L.A. Times: Describing Jerry West is a little like analyzing molecules. Always has been.

He is a contradiction to contradictions, a right turn on a racing oval. Over the years, fittingly so, he spent most of his time with basketball players. It might have worked better had it been Sigmund Freud.

Make no mistake. West is popular and likable. He is well-spoken, well-read, incredibly proficient in most walks of life. He is 70 years old, still tall and slim and athletic, still able to beat his age in golf occasionally, still revered by the public in general and Lakers fans in particular.

He is “the Logo,” one of three nicknames that have attached themselves to him over the years, this one because the NBA chose a silhouette of him in a left-hand dribble to brand its image.

He is also “Mr. Clutch,” the label put on him by the late Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn. That spoke to West’s abilities to make the shot that won the game at the end, as well as to his 14 seasons, 25,192 points and 14 NBA All-Star game selections, as well as a league most valuable player award.

“Los Angeles has been blessed to have so many star basketball players,” West said.

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