Check out this interview that Mike Trudell, the official Lakers reporter, sat down with Jerry West about basketball and Kobe Bryant.

In the interview, West had this to say about Kobe…

People say, well, that was an unbelievable shot – other people can’t do those things, OK? But for him, it’s not an unbelievable shot, it’s something that’s become commonplace for him, and you expect it from him. He’s just been one of the most remarkable players – I think in overall talent – and again I don’t know how you judge players other than talent – I think he’s probably been the greatest all-around player that the Lakers have ever had. And when I talk about all-around, I’m talking about defense, and his ability to score the ball, his competitiveness and the fact that his teams win. You watch Magic Johnson play, a completely different player. He was incredible and I love Magic, but I think for pure talent and pure ability to go out and dominate a game the way he can dominate on the offensive end, and then to watch him defend – he’s become a very good defender. He’s become a great teammate. This is a long process from the time he was 17-years-old … there is something that some people were born with, and he was born with ‘it.’ How do you describe ‘it’?

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    I’ve always thought of him as “when all said and done”he would go down as the greatest player to play,It’s good to know people are coming out,without the fear of sounding stupid or crazy.they seem to be a little braver all the time.but we know he’s not just there with jordan.Hes better!!

  • Robert

    Yes, Magic is right – if Kobe wins 2 more Championships, he will be known as the greatest to ever play (Magic said ‘top Laker’, but I think Kobe will be more than that, esp. if he passes Kareem in points).
    It’s actually good that LeBron, Carmelo, and DWade are in the NBA now. They will be among the top players of all time (well, LeBron and DWade might end up Top 50). Then, nobody can say that Kobe was ‘alone’ during the period of time he dominated. MJ had ‘no peer’ during his time.
    Kobe is the top of the top.

  • steven banks

    Kobe is the greatest laker of all-time and will when he retire be the best to ever play people need to stop hating on this guy yes he has done some bad things off the court but what this guy has done as far as winning is up there with anyone people said he couldn’t win without shaq he has twice and counting and been to another finals without shaq and jordan fans stop with the mvps jordan been giving that’s a bogus award kobe should have won way more than one so far only reason he hasn’t is because the experts hate on this guy for getting rid of lazy shaq

  • Lakers

    Kobe should have more than 1 MVP. Jordan should have more than 5 MVP’s.

    • andy2000

      jordan have 6 mvp’s