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L.A. Times: The way Brown sees it, many of today’s athletes are simply in it for the money and celebrity, refusing to accept responsibility for having a huge impact on the culture around them. And he’s not afraid of naming names.

“Athletes need to represent more than that just getting a big contract and lots of endorsements,” he says. “Take Michael Jordan. To me, he’s full of bull. He’s hiding his true self. All he cares about is getting ahead, being popular and enjoying the wealth of this country. Same with Kobe Bryant. For them, it’s all about making money and doing all the commercials.”

  • Lakers 24 7

    He’s just mad cuz he’s not athletic. He would be doing the same if he was a multi-millionaire world famous athlete.

    “Take Michael Jordan. To me, he’s full of bull”
    ^^^that quote had me rollin though lol


    Didn’t he sleep with Rachel Welch (HOTT!!!)in one,wait,in a lot his movies he was bangin’ them broads when blackmen would’ve been killed on the streets for walkin’ with one.

    Couldn’t find any sistas,huh.Though I’d LOVE to have been him in those seens with Rachel.

    Kobe,MJ play ball,DARN GOOD!They are NOT activists….wait ’til they retire,then we’ll see.

  • http://jamieinsider.celebuzz.com Jamie Spears Insider

    Um. It’s the companies that go after these athletes… If someone hands up millions of dollars (endorsements) and you can’t find any major reasons to turn it down, what would you do? (I think the answer is pretty obvious here)

  • lakerschamps09

    hahahahg lol may be true but watever man. come on we know its the ships and the money… but if its just for the money than they have a problem…. kobe knows better

  • E-ROC

    Darfur initiative; donated money to Yao Ming’s foundation to those who lost their lives to that natural disaster in China; Doesn’t Kobe have a camp and charity work in Africa? I know Tracy McGrady has a hospital room named after him as he’s helped Dikembe Mutombo build a hospital in Africa. There won’t be a Muhammed Ali part deux. Jim Brown was a great football player and activist, but this bashing of black athletes because they don’t take a stand or side is utterly ridiculous.

  • awesomerob24

    jim brown is the dumbest man in the history of man kind. dude like not kidding around that is the definition of a HATER like seriously. MJ and Kobe work extremley hard every single day to EARN what they have. If kobe is just in it for the money then why the hell is he furious when he loses? he has PASSION for the game!! damn this guys full of ignorance!!!

  • mr.laker19

    How many times have you seen a Kobe commercial in the last three years? Not many. The most recent one I can remember his face was merged with Shaq’s. Come on Jimmy. No disrespect to the elders of any sports, but a lot of older guys have different perspectives on endorsements and all that because they made thousands and Kobe’s signing bonus eclipses their total earnings for their whole careers. Chill out Jimmy, you are over reacting. But Jordan is full of bull though, lol!

  • Michael_23

    Disagree, he must be mistaken for Lebron James.

  • David Lee

    The man has a point. I mean seriously, Kobe’s in the position where he has the opportunity to change lives by using his influence.

    Take China for example and their gross mistreatment of the labor force. Don’t you think Kobe could accomplish a great deal there if he spoke out against the injustices in Chinese society? The fact is though, this is an unpopular stance and Kobe puts himself at losing endorsements and popularity.

    I’m not going to blame him because it takes a lot to be able to do the right thing. When you’re in the prime of your career and making dough, it’s hard to sacrifice much especially because you only have so many years to experience the peak of your popularity. But at the same time, I think they could do more in their positions. You may just call them athletes, but the only reason they don’t speak out against the issues is because there are fiscal repercussions. Seriously.

  • stanley

    I agree with Michael_23.
    It is ridiculous to say this because he should know the day of a NBA player is always a busy one. Even then, they still have time to give back to their communities.
    Trust me, I’ve seen more Kobe in the NBA Cares tv spots than I have seen in Adidas or Nike or whatever ads on TV.

  • stanley

    I agree with Michael_23.
    It is ridiculous to say this because he should know the day of a NBA player is always a busy one. Even then, they still have time to give back to their communities.
    Trust me, I’ve seen more Kobe in the NBA Cares tv spots than I have seen in Adidas or Nike or whatever ads on TV.

  • lakaluva

    You guys are a bunch of idiots. First of all, Jim Brown is probably the greatest football player to ever play, and he has had more than his share of wealth and limelight. His comments arent coming out of jealously, he just cares for the communites that most of these athletes come from… unlike Jordan and Kobe.

    Brown use to be a crtic of O.J. for not being in touch with the community, and when O.J. got caught up in trouble, the community didnt give a crap about O.J., the same thing happended to Kobe. Magic told Kobe to go out and allow your team and community to get to know you… Kobe refused, and he is still trying to get back what he lost. Jordan will eventually disgrace himself, and when he does, the people wont feel sorry for him because they dont know him.

    Perfect example: Mccain is doing everything he can to smear Obama in this election race, but no matter what he comes up with, Obama’s leads is still increasing… why? Because Obama built his reputation with the community. The people actually know him, so no matter what people accuse him of, they forgive him because they actually know him. Kobe and O.J. on the other hand thought they were too good for the community, so when the heat came down… the people said screw you!!!

  • left

    The Lakers aren’t making enough headlines this preseason and somebody needed to sell some more newspapers.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    wow i have never hear someone say that Michael Jordan is full of bull…thats unbelieveable

  • Lakers08Champ

    what? lol….

  • yash

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    I agree why the hell are they hating on Kobe. Lebron got more commercials than kobe. I havent seen a commercial that has been played on tv with Kobe other than NBA cares.

  • kisofdeath

    i understand where your coming from lakaluva, but still only about the money? no. what about pure love of the game? you dont have to be involved in the community to love the game. and you dont have to do it for the money in order to love the game. Kobe and Jordan are SO competitive that basketball is all they ever think of. Prime example for KOBE doing it for pure love of the game is going to play at Rucker Park. Did he get money from that? most likely not. did he do it for the community? maybe. more than likely he did it just to play basketball.

  • yellowpurplefever

    Jim Brown is part right and part OLD SCHOOL. Back in the day( Jim’s era) when AA men has to work extra hard to get recognize and respect. In 2008, the world has become a much better place for all minorities including AA, so the need for Civil activists arent a requirement for popular atheles. Jim does has a point, but thats purely base on individuals attribute and donations. Sure, I would love to have Kobe involve in all major charity events but again thats is his choice and not Brown’s. Jim Brown does has a good point. That’s why Danzel Washington is the MAN. He has done tons of charity work and never once wanted a photo op for PR like “NBA cares”


    Jim Brown is pissed off because he got his vagina installed last week and tampax wouldnt sponsor him, so he’s hating the fact that both Jordan and Kobe got balls and get millions in male sponsors.

  • Blank

    yall need to have some respect for Jim Brown . He’s paved the way for me and so many other Americans not just African Americans. dumbass kids.

  • http://www.modenadude.com/ThaDogg Imadogg

    Lmao at the people here who have no idea how Jim Brown is… “dumbest man ever”? Mad cuz he’s “not athletic”? Wtf?

    I disagree with him on Kobe, agree with the people who say Lebron. No bias here, to be it’s really obvious that Lebron is in it all for the money. Kobe has shown that he cares more than many other NBA players (though he’s not at the top of course).

    And yea I’ve never really heard MJ help out with anything anywhere.


    Jim Brown had an affair with OJ.

    seen it on myspace.

  • sketch

    jim brown, just shut the hell up! you are no longer relevant! didn’t you already cash in on your 15 minutes of fame? weren’t you in “the running man” with the governator? yeah, you were and got your ass handed to you! just take off that stupid rasta farian cap of yours and age gracefully! i hate it that people think that just because they’re celebrities, that we, the public, need to hear what they’ve got to say! friggin hollywood types like matt damon, and ben affleck, and julia roberts! you guys live in fantasy land, there’s no way you’d understand the struggles that we face, but yet, you think you speak for us. no, you doubt! just let us enjoy the products you guys put out and shut the hell up! that goes double for you brownie! they’re at least still relevant in our society today, but you’re not! stop drawing attention to yourself and leave our laker captain alone you friggin loser!

    i guess, we need to start another web page…

  • 323 TOWN



  • deemac1

    Lakaluva you are insane if you actually think you can compare Kobe to O.J.!!! The only comparison there is, is that they both got in trouble with white woman! Thats it. Kobe is intouch with the community and people around the world. If he wasnt then he wouldnt have the fan following he has had especially recebtly. If you paid attention you would see that Kobe holds camps for youths, gives money to numerous charities, last year for christmas he took 15 inner city kids to disneyland and gave them all ps3’s for christmas. Not to mention how sometimes he just pops up at a highscool basketball game or practice unannounced! Stop hatn on Kobe. Jim Brown does have a point but doesnt apply to Kobe. he just throwing his name in there for hype since Kobe has alot of haters. Hell he should talk bout what Bron does or arrogant @ss Dwade cause they have more commercials then any athlete out right now!

  • lakers4lyfe

    WOW…all you IDIOTS backing jim brown are all IDIOTS. i mean this in the most respectable way. You are all IDIOTS. you guys obviously dont follow kobe and what he does. ever heard of the vivo foundation? kobe created this charitable initiative dedicated to enhancing the lives of young people and making dreams come true through educational and cultural enrichment opportunities and financial support.hell…have jim brown call me and ill tell him hes a IDIOT too. i dont care wth he does…that was a idiot statement.

  • lakaluva

    Well, its obvious most of you guys have no clue who Jim Brown is or what he stands for, but lets wait a few months and see if Kobe is the person you clowns think he is. He is one of the highest paid players in the league, and I’ll put up money that he opts out to get more money.

  • Alkebulanian

    First, As a big Laker fan I am very disappointed to how disrespectful lakers/sports fans towards Jim Brown.Whether youre black, brown or other, you owe respect and appreciation to people like Jim Brown and others,who put their lives on the line for us to have opportunities that we have now adays.I think its pathetic how there is no values and respect our generation and younger when it comes to our elders. Remember, you will get old one day and the your kids well treat you with irrelevance and disrespect. Theres a higher being and force out there that will check you.

  • Alkebulanian

    Big ups to Jim Brown for voiving the truth. Too many slaves, coons, and uncle Toms running around the NBA, NFL, MLB and entertainment industry. Lets be real, to those that says RACISM is over, I say BULL. Open your blindfolds and get rid your indifference and youll see it. Now, for Kobe, the man has many community outreach programs and activities that cater to those less fortunate like inner-city kids, Katrina Victims, Darfur, and China Earthquake victims.I commend him with his own VIVO foundation and school programs that he is part of. However, with his wealth and power he can do much more eventhough he is already doing more than majority of the athletes.I do believe that Kobe needs to have a bigger voice for peple of color especially black folks because we are dying left and right; and we know how systematically our back are against the wall. Please dont even try to bring up a token like Barack Obama as a representation of equality in this country. Figure out whose family he is part of, and what secret society he is a member of then you can talk to regular folks about equality with the reference of Obama.Back to the topic at hand, i understand that it is an unpopular stance for Kobe to do,and it comes with heavy consequence.Look at what happend to Craig Hodges and Kareem. However, the greatest athletes in the world are still known because of it i.e Muhammad Ali, Arthur Ashe, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson etc. They are legends that will be known for centuries. do you think MJ and Kobe will be remembered except when stats and basketball are mentioned? NOOOO!!!!!

  • Alkebulanian

    Finally, lets talk about MJ. To all the MJ fans like me, sorry to say this, but MJ is the biggest coon/Uncle Tom of them all. When MJ decided to sign with Nike, he publicly conveyed that his purpose is to sell the most sneakers in history. MJ never took a political or social stance on anything. He was approached througout his career to why he doesnt say anything about his community, and he never answered it head on. The man was David Stern’s little sambo just like LEbron is now adays. We all know that David Stern dislike Kobe because of the incident with a white girl in Colorado, and there is no denying to that fact.Why do you think ESPN and NBA pushes Lebron all over your face? same thing occured back in the 80’s and 90’s with MJ, eventhough Bird And Magic were still around. Except this time around, the world actually acknowledges Kobe more than Lebron.Why is MJ a COON/UNCLE TOM? Its a fact that MJ had cheated on his wife and has kids out of wedlock. How come it’s never a headliner? simple MJ is NBA’s darling because he did everything MASTER Stern and BIlly Knight told him to do. The master always takes care of his best slave, whom the master benefited more from. When MJ got caught up with his gambling addiction and debt with the mobster, what happend? HIS FATHER DIED!!! then David Stern concocted a plan to make it seem MJ is retiring from basketball and he’s going to play for the White Sox(owned by the same owner of the BULLS). MJ was suspended because of his gambling addiction and for the shame he brought the league. However,the Bulls owner and management said NO. Thats when David Stern let him play baseball, since he’ll still bring profit to you organizations. The master will punish his slave when they get out of line regardless of how much money they bring in to the league. And then what, he was pardoned.They made it look that he cant let go of the game, so he came back to the BULLS. . . .So lets be real, MJ will only be just a figure on the hardwood. Yet, athletes like Jim Brown, Kareem, Muhammad Ali, Pele will always be great figures on and off the court/field.

    ANd yes, athletes are role models whether they like it or not. Thats part of their chosen profession. So MAN up or Woman UP folks.

  • daboss1848

    wow – where to begin? so many judgments, conspiracy theories , and negativity. I’ll avoid touching on all the nonsensical theories. Alkebulanian, you have some deep-seeded issues . . . lol

    All Jim Brown was saying was that athletes like KB, MJ, LBJ and Tiger have a wonderful platform from which to voice their opinions – not just charities and community involvement.

    This is all well and good, but that too comes with a price – ask all the actors who stand up for what they believe – Penn, Streisand, Glover, Sarandon, Baldwin, etc – in the field of entertainment, the guests pay their salaries, so if u take a position which only half of the public supports, u just cut your potential revenue in half . . . business!!!

    KB addressed this earlier, when asked about whether he would use the Olympics to speak on Chinese human rights, his response was that he plays basketball and in order to make a statement of that caliber he would have to research and educate himself before just spewing positions.

    Right now, its time to work – they are not self-employed . . . they work for a business, there are lines to toe; just like in your workplace if you are not self-employed. Once retired, each one of these athletes could take political and social positions which will not effect their employers or themselves (as employees).

    side note: Luva – McCain calling him a good man and decent family man is considered a smear? (I assume u refer to the negativity spewed by the audiences at McCain functions . . . in that case, there is the same vitriol coming from the other camp [making fun of the fact that he cant lift his arms, etc.]) Its just politics as usual on both sides – one side screams racism for every policy challenge while the other screams sexism.

  • lakaluva

    Come on boss, Mccain is just cleaning up the mess he created and is now trying to do PR control. Mccain/Palin have obviously taken the low road by insinuating that Obama is a Muslim terrorist/Arab. We all know he is neither, but if you want to attack him then there is plenty of ammo for that, but dont just make shyt up and create an invironment for hate. This is what you see going on at the Palin and Mccain rallies. I understand the whole “its just politics” game, but to see whats going on right now lets you now that we still have a long way to go concerning race relations.

  • daboss1848

    luva, we can do this in the shoutbox . . .lol

    i stand by what i said – if u want to hold the politicians for what their supporters do/say, u have to do so on both sides . . .

  • http://youtube.com/MvpGoesToKobe LakersNewDynasty08

    yea how about u suck my dick jim brown


    who the hell is jim brown to say this? He just dissed to of the greatest player ever to play the game of basketball. Bet he’s in love with lebron.


    lmfao LakersNewDynasty08 i was laughing for 5 staright minutes

  • Alkebulanian


    You must be white and conservative. Its funny when one can look at things in a different way, which goes against the norm, they mock you and tells you that you have issues. Yet, when things happend to their own people then they want us to be sympathetic to their grief.There’s so much disconnect between communities and generation especially in our country. One thing we can agree, we all get along when we watch sports thats it.

  • Nick Northern

    Hey Jim Clown just stick to making movies like Mars Attack. I’m sure it pays more than being a doorman these days.


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    i wonder if he’d allow me to put that on youporn

  • daboss1848

    lol at the immediate labeling . . .
    my race (which is human, by the way) and my political leanings are neither here nor there.
    I appreciated ur first statement – it was the next two diatribes that gave us an insight to your psyche.
    To say racism is dead is just as foolish as suggesting there has been no improvement.
    the statement of u having issues stems from the conspiracy theories and assumptions u put forth – secret societies, master/slave relationships.
    there are logical points of view that have no relation to having massive conspiracies which require the silence of hundreds or thousands of ppl in order to keep the conspiracy going.
    Having said that, conspiracies are fun . . .

    P.S. no way do we all agree when we watch sports (two teams, favorite players can do no wrong, etc.) . . . face it never in history and never in the future will every1 be in lock step and agree on everything – thats what makes us Human (the only race).

  • ab4sure

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    The people that actually really know Obama are probably his wife and his Pastor the Rev. Wright. They think the world of him. Hardly my idea of Character witnesses. Understanding an evasive, shifting, and self-serving opportunist is a hard task. But who cares about what is in the package??? The wrapping paper and bow is so beautiful..