe he is going to be the center or who else??) if you know a good center with possibilities that go to the laker team telll me

  • RoWyN

    if you look at past successes with phil jackson and the bulls, they never really needed a real PG. They even moved a natural SG in Ron Harper at PG when they won 72 games. All they need is a guy with decent ball handling skills and enough quickness to stay in front of the shorter guys. Of course, you mix it up every once in a while just as any position. I think Lamar will be fine at PG, Lakers have tried that b4. As for your lineup, If Chris Mihm is healthy, i think it’s a good long five. The only thing is you’ll have problems with bangers like Utah, Portland, and Miami. You either need a strong PF or C. And I’d rather have KG and a strong C than the other way.

  • evill

    if kg goes to lakers. it would be deadly kobe outside and kevin inside. KG is a good post defender and kobe is a good perimeter defender. kg is 31 and kobe is 28 they could win at least 3 or 2 championships

  • http://yahoo.com lakerKb_Kgfan

    I want it to be a 5 plyers starting like this
    PG: Mo Williams
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    SF: Lamar Odom
    PF: Kevin Garnett
    C: Kwame Brown

  • http://yahoo.com lakerKb_Kgfan

    But it is imposible

  • http://www.myspace.com/kobegarnett Kobe24Garnett21

    Man my lineup beat all of yours
    PG-Mo’ Willaims; Mike Bibby
    SG-Kobe Bryant
    SF-Ron Artest; Luke Walton
    PF-Lamar Odom; Someone else
    C-Kevin Garnett; Jermaine Oneal

    if we trade for Jermaine….we needa only trade Kwame, 1st rd draft pick, and someone else…..if we can keep Odom, then he will be a key to a championship with jermaine & kobe…..Kobe on the outside….Jermaine in the inside, & that makes Lamar deadly, he can drive the ball, shoot, whatever he wants….kobe wouldnt be double teamed anymore….then add Ron Artest and our D is great, and with jermaine or garnett that anchors our defense really deep…..pick up a legit PG and we have a trip to the finals nxt year…..GUARNTEED…..


    check this starting 5 out if salary could work.

    center-kwame brown
    power forward-kevin garrnett
    small forward-ron artest
    shooting guard-kobe bryant
    point guard-mo williams

  • http://www.yahoo.com lakersfan546

    It wouldnt work becoz of the salary of brown is to much. try trading him for ron artest. then sign cris mihm as a center. what do you think DEMARCOS HARDWELL ?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s try to sign luke and trade 4 somebody else like grant hill or try to sign him and put him into the package deal for kg.

  • http://www.yahoo.com lakersfan546

    2007-2008 lakers starting line-up

    pg Mo will sign him for mle
    sg kobe of course!!!
    sf ron artest trade him 4 kwame
    pf kg give t wolve lo luke and bynum or maybe radma
    c mihm sign him

    bench players ronny, farmar,mo evans , 19th draft pick and go get another center.

    Lakers 2007-2008 nba champ kobe 4 mvp

  • http://www.yahoo.com lakersfan546

    2007-2008 lakers starting line-up

    pg Mo williams sign him for mle
    sg kobe of course!!!
    sf ron artest trade him 4 kwame
    pf kg give t wolve lo luke and bynum or maybe radma
    c mihm sign him

    bench players ronny, farmar,mo evans , 19th draft pick and go get another center.

    Lakers 2007-2008 nba champ kobe 4 mvp

  • http://www.yahoo.com lakersfan546

    2007-2008 lakers starting line-up

    pg Mo williams sign him for mle or mike bibby becoz if artest become a lakers he will try to be on there team to!!1
    sg kobe of course!!!
    sf ron artest trade him 4 kwame
    pf kg give t wolve lo luke and bynum or maybe radma
    c mihm sign him

    bench players ronny, farmar,mo evans , 19th draft pick and go get another center.

    championship contenders!!!!!!!!
    5 in a row championship

    Lakers 2007-2008 nba champ kobe 4 mvp

  • Kevin

    To Bad Lakers Are GEtting Jo and jammel tinsely and marcus camby and rashard lewis iono about kG