Jim Buss (Photo by hZm / hZmDesigns.com)First of all, thanks to Jamie for calling in the Lakers official radio station, AM570 KLAC today and mentioning GetGarnett.com on the Loose Cannons today. It’s great when fans get passionate about this website.

Along with the mention on AM570 this afternoon, we’re starting to get some attention on other blogs, websites, and in the media. Instead of recapping the whole conversation, we’ve conveniently cut the segment of the show for you guys to listen to. (Thanks Nugget!) You can check out the mention of GetGarnett.com on The Loose Cannon’s right below.

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The caller also mentioned the clip on the front page cut by the illustrious LD2k. He mentioned it got him hyped up and that’s exactly what we want. In fact, that’s what LD2k does best. You can expect another Kevin Garnett/Kobe Bryant teaser video from him soon, if you get excited about the intro video now, just wait for his upcoming video. . . WOW!

Also mentioned on the show, Jim Buss, son of Jerry Buss and likely future owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, will be on the Loose Cannons tomorrow afternoon for an interview. Part of the segment I believe will be a Q&A session and Steve Hartman (Loose Cannon’s host) mentioned they might even open up the phone lines for the fans to contribute and ask questions to Jim Buss directly. This is your chance to represent Lakers nation and perhaps ask about the possibility of landing a Kevin Garnett.

AM570 KLAC (Official Home of the Lakers!)Steve Hartman did mention he will personally ask Jim Buss if Kobe is doing anything to talk Garnett into coming to Los Angeles. It’s not tampering because NBA players are allowed to talk to one another (ala Karl Malone & Gary Payton coming to LA in 2003-2004). Things should get interesting tomorrow with Jim Buss coming on for an interview and possibly with the fans. If the Loose Cannons do decide to open up the phone lines to ask questions to Jim Buss, make sure to call in and inquire about Kevin Garnett. Spread the word, spread the love. Let’s as fans do what we can. After all as our motto goes, “for the fans, by the fans.”

P.S., Vic…

  • Cyrus

    Regarding: Jim Buss to address Garnett situation on AM570
    was it today (5/9) or is it scheduled for tomorrow?

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    It will be tomorrow. 5/10/07

  • Cyrus

    Thanks for the update.

    I love the way you have setup your site, good work and I hope it comes true and we (Lakers) “get Garnett”
    I make sure I’ll mention it on other boards and blogs.


  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm



  • One35

    Do you guys honestly expect jim to reveal anything? come on now.

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Probably not.

    But it will still be worth listening to.

    (unfortunately I’m at work during those hours)

  • http://getgarnett.com Coach32

    i think the Lakers should offer Odom, Brown, and Bynum if necessary to get Garnett to LA.

  • makin_bacn

    I’m a longtime lakers fan, and an avid listener of sports talk radio, particularly the “loose cannons”. i heard about your website, and i just wanted to say this is awesome! the video clip with the music from the movie “gladiator” got me hyped. great job!