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Jim Buss who has been under a lot of criticism over the past few days, following the Mike Brown hiring spoke with TJ Simers at the LA Times and answered all the questions that Laker fans seem to be asking/screaming.

“I don’t consider myself a recluse or anything like that,” he says. “But this is my dad’s team. I like what we’re doing as a group — my dad, Mitch Kupchak and myself — and especially when we win championships, but I work for my dad and that’s who I like to answer to, and who I like to impress.”

Jim Buss was asked specifically about the criticism of hiring Mike Brown and the people who are blaming the hire  on the new “Jim Buss Era”.

“I’m surprised by the reaction to Mike’s hiring,” he says. “I wish people heard him speak. Let him show you what he showed us.”

The Lakers were also criticized for not consulting their franchise player Kobe Bryant, and not notifying him after they decided to go with Mike Brown as the new Lakers head coach.

“Looking back on it, we should have contacted Kobe,” Buss says. “Kobe said it was management’s job to pick a coach. He just said, ‘Defense first.’ That’s what we were doing, but we should have reached out to him.”

Jim reiterated that his dad, Dr. Jerry Buss, runs the Lakers, and that all three (Dr.Buss, Jim, and Mitch Kupchak) discuss everything. He silenced the criticism that Jim Buss now runs the Lakers:

“That’s just not true,” says Jim. “Nothing has changed. My dad, Mitch and I discuss everything. If one person feels strongly for something, they might push. I did that when we picked Andrew. But the other two people in the room agreed.”

It seems, at least for now, that Jim Buss is willing to answer to the critics.

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  • Jayr_dayao

    So if this is still your dad’s team dont make any statement that Andrew Bynum is untouchable when there’s a fact that all the 3 of you is the one who discuss all the things

    • Edward Adam Jackson

      It’s a traditional business model that one person is designated to speak to the press more so than the others, and that usually isn’t the highest ranking person…

    • Margarite

      He can say what ever he wants to say. He’s the owners son he talks to the owner! Mitch is not Jerry’s kid Mitch is employed by the Buss family.

  • Amcnida

    I saw the Beyond The Glory: The Buss Family when it aired a few years ago. The behind the scenes view that this documentary provided showed that Jim Buss is completely out of touch with what it takes to successfully manage any professional sports team. I learned about his personal tragedies that have obviously scarred him psychologically as well, and I feel that he does NOT sustain the mental stability required of someone in charge of a multi-billion dollar industry. Jim Buss is going to destroy this team if he has ANY say at all. He needs to resign completely and let his sister take control. Didn’t he try to committ suicide after his wife’s death? Not stable at ALL! The Lakers organization needs to keep one MAJOR thing in mind – the long-term and highly knowledgable fans who make them rich! WE spend the money, and WE will not stand for this. I call for a boycott of ALL Lakers merchandise and tickets! I come from a family of fans dating back to the Minneapolis days, but I will not stand for this. Either Jim Buss goes or WE go.

    • Edward Adam Jackson

      You’re going to question his psychological ability to run a team and call his wife’s death into this? That’s really low, have some perspective…his dad did the work to earn and buy the team, it’s his dads choice to let him have a say.  Really disgusting non-human post you just did, I have no problem with you threatening to not be a Lakers fan, you don’t deserve the Lakers with that attitude. 

    • Margarite

      Get A life dude!

  • laffsatu


    • NoDefense

      beat it goofy

  • laffsatu


  • Amcnida

    If the Buss family has any hope or desire to appease loyal and wise Laker fans worldwide, then one of two things NEED to happen: 1) Kobe needs to give his fans peace of mind by publically endorsing Mike Brown as a coach, and/or 2) Mike Brown needs to ackowledge Kobe’s permanent status as the core of this era in Laker history and release a public statement giving Kobe merit where deserved and showing support for our modern day hero. Brown can help his cause by deferring to Kobe, certain aspects of the team’s organization and communication as well as on court coaching.

  • laffsatu

    damn, this means MIAMI AND  king james are gonna win 10 rings….damn.

  • Armstrongroyl

    great move my Lakers……RLA Pensacola

  • Guest

    if jim buss can’t realize that dwight howard is one gazillion times better than bynum, then we have a sad future…