Here is what Jim Buss had to say about Ron Artest!

Inside The Lakers: Jim Buss, the Lakers’ VP in charge of player personnel, had this to say about the signing of Ron Artest as a free agent last summer: “I think Artest is an incredible defender and he’s a perfect fit for this team. I think we improved. He enjoys locking down top, quality players on the other team. He enjoys it. It’s hard to find those kinds of guys. He looks forward to going against Carmelo Anthony. He looks forward to going against LeBron James.

“Not too many people say that. He’s impressive to me when we sat down and talked to him. I know he’s got that reputation, but when you talk to him you can’t see it. He’s been good for years. The circumstances that happened, he’s even asked for his money back. I think he’s a good guy. I think he realizes what he really wants, and that’s a ring.”

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    You dont really see too many that LOVE to play defense. We definitely improved and he adds that toughness to the Lakers and makes them more versatile.

  • drive-for-16th

    gotta love the guy man, artest isn’t isn’t bad like everybody says he is just cause of what happpened in 2004, doesn’t give people the right to say hes a bad guy specialy if u don’t know him. hes a great addition to our team and were glad to have him.

    • http://LakersNation Marwan

      You are right. Its really an honor. People who say that he will ‘explode’ and go crazy are haters. He loves LA, and LA loves him.

      Man you should watch the interview he had with Jimmy Kimmel. He is so funny, hahaha, he turned up in a pair of shorts and nothing else… LITERALLY. He was naked but the shorts. Hahahaha. Man I love this guy (no homo)

  • lakerman1

    You can see it in Rons eyes, the way he looks to pass 1st concentrates on defense, i think the job he did on Kevin is right up there with Kobes circus shot and Shannons amazing hops. You know the guy is committed. The man took less money to help a contender. I like Trevor but lets face it the guy got greedy ( and don’t give me that agent nonsense that is getting old ) Trevor knew what he was doing he could have been here if he wanted to, lets see how that works out if TMAC returns. And lets stop nitpicking the Lakers everytime they lose 1 game and leave Fisher alone if you don’t know what he brings then read the comments in todays LA Times K-BROS laker blog.


  • xtro

    why can’t iverson be like artest?

  • lakerman1

    Ron’s a man’ Iverson is a selfish brat. Please i repeat PLEASE do not bring him to this team. We do not need him.