Nation, do you think the Lakers are getting too old to defend or are they just waiting to gear it up?

O.C. Register: The Lakers legend told a group of automobile dealers in Irvine the reason the team can’t seem to hang onto leads because they are “getting long in the tooth.”

“If there’s a loose ball now, how often do they get it?” West said.

West said Thursday that he doesn’t expect the current lineup to be “good for much longer.”

Does West think the Lakers will pick up their third consecutive NBA title this season?

“I think Boston is a very dangerous team,” he said. “I would not want to play them every other night.”

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  • Dragon

    Too old to play defense? Ain’t Boston older than the lakers maybe they are just lazy.

    • Liz osuna

      I think they just need a point guard that can play defense and do some pick and roll,, as much as I love D Fish he slows down the team and he can’t play defense any more

  • daboss1848

    Jerry is right on the money. let’s blow this team up and start fresh.

    • daboss1848

      nah – lets not … Jerry’s just lighting a fire. Can’t u at least try to make me seem intelligible.

    • Laker101

      I love how we are so quick to panic in Lakerland…we truly are spoiled. What, do you want us to be the next Oklahoma City Thunder? Their young, they might win someday but the Lakers are winning now…think about that next time you make a stupid comment like that

  • NateMamba

    The Celtics are just as old, if not older..

    • LakerMarc

      They are older! by average about 2-3 years

      • Lakers

        Lakers are older…..look at profiles.

  • Angelo

    It’s a motivational tactic by Jerry.

    • the lakers rock!!!!!!

      i agree, the celtics are older than the lakers

      • Lakers

        Guys….Lakers are older…you gotta admit that. It is a fact. Look at the profiles.

  • andy2000

    they’re not old they’re just too sissy…period

  • lilkobe24

    what does too long on the tooth supposed to mean ?

    • Eidraq


    • LakerMarc

      are you serious..get out of the bubble being long in the tooth means you’re old!

  • ShowtimeEra

    This team is good for one more push at the title. The problem is I think everyone besides Kobe is satisfied with one or two rings. Kobe needs a team that’s hungry for more like him. I think after this year you keep Kobe, Bynum and Gasol, and get rid of the rest , and rebuild. I get tired of seeing lazziness on the court from this team. They say the Lakers played alot of games last year, and that’s why they are tired? BULL CRAP! If thats the case, then Boston should have the same record as we do. They were in the finals too, and they play hard every night and totally dominate everyone they play. Why can’t the Lakers do that too? I’ll tell ya this, when it’s all said and done, this Laker team will never be compared along side the great Laker championship teams of the 80’s and the three peat team from 2000 to 2002.

    • LizzakeShizzow

      Boston is still hungry because they got denied… I do remember Boston hustling after they won in 08. But still, our Lakers are going for a rare 3peat and that kind complacency after back to back titles must be difficult to overcome. They’ll gather themselves after the all star break and when Barnes returns.

    • LakerMarc

      add Lamar

    • andy2000

      r u kidding me right? who is the MVP so far on the lakers?

      i think that guy is LO

      • MagicJ32

        Yeah, but for how long?

  • king-manu

    too old?? NO! old and too lazy? YES!!! if you look at boston they are much older than us, but they are still hungry, players like rondo, garnett, or big baby still want a ring! ig you look at the lakers the only one who is really working an trying to win every game is kobe. and kobe is now 32 and has 2 bad knees and maybe 5 heathy fingers…players like ron and gasol have to step up and have to get theit mojo back. ron is playing better the last games, but there is still a bit missing in his game if you look at ron from the last season. and gasol has no problem with guys like hibbert scoring at him every time they get the ball. thinks like that can not happen. we have to play with a certain attitude, that we are the champs and the other teams will not get one easy basket the entire game. but we are playing like yeah were the champs you have to respect us, but no fcking team does that. and by blowing leads and loosing to memphis by 20 that thing wont get better. we have to get our guys hungry again or maybe replace them

    • LakerMarc

      excellent points all around

    • daboss1848

      y does kb always get a free pass? You rattle off “guys like hibbert”, but no mention of the guys kb defends scoring at will, either by open shot or right by him …
      The guys are complacent – best example for you is Robert Horry who cruised through reg season, but a PO killer. KB, Pau, Fish, are pacing themselves – ud rather they kill themselves for reg season wins and taper off in POs?

  • Tyler

    I do believe that they are getting older, and that they are at their end, but the age is not their problem, its their lack of effort on a consistent basis. Boston and San Antonio are not what you would call young, but they both have better records then the Lakers because they Put forth a team effort every night. If the Lakers played with drive all season, They would have the best record. But still they have been heating up lately, and I think that they can, and will push themselves to the limit in the playoffs and win #17 for Purple and Gold

  • hoop247

    trade gasol n artest for dwight howard. People lets do this. n mitch please pull this trade

    • LakerMarc

      No way howard is not a lker would never accept him after Shaq? …and Shaq was never a real true laker

      • hoop247

        If howard a laker, we would be unstoppable with no more centers/PF pushing us around

  • Gugy

    Jerry always plays these mind games. I remember last season he said Lebron was the best and better than Kobe. He was just pushing Kobe’s buttons to see the fire on him. It worked big time.
    He is doing exactly the same now for the whole team.
    It’s true that after this season Mitch need to do a bit of shake up on the team. I think guys like Artest and Fisher could be moved. Don’t get me wrong I like both but I think we need some young blood that is hungry to win a title. Also the fact PJ is leaving, it will be interesting who will take over to see what will happen next.



  • ShowtimeEra

    I say we prepare for Dwight Howard in a year when he becomes a free agent. I’ve read, and heard that Howard likes the Laker system, and how they center their attention around their centers. And he also wants to pursue an acting career. We’ll LA is the best place to do that. I say that the Lakers should talk to Denver and see if they would trade Anthony to LA for Bynum and Character. I heard that Denver wanted Character, but LA signed him right away. And then you make room for Howard, and then you have a title contending team for the next four to five years with Kobe, Anthony, Howard, and Gasol. That lineup will definatly keep Miami from winning a title. LA would be bringing in new talents to prepare for Kobe’s departure when he decides to retire.

    • LakerMarc

      dude seriously? Boston is going to keep Miami from even having a chance…you just want an all star game wet dream in LA…get over it!

      • ShowtimeEra

        Hey Man! YOU my friend could not turn down that team if it came to reality, that’s if you are a TRUE die hard Laker fan!

  • keeponkeepinon18

    I hope every player on this team hears these words.

  • hoop247

    trade gasol and artest for dwight howard

  • rondo

    Trade Bynum for Anthony? You need to take you head out of your ass. Bynum give the Lakers the advantage. Anthony don’t block shots plus he does not play D.

    • ShowtimeEra

      Hey man, I like Bynum however, Bynum is injury prone! He gets hurt every year dude! The Lakers can’t afford to have him only half of the season every year! And you are completely stupid not to take Anthony over Bynum if you had the chance. If Bynum was healthy, then yes I’d keep him, but in reality, he’s never going to be the same ever again.

    • MagicJ32

      Ahh hell who let Rondo on this site? There has to be a Celtics web site for this Dumb ass!

    • MagicJ32

      If his name is rondo, then I’ll call myself Larry Bird!

      • 242LakerFan

        It IS his name, actually. And if you came on here more often, you’d know that he is a regular and as big a Laker fan as there is on this blog…Larry.

  • LakerMarc


  • hoop247

    Trade pau n ron for dwight howard

  • Guildtank

    stop spamming, hoop247. Trade hoop247 for D Howard

  • LakerLaker

    I coulda swore i just seen KOBE dive on the floor for a ball in the Denver game………come on Jerry!!!!! You always saying dumb things to motivate the Lakers. We get it.

  • lakers0828

    Well I think after this Yr the Lakers will be on the DownFall most Likely And thats when you Develop Bynum into a 20-20 Center and You go in the Draft I think and get a Allstar PG in the Making and Kobe ends His Career on a good Note and Gasol will most likely be let go of or traded or Retire as a Laker.